Glass Heart

He had glass skin.
Sharp and jagged edges.

She had sandpaper skin.
Coarse and rough.

When they first met, she lay her hand on his shoulder.
The glass poked her and made her bleed.
Her rough skin shaved fragments of glass off of him.
A painful experience for both.

But they continued to be together.
She shaved small pieces of glass of of him.
He cut through layers of her sandpaper skin.
Slowly the pain became less and less.

Everyday they tried to make each other better,
And this reflected in themselves.
His glass skin became smoother.
Her sandpaper skin scraped away.

Soon they were a no longer dangerous to the people around them.
His skin was smooth.
Hers was too.
They held in each other and they loved each other.

Glass skin.
Sandpaper skin.
In love.


Header Photo Credit to San Diego Free Press

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