New Start To A New Year

A new day.
A new year.
A new start.

Ringing in the new year with drink in hand.
People side by side watching the ball drop.
The old year coming to and end.

The war, the sickness, the pain.
That is all in the past.
It stops this year everyone hopes and prays.

Next year will be filled with love.
It will be filled with hope and joy.
Peace across the world.

Next year we will make amends.
We will bury the hatchet and put aside our petty differences.
We will band together as humanity.

This year will be different.
This year will be one of new beginnings.
A new start for everyone who suffered through the last year.




Kiss the love of your life and hold them close.
For the world changes now.
Hold on because this year will be a whirlwind.


Header Photo Credit to iStock Photo

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