Brain Tingles

Soft whispers,Positive affirmations.Encouraging bits of inspiration. Head scratching.Microphone brushing.Tap, tap, tapping. Repeating words.Repeating phrases.Talking in rhythm. Up close hand movements,Draw the listeners in.Auto sensory meridian response. Header Photo Credit to Pexels.com

Restless Night

Minutes go by. Even the digital clock is ticking and tocking. It's telling you to go to sleep. You should have been asleep hours ago. But you lay there not moving. Forcing yourself to go to sleep. Just close your eyes. Please let me sleep you scream inside your head. The room is hot and... Continue Reading →

Heart vs. Brain Part 2

Heart vs. Brain Part 1   Heart: I think we're going to die alone. Brain: What? We have each other. Also I'm the one who does the thinking. Heart: No I mean him. He's going to die alone. Brain: Do we have to do this now? I was about to enjoy a dream. Heart: Yes we... Continue Reading →

Creative Writing: Heart vs. Brain

Heart: Brain come look at this! Brain: Heart, I'm currently occupied. Heart: COME ON! Just look. Brain: What am I supposed to be looking at? Heart: That girl ahead of us in line for coffee. Isn't she pretty? Brain: I guess she has features that are appealing to the senses of sight. Heart: I wonder what she... Continue Reading →

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