Out Of The Woods

Battle For Vern Road Juniper, Tak, Riffen, Sigthyme, and Grace all traveled on Vern Road for a few days after their encounter with the blue-skinned, Air Genasi and his group of bandits. Through long rests and some healing magic, all of them regained their health and healed their wounds. Luckily they were able to avoid... Continue Reading →

Late Night Conversations

Some of my fondest memories, Are of our late night conversations. The conversations underneath the stars, When things got deep and real. When the sun is out, We all wear our masks. We hide our true feelings, Because others might see us. But when the sun is down, We are allowed to bare our souls... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS #2: Break In At The Lab

Pokémon HGSS #1: New Journey   Jonathan sat awhile with Professor Oak and Mr. Pokemon as they discussed  Mega Evolution and the recent developments coming out of the Kalos Region. That region's Pokémon Professor, Professor Sycamore, was at the forefront of the research in Shalour City; however, Professor Oak mentioned that many mega stones were showing... Continue Reading →

The Truth Teller

Prompt: "You are cursed to forever tell the truth no matter what. Every powerful group in the land is hunting you down because, under moments of great pain, you reflexively speak truths beyond your own knowledge and faculties."   I felt the cold stone underneath my bare feet. The irons wrapped around my wrist, ankles,... Continue Reading →

Pinned Memories

Up on the wall there is a board of memories. Some may look at it and think it's just junk. Old stuff that looks more like clutter than memories. But they need to look closer. The ticket stubs are from a movie. A movie where I spilled popcorn all over my lap. But my future... Continue Reading →

Pokémon HGSS #1: New Journey

This is a new adventure following Jonathan and his journey through the Johto Region. This is roughly based on Pokémon Silver, Gold, and Crystal as well as Pokémon Soul Silver and Heart Gold. This is a more modern Johto Region so Pokémon typings and movesets will be based on Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.... Continue Reading →

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