Light And Justice

People take to the streets day after day.
Peaceful marches and calls for justice.
They bring a light that will drive out the darkness.

No justice, no peace.
No more fear and no more silence.
Democracy dies in darkness and this saving light will shine forever.

It’s a light that shines from Lady Liberty’s torch.
A light that touches every citizen and every person demanding justice.
It’s a light that fills us with hope when things seem dire.

Keep on marching and no not give up.
It’s always darkest before the dawn.
And this light is the brightest I’ve ever seen.


Header Photo Credit to Untapped Cities

5 thoughts on “Light And Justice

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  1. “Always darkest before the dawn” was my Mom’s go to assurance when life got rough.
    So well expressed in your poetry. No Justice. No Peace. Thank you. Stay safe.

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