Reaching For The Surface

An impossible task before you.
Stuck in darkness with no place to go.
Some would just give up, but not you.

You dig down deep planting roots as far as they can go.
You seek out any source of water and nutrients.
You prepare for an impossible journey upwards.

You start to grow and grow reaching for new heights.
You know that there is a world out there.
You are determined to reach it.

Upwards and upwards you climb.
The surface must be here somewhere.
You keep going.


You smash through the barrier. The concrete. The sidewalk.
You can feel the warmth of sunlight on your face.
The wind rushes by you.

You have made it to the surface.
You have completed an impossible task.
You are no longer trapped in the darkness.

Now you can share your beauty with the world!


Header Photo Credit to Brian Humek

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