Late Night Anxiety

The Moon is out.
The air is cold.
The silence is all around us.
It holds us still.

We see our breath dance in the air.
A cloud of hopes and fears and dreams.
The cold is bound to our bones.
We stand in silence.

The world is too big.
We are too small.
Everything is happening at once.

The world is spinning.
And we are spinning around the world.
The crisp air shatters.
It leaves pieces of the sky lying all over the ground.

Breathing out brings pleasure,
But breathing in brings pain.
We are shrouded in darkness.
But the only thing I can think of is you.

You grip me tight and I grip tighter.
The only thing tethering us to the ground is each other.
It’s real. It’s fantasy.
It’s horror all wrapped up into one.


We are left to die in darkness.


But we are together.
And that is enough to bring the dawn.
The light pours in and fills us with warmth.
The walls of darkness lay dormant and resting.

It’s you.
It’s me.
It’s hope.
It’s everything.


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