The Girl In My Dreams

I fall asleep and my mind goes blank.
Rhythmic breaths and flickering brainwaves gives way to colors.
Soon I find myself standing beside you, your hand gripping mine.
It seems like my dreams always lead to you.

We’re in a wonderful dreamscape where we can spend time together.
I take every second to make you laugh so I can see your smile again.
I look into your eyes and I feel a flood of joy come into my heart.
I can almost hear our song playing in my head as we stroll through our memories.

Here in this world we are the perfect couple.
No pain. No sorrow. No heartbreak.
Just me and you.

But the dream never lasts.
No matter I try to hold on, the sun cuts in and paradise begins to fade.
I wake.
I find myself with tears in my eyes wising things could have been different.


Header Photo Credit to Wallpaper

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