Restless Night

Minutes go by.
Even the digital clock is ticking and tocking.
It’s telling you to go to sleep.
You should have been asleep hours ago.

But you lay there not moving.
Forcing yourself to go to sleep.
Just close your eyes.
Please let me sleep you scream inside your head.

The room is hot and humid.
Your clothes stick to your body.
The fan above you does no good.
Please let me fall asleep.

Conversations you never had play in your head.
You think of all the stuff you didn’t get done today.
There’s a song stuck in your head, but you don’t know the words.
Sleep fails to come to you.

You toss and you turn.
You throw blankets one way and pillows another.
You try out several different positions, but nothing.
You cannot fall asleep.

Your mind is awake
But your body is aching and tired.
They can never seem to get on the same wavelength.
What is it going to take to fall asleep?

You toss and you turn.
You toss and you turn.
Sleeplessness attacks your body and mind.
You are just so tired.

Eventually the thrashing stops
Your mind stops screaming.
You find just the right position.
You finally find some sleep.

Next morning you wake.
Your body still sore.
Your mind groggy and fuzzy.
It looks like you missed your alarm – you overslept.


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