Pokémon Adventures #16: Welcome to Akala Island!


We all woke up the next morning. It was rough for me getting up before the sunrise. The air was still warm and there were a few sound of Wingulls in the air. Lillie and I both got ready collecting our stuff together before heading downstairs. We met up with Hau and grabbed a few pastries before heading back towards the harbor. The streets of Hau’Oli City was pretty empty. A few people were walking back and forth but in comparison to the night before, the city was practically abandoned. A few lights lit up stores as we walked by.

Lillie shivered a little bit, “It’s kind of cold.”

“Reallly?” I asked. “It gets a lot colder than this in Kanto.”

“I don’t know if I’d like that,” Lillie said. “I like the warm weather and sunshine.”

“Yeah you can’t go wrong with sandy beaches and sunshine,” Hau said.

All three of us made it down to the docks and Professor Kukui was standing on the deck. He gave a wave at us as we all walked forward.

“Alola! Good morning,” Kukui said to all of us.

“Good morning!” We replied.

“So I finished up my preparation and the boat is ready to go,” Kukui said. “Are you guys ready?”

Hau and Lillie looked towards me.

I glanced back and forth and then at Professor Kukui. “Yeah we’re ready. Let’s go.”

We all carefully got into the boat and prepared for the adventure ahead of us. Kukui untied the boat from the dock and started up the engine. It took a couple tries but eventually Professor Kukui got it going and we started forward.

“Time to sail away!” Professor Kukui yelled out in excitement.

“Speed it up, Professor!” Hau yelled. A wide smile was plastered across his face.

A look of worry spread across Lillie’s face, “Ummm… I don’t think it will hold up.”

“Oh you’re just worried about your hat,” Hau said.

Lillie was holding her hat upon her head due to the wind pushing past us. There was fog pouring off the ocean that blocked our vision a little bit. Hau and I stood at the front of the boat while Lillie stood closer to Professor Kukui who was at the wheel in the back of the boat. I looked out to my right and saw a blob floating on the surface of the ocean.

I reached out and tapped Hau on the shoulder and pointed out towards the blob.

“Do you see that?” I asked.

Hau looked out and eventually he saw the blob floating on the ocean.

Professor Kukui looked over at where we were pointing.

“That’s a Lapras!” Kukui yelled to us.

250px-131laprasAs we approached closer to it, I saw the Pokémon that I recognized from the Kanto region. It was a large blue and white Pokémon with a large purple shell on its back. It floated on the surface and bobbed up and down as the waves moved.

It shook its head and called out to us.


Its voice was melodic and sweet.

I waved at the boat purred by and the fog began to lift. The sun began to crest over the ocean filling the sky with a vibrant array of reds, oranges, and purples.

“I wonder what Akala Island is like,” Hau said.

“I’m not sure,” I said back.

“We’re almost there!” Professor Kukui yelled out. “Prepare yourselves for the beaches of Akala Island.”

It was just a short journey until we reached a dock ahead of us. We pulled up and docked our boat. Professor Kukui tied up the boat. We all made it off the boat and onto the dock. We were all a little soaked due to the fog and ocean water and we smelt like salt water.

“Land ahoy! We made it to Akala Island,” Hau exclaimed.

“Isn’t it a little late to declare ‘land ahoy’ after you’ve already arrived onshore?” Lillie asked.

“Come on Lillie, it was pretty funny,” Hau turned towards me. “Right Alexis?”

I looked from Hau and Lille and then back to Hau, “Yeah I guess it was pretty funny.”

Hau smiled. “What about you, Professor?”

Professor Kukui smiled. “The land is certiantly ahoy!”

Lillie just rolled her eyes and straightened her hat. Nebby poked its head out of the bag.


We all laughed.

“So you still haven’t managed to find a shirt that goes with your lab coat, hmmm, Kukui?” A new voice said behind us.

We all turned and Lillie quickly covered up Nebby.

200px-sun_moon_olivia“You’re going to scare off strangers looking like that.”

A darker skinned woman stood in front of us wearing a pink shirt and purple shorts. She wore bracelets on her arms and legs and had a lot of jewelry around her neck. She had black, shoulder length hair.

“Don’t worry Lillie,” Professor Kukui said picking up on Lillie’s panic. “This here is Olivia. She’s a friend.”

Olivia took a few steps forward. “Greetings. Nice to meet you all. I’m Olivia and this here is Mallow.”

250px-vsmallowOlivia gestured back behind her and there standing was a younger girl that I had not seen before. She had long green hair and a pink flower headband. She wore what looked like a mix between overalls, an apron, and a dress.

The girl waved at us.

“Hello! I’m Mallow. One of the captains here on Akala Island.”

“I was on my way to see who was pulling into port and ran into Mallow here while she was out on delivery,” Olivia explained.

“Yup! I make a lot of deliveries all over the island pertaining to the delicious food I make,” Mallow said. “My trial is all about getting the chance to use fine ingredients to make something spectacular that will make your team shine!”

Mallow looked me and Hau up and down. “You two seem like you’d be really good at cooking.”

Hau gave a little laugh, “I’m pretty good at eating!”

All of us gave a little laugh. Mallow laughing loudest of all.

“Mallow isn’t the only captain here on Akala Island, of course, but I’m sure you’ll meet them in due time,” Olivia said. “So now that you are here on Akala Island, and more specifically in Heahea City, what’s the plan?”

Professor Kukui cleared his throat a little bit, “Well that’s really up to the Island Challengers here. I’m just the transportation. But I would like to spend some time checking out the local Pokémon and the moves they can use!”

“There are plenty of unique Pokemon living on Akala Island that is not present on Melemele Island, so you should find plenty to study Professor,” Olivia said. Then she turned to us, “I hope you all enjoy your time on your Island Challenge. I’ll be waiting for my chance to face you in battle when the time comes.”

“Battle you?” Hau asked.

“Well of course. You can’t complete your Island Challenge without defeating the Island Kahuna of Akala,” Olivia said with a smile.

“Kahuna?” Hau’s mouth hung open.

Olivia gave a chuckle, “Well have fun and try to enjoy yourselves on Akala Island.”

Olivia began walking away from us. Mallow gave a nice, big wave and then caught up with Olivia.

“I’m sure that she wanted to come see that we all made it here safe,” Professor Kukui said. “But she’ll never admit that. She’s a kind Kahuna deep down but rarely shows those emotions on the surface.”

“I can’t believe she’s the Island Kahuna,” Hau said.

“Why? Because she’s a woman?” Lillie asked crossing her arms.

“What? No!” Hau said. “It’s just when I think of Island Kahunas, I think of someone old like my Grandpa.”

Professor Kukui interrupted. “Well Alexis and Hau, there are three trials her on Akala Island. If you decide you want to take the trial straightaway, head up Route 4 there and keep on going until you get to Paniola Town.”

“Paniola Town,” I noted.

“Well I know where I’m going first! Straight to the Pokémon Center and then I’m going to find out what kind of Malasada they make on Akala,” Hau said.

“I haven’t had breakfast today,” Professor Kukui said. “Mind if I join you, Hau?”

“Not at all, Professor!”

Hau and Professor Kukui started off towards the Pokémon Center.

“What about you, Lillie?” I asked her.

“Well maybe I’ll see about some shopping on my own… And I should find out about the ruins for Nebby’s sake too,” Lillie said.

Lillie and I walked forward a few feet behind Kukui and Hau.

“You looking for new clothes?” I asked.

Lillie blushed a little bit, “Yeah maybe.”

“Pew pew!”

Nebby spoke from the bag which kept rustling.

“This little fellow will harldy sit still,” Lillie said. “Nebby might be more interested in visiting the Ruins of Life. Apparently they house the sacred guardian of Akala Island. A creature called Tapu Lele.”


“Maybe you’d like to come with us when we go to visit the ruins,” Lillie said. “I mean…little Nebby here seems to like you quite a bit.”

“Yeah that sounds like a good plan,” I said.

“Ok, I have a quick stop I have to make at the Tide Song Hotel if you don’t mind hanging out in Heahea City by yourself for a little bit and then we can meet outside of there in a few minutes,” Lillie said.

“A meeting?” I asked.

“Yeah…I…I just have to meet someone who’s…very important to me… I’ll be alright. I just need to do this thing by myself.”

“Oh…ok,” I said.

Lillie looked down at her bag, “And you better stay in your bag, mister!”

“Pew pew!”

Lillie’s bag shook. She patted it trying to smile and started heading towards the hotel behind the Pokémon Center.

I watched her leave for a little bit and watched as both Kukui and Hau disappeared into the Pokémon Center.

I glanced around at Heahea City. It was not as large as Hau’Oli City but it still dwarfed places like Iki Town. The sun was now higher in the sky as it neared towards noon. There were many people moving back and forth from the different stores and shops.

I stopped a young couple who was walking past.

“Excuse me?”

They both looked at me, the young man was smiling while the young woman was fidgeting with a necklace hanging around her neck.


“Ummm… I need to send a message to someone on Melemele Island, is there a place where I could do that?”

“I’d go check out the visitor’s bureau. They might be able to help.”

He pointed towards a long, rectangular building that sat behind the clothing shops.

“Ok thank you,” I said with a little wave and the couple continued on their way.

I made my way towards the visitor’s bureau. I walked through the sliding door into a room full of padded benches.

“Ferry 2A to Melemele Island!” A voice chimed over the loudspeaker and a dozen different people got up from their seats. They moved forward with their luggage and lined up near the left desk.

I approached the main desk in the middle of the building. A woman sat behind the desk. Her hair was sticking up in all directions like she rushed out of her house this morning or had been here all night.

“Ummmm… excuse me?” I asked the lady.

She looked up me with tired eyes, “Yes?”

“I…uh… I need to send a message to Melemele Island. Is that possible to do here?” I asked.

“It will be 5 to send a letter to Melemele Island,” The woman said dryly.

“Oh ok, thanks,” I handed over the money and she provided to me paper, an envelope, and a stamp for my letter.

I walked over to the side of the building where there were a few tables. I sat down and addressed this letter to my mother. I informed her of my journey across the ocean and how I made it safely to Akala Island. I told her I’d try to write as much as possible. I stuffed the letter in the envelope and handed it over to the woman.

“Thanks,” she muttered.

“When will it get to Melemele Island?” I asked.

“It will go out on the next ferry,” The woman said. “Depending on where it is going, it should take a day or two to get to its destination.”

“Oh ok, thanks,” I said.

I could tell that this woman did not want to talk more so I decided to leave and go find Lillie. I believe I gave her enough time for her meeting and she was probably waiting for me.



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