Fate Of The Drowned

Writing Prompt: “The local humans are having troubles getting their crops to grow so they decide to sacrifice a young girl to their god, by tying her to a heavy rock and throwing it into the sea. She is found by you, a powerful ocean deity…who is displeased by their cruelty.”


A loud splash woke me from my slumber. The water rippled. Nervous and frantic energy. There was a thrashing which disturbed the water and I felt it from my realm. I slowly drifted from my realm into a familiar sea with clear water.

I looked up to see the source of the thrashing.

A young girl wrapped in ropes and tied to a heavy stone.

She struggled and struggled as she descended to the bottom of the sea. Bubbles escaped her mouth until eventually the thrashing stopped. She struggled no more. Her eyes glazed over and reflected tiny bits of light. Her mouth hung open.

I looked into her eyes and I could sense her moments of fear and pain. The energy still hung around her.

I thought for a moment. Normally the ways of men were none of my concern. I had known for a long time that they were heartless and blood thirsty. I had seen large vessels sail on my waters and send armies off to wars. I had seen the bloodshed coat the beaches and taint my waters. I knew they used the ocean, rivers, and seas for their survival while giving nothing back.

No matter how many storms I sent their way to capsize their boats or floods I sent to swell the riverbanks, the humans did not learn. They refused to take my warnings. Now as I looked at this girl, wrapped in ropes, and tied to a stone, I felt rage boiling from within me.

I swirled my hands around her and the ropes fell away. Her body began to float as she rested in my arms. Bubbles wrapped around her and filled her lungs, expelling the water. She gasped and sputtered as new air filled her.

“Wha…what..” She began to speak, her face was struck with panic.

“Do not speak,” I said. “I have seen what they did to you and I will make it right. Come with me.”

She still seemed nervous but nodded her head.

I glanced up to the surface and the water swirled around me as it lifted us both upwards.

There was an eruption of water as I lifted out of the water on a geyser. Standing before me was a crowd of men and women. Many of them were in shock while a few had tears stained on their faces. One man who stood front and center looked excited.

“Mighty Goddess,” The man bowed his head low. “It is an honor…”

“Hold your tongue,” I said looking at him.

He looked up at me with a look of bewilderment.

“Foolish humans,” I said looking over the crowd. “Why do you summon me here?”

The man looked up to me.

“Wonderful Goddess, beautiful beyond compare. We come to you because our fields are dry. Our crops are not growing and we need your water to replenish our streams and rivers,” He said.

I looked him in his eyes and a smile creeped across my face.

“Oh, poor humans. You are just hungry and in need of rain for your crops.”

“That is all,” The man said. “Please we beg for your assistance.”

“You do not beg enough,” I said as his expression went back to confusion.

“I beg your pardon,” The man said with a nervous laugh.

The geyser of water shifted and the young woman stood beside me. She looked out towards the two people standing on the shore who gasped as she was revealed. The man in the middle’s mouth hung open.


“You foolish humans. Throwing this poor girl into the sea and drowning her. Pitiful. Your cruelty knows no bounds,” I said.

“We…thought that you wanted sacrifice,” The man said.

“Silence,” I shouted as a whip of water lashed out from the sea, slashing him across the throat.

His hands went to the gash on his neck as his words died in his throat. Crimson blood ran down his hands and onto the sand as he fell over.

The rest of the crowd stood in stunned silence.

I looked over at the girl.

“What shall I do with the rest of them?” I asked her.

“Uh…those two. They are my parents,” She said pointing at the couple.

“They shall live,” I said. “The rest will die.”

For a moment the words just hung in the air as the crowd slowly began to realize what was happening. Many tried to run, but it was no use. The sea surged forward grabbing the humans and pulled them quickly. The waves missed the girl’s parents, but the rest of the village were quickly dragged into the sea.

I looked up at large storm clouds began to form. The winds picked up and heavy rain began to fall from the sky.

“This whole place will be washed clean,” I said. “Cleansed of cruelty and bloodshed.”

“What about me?” The girl asked. “What will come of me and my parents.”

“Go far from here. This place belongs to me and will be claimed by the sea. But if you ever find yourself near the water, know I will watch over you.”

“Thank you,” The girl said.

I nodded and let her down onto the beach. I then retreated back into the sea.

The rain came down harder and harder, flooding the fields and making the rivers swell with water. The nearby village flooded quickly and it was all washed away by the storm.

The sea swirled around me as the men and women of the village were dragged into the sea alongside me. The cruel and fickle humans drowning beside me, their bodies resting in the mud and silt at the bottom of the sea.




Header Photo Credit to Favim images

Writing Prompt submitted to r/WritingPrompts by u/blawndosaursrex

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