Pokémon HGSS #32: Ruins of Alph Part 2

Pokémon HGSS #31: Ruins of Alph

As Jonathan and Beatrice finished putting together the pieces that made up the ancient carving of Ho-Oh, the whole room began to glow with a soft light coming from the symbols all over the room. Then the stone beneath them opened up and both of them fell through the floor. It was just a small drop until they both landed on a piece of smooth stone that acted as a slide. Before they could react, they began to slide further below ground before finally coming to rest in some sort of hidden room beneath the Ruin of Alph.

“Are you ok?” Jonathan asked Beatrice as he picked himself off the ground.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Beatrice said.

Jonathan helped her up off the ground.

“What was that?” He asked.

“I have no idea but I was not expecting the puzzle to unlock some sort of secret entrance,” Beatrice said. “Or at least that’s what I think just happened.”

“How do we get back?” JOnathan looked back at the way they came. “I don’t think we can climb our way up there.”

“Well there has to be some way out. Maybe we just need to look around a bit,” Beatrice said.

Both Jonathan and Beatrice began to look around and take in their surroundings. 

“Look, it’s those symbols again,” Jonathan said pointing at the walls.

The same symbols that looked like the cross between letters and Pokémon covered the walls down here like they did in the room above them. They had a faint glow to them that gave enough light for Jonathan and Beatrice to be able to see down here.

“Great. More symbols. But what do they mean?” Beatrice asked.

“I have no idea. Maybe they lead to a way out of here,” Jonathan said. “I think we should follow them.”

“I mean I guess we can’t go back. But let’s be careful,” Beatrice said.

“Of course,” Jonathan said as he reached out to grab Beatrice’s hand. “We’ll be careful.”

Beatrice squeezed Jonathan’s hand and let out a small sigh of relief.

“Plus we always have our Pokémon here to help,” Jonathan reached into his bag and pulled out a Pokéball. “Let’s go Togetic.”

With a flash of red light, Togetic sprung from the Pokéball and began to fly around them.

“Togetic!” It cheered.

“There! I know Togetic always cheers you up. They’ll be here to help too,” Jonathan said with a smile.

“Thanks Jonathan, I appreciate that,” Beatrice also smiled. “And thank you Togetic.”

“Togetic! Togetic!”

“Ok let’s see what’s down here,” Jonathan said.

The two of them walked down this ancient hallway covered in these glowing symbols as Togetic floating alongside them. It took only a couple minutes of walking before this hallway opened up into a larger, circular room. Around the edges of this room were several more doors leading to other hallways, but Jonathan and Beatrice’s attention wasn’t focused on that. Instead they looked at what was in the center of the room.

There they saw a large Pokémon covered in brown fur with a mane of smoky gray fur down its back. It had a sort of yellow and red crest on its forehead and it had massive gray paws. It was currently laying down, asleep within what looked like some sort of energy bubble.

“That must be Entei,” Jonathan said.

“So it is trapped down here,” Beatrice said.

“Good thing we fell down here,” Jonathan said.

“Now we just need to find a way to get Entei out of here.”

“What is it stuck in? I’ve never seen anything like that.” 

Just as Jonathan said that, they noticed something else within the bubble. Floating around inside was a small, green Pokémon with small fairy wings and green and blue antenna.

“Wait, Jonathan. We’ve seen that Pokémon before. That’s Celebi,” Beatrice said.

“So both Celebi and Entei are trapped in that thing. We have to get down there,” Jonathan said.


Jonathan let go of Beatrice’s hand and rushed forward out toward the bubble holding these two legendary Pokémon. Togetic immediately began to fly behind him. There was a small slope in front of Jonathan that dropped from the level he was on to the level the Pokémon was on. He quickly slid down and then he was just a few feet from the shimmering bubble that was trapping the two Pokémon. From here he could see the Pokémon up close. 

Celebi began to fly around  frantically putting its small paws against the bubble. Entei also stirred and looked out toward Jonathan.

“Don’t worry. We’ve come to help you,” Jonathan said. 

“Jonathan! Look!”

Jonathan looked back at Beatrice and then up where she was pointing. He looked up to see a dome that was covered in those glowing symbols. However these seemed to move and shift. The symbols seemed to peel off the walls and form into Pokémon that were black with white eyes. Then they began to swirl around one another, forming some sort of whirlwind of Pokémon.

“What are they?” Jonathan asked.

“I don’t know but I think they are Pokémon,” Beatrice said. “Look out.”

The swarm of Pokémon began to descend on Jonathan and Togetic.

“Unown. Unown.” The Pokémon called out in unison.

“This doesn’t look good,” Jonathan said. “Come on Togetic. We’ll need to fight our way out of this. Use Fairy Wind.” 

Togetic began to flap its wings even faster, kicking up dust which seemed to glow, imbedded with Togeetic’s Fairy-Type Power. The wind struck the first few Pokémon but seemed to fizzle very quickly as others took its place. In a matter of seconds the Pokémon were completely swarming around the two of them.

“Bubblebeam!” Jonathan barely heard over the sound of the Pokémon.

Standing where they entered, Beatrice had brought Marill out of its Pokéball. It then unleashed a powerful stream of bubbles which collided with the swirling mass of Pokémon in the center of the room. Even though several Pokémon were hit with bubbles, the group of Pokémon was just too strong.

“Jonathan! Get out of there!” Beatrice yelled out.

Inside the cloud of Pokémon, Jonathan could barely make out any details. Many Pokémon were slamming into him from all sides while others just flew by barely missing him. Togetick continued to try to attack these Pokémon, but it was quickly overwhelmed.

“Togetic!” It called out.

“Togetic, use Metronome!” Jonathan called out. 

This move had a random chance of using a very powerful move and Jonathan needed it now more than ever. They needed a way to get these Pokémon to stop swarming.

“Togetic!” Togetick began to wiggle its hands back and forth in a rhythmic motion before there was a swell of power.

Togetic pointed toward the largest mass of floating Pokémon and unleashed a Hyper Beam. This powerful beam of energy erupted from the top of Togetic’s fingers and sent the Pokémon in all directions. There was a loud explosion as the remaining Pokémon quickly dispersed.

Jonathan looked around and saw that Togetic was still in the air, badly hurt and losing energy.

“Togetic!” Jonathan called out and ran over to catch Togetic out of the air as it began to fall.

“It’s alright, Togetic. You did a great job.” Jonathan said.

“Togetic,” Togetic weakly said but began to flap its wings again.

In the meantime the Pokémon had been startled, but were quickly reforming. The few that had been blasted by the Hyper Beam were hurt but still floated alongside the others and rejoined the swirling mass.

However Jonathan noticed something else. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the large bubble that held Entei and Celebi. It seemed to have weakened a bit when Togetic attacked the floating Pokémon. Inside Entei was now standing up and slamming its entire weight against the bubble while Celebi was unleashing powerful Energy Balls, attacking the bubble.

“It looks like Entei and Celebi are trying to break out,” Jonathan said. “If we can get them out, maybe they can help us fight those Pokémon.”

“How can we break them out?” Beatrice asked.

“Whatever sort of energy those Pokémon are using, I think it’s connected to the bubble. If we keep attacking them and disrupting their power, the bubble should be weak enough for the Pokémon to break out of it.”

Beatrice nodded.

“Ok Marill, let’s do this!”

“Marill!” The small, water mouse Pokémon cheered.

“Marill, use Bubblebeam!”

Togetic, use Shadow Ball!”

Togetic built up a swirling ball of shadow energy and then unleashed it toward the floating Pokémon. It struck and exploded with shadows. Marill also let loose a stream of bubbles which struck the Pokémon.

“Keep going! Don’t give up!” Cheered Jonathan.

Looking over, the bubble was getting weaker and weaker as cracks began to form all over it.

“Almost there!”

WIth a few more attacks, the bubble seemed to almost fade from existence. Then Entei and Celebi both attacked at the same time. The bubble shattered into a million pieces and dissolved into dust.

“Entei!” The large, legendary beast Pokémon roared.

Now the floating Pokémon were in a panic. Jonathan could tell that they were not very happy about Entei and Celebi being released from their prison.

“Entei, we’ve come to help you,” Jonathan said. “Now can you help us defeat these Pokémon?”

Jonathan looked over at Entei and Celebi who both seemed to nod before turning their attention to the cloud of floating Pokémon.

Entei again let out a mighty roar and then wisps of fire built up in its mouth. It unleashed a powerful blast of flames that seemed to swirl into a tornado of fire. The flames scorched the cloud of Pokémon and they quickly dispersed, disappearing into the tunnels.

“Wow. That’s impressive,” Jonathan said. “Thanks Entei.”

The legendary dog let out a small cloud of smoke and then stared down Jonathan and Beatrice.

“Entei!” Beatrice ran forward and stood next to Jonathan. “We came to rescue you. Ho-Oh sent us. They were worried about you.”

“Right. We don’t mean any harm. We just need to get out of here,” Jonathan tried to explain.

“Celebi!” The mythical Pokémon spoke up as it flew around Jonathan and Beatrice.

“Hello Celebi. Good to see you again,” Jonathan said. “Do you know the way out of here?”

Celebi gave a little nod and then it began to glow with a green energy. The energy spread out encapsulating Jonathan, Beatrice, Togetic, Marill, and Entei. All of them glowed brightly before a large flash and they were gone.

One second they were in the bottom of the Ruin of Alph and in another second they were standing in a forest.

“Woah, where are we?” Beatrice asked as she looked around.

“I’m not sure,” Jonathan said.

“Celebi!” Celebi swirled around them again.

Entei shook its head and stretched out its paws before it turned around and started to walk away.

“Glad you are safe, Entei,” Jonathan said.

Entei let out another huff of smoke and suit before it leaped away and ran from their sight.

“I don’t think any of the legendary beasts like me,” Jonathan said.

“Oh stop it, that doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you helped Raikou and Entei and completed Ho-Oh’s mission,” Beatrice said.

“Yeah you’re right,” Jonathan said before looking over at Togetic. “You did good, buddy. Now you can rest.”

“You too, Marill,” Beatrice said.

Both trainers pulled out their Pokéballs and their Pokémon disappeared with a flash of light.

“But seriously, where are we?” Jonathan asked as he looked around.

“This place kind of looks familiar,” Beatrice said as she looked around. “Like we’ve been here before.”

“Wait, I think I remember. I think…” Jonathan glanced at Celebi. “I think Celebi brought us home. It’s home in Ilex Forest.”

“Right. I remember Kurt saying something about Celebi living in the Forest and there being shrines to it,” Beatrice said. “That must be where we are.”

“Well I guess that’s good news. I mean I’m sure Falkner is wondering where we are, but at least we know how to get back to him,” Jonathan said.

“Celebi! Celebi!” Celebi was fluttering around like crazy as Jonathan heard another sound.

At first he thought it was a Pokémon, but he looked and saw a person, walking through the woods. His bright red hair stood out among the green foliage. The stranger saw the two of them standing in the forest and took a step toward them.

“Oh great. You two again.”

It was Silver.

Header Photo Credit to Bulbapedia and “Pokémon 3: The Movie – Spell of the Unown: Entei”

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

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