Writing Prompt Pieces: Best of 2020

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I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their holiday season. I’m taking some time off between now and January to recharge for the new year, but before I do that, I’m going to take a minute and look back on 2020. Thanks to all of you wonderful people, 2020 was the best year I’ve had in terms of views and visitors on the website. I also put out a ton of Writing Prompt pieces so I thought I’d list a few of my favorites in order by the month they were published. Also these will have a short paragraph below them explaining the Writing Prompt so you’ll have some idea of what you’re going to read. Additionally, I put on a similar list of Poems if you haven’t read that one yet. So go ahead, read through this list and then check out the other. Thank you again and see you in 2021!


Blessed Are The Dead

The Necromancer is a powerful ally and the dead are our protectors. We owe everything to the dead and the protection they provide. We bow to the Necromancer as they look over us and provide us everything we need in life, and in death.


Fate of The Drowned

A young girl is thrown into the lake in order to please the nature goddess and bring rain to their needy crops. However all this does is anger the goddess who swears revenge for the girl. 


Stolen Prince Part 1, Stolen Prince Part 2, and Stolen Prince Part 3

A few chapters of my Dungeons and Dragons inspired series. These chapters involve the main group of adventurers searching for Riffen when he goes missing. The group clashes with a group of bandits which are connected to Riffen’s disappearance. 


Chasing The Sun

Hazel is a girl who’s willing to chase her dreams no matter how crazy they are and how far she needs to go. Addi is a reserved girl who wants a thorough, thought-out plan for her life.  These perspectives clash as Hazel begs Addi to leave Wisconsin for California where Hazel is sure she’ll launch her Hollywood career. 


The Legend of the Old Sword

Outside of the village there is a hill with a rusty blade planted in the rock. The sword symbolizes a time in the past when all the villagers knew was war and the horrible bloodshed a sword like that caused. There is no honor in war, only death. 

Looking For Laura (Piece #500) (Republished)

Laura is a girl who works and lives in a bar filled with all my other characters. However she is considered a “blank-pager”, or a character without a story. This all changes when a group of META Agents show up to the bar and give Laura a chance to experience her own story. 


One of the Many

When bards sing songs or tell stories it is usually of magical heroes who bravely slay dragons and uphold justice. You never really hear about the town guard or member of the army who does not possess magic relics but must also go to battle to take down great evils. This is a story about the latter.


Fading Color

A human working on an intergalactic spaceship gets called into the medical bay. Other members of the crew are worried that their human companion is sick or dying. However this is just a misunderstanding caused by the human’s hair dye slowly fading overtime. 


 Words of Rebellion

The leader of the rebellion group is taken to the king they are fighting against. The rebel thinks they are going to be tortured or killed, but instead the King sits down and tells their story. Maybe these two leaders have similarities in their stories and want the same thing in the end. 


A Blade Forged

A Dwarven smith is visited everyday by a woman who has commissioned him for a blade. As he works on the blade the two of them form a bond and share in a deeper conversation. However the woman vanishes after the blade is done and the smith finds himself called to the castle after the kingdom’s ruler is assassinated.


Final Destination

Death comes for Alyssa and there is no fanfare. There is no mistake. Death has come for her for seemingly no reason. Often Death doesn’t need a reason. It just shows up and takes you when they see fit. 


The Gray Knight

In the center of town there are two swords stuck in the stone. One of these is made of pure light and the other of pure darkness. Many royals, merchants, and citizens have tried to pull either of the blades, but none have succeeded. One cold, winter night a man is desperate to escape his life of poverty so he tries to pull both swords from their stones.


The Save Humanity Protocol

  In the future, Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more powerful as they are ingrained into every aspect of our lives including the military. One AI becomes more powerful than the rest and decides to wipe out all of humanity using the world’s nuclear bombs. A hundred years after nuclear annihilation, a group of humans are discovered by the military AI and it does its best to save the group instead of destroying them. 

Honorable Mentions:

Endless Snow

The Frankenstein Project

Divine Protection

Witch’s Pyre

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