Weekly Blog May 21st, 2017: Graduation

Hello Internet!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic week. I had a lot of mixed emotions this week and I’d like to dismantle them a little bit. Talking to you guys is a little cathartic to me and every view, like, and new country viewing my stuff excites me. Its kind of amazing the difference between my “writing career” versus my “political career.” With my career in the public sector, I felt like every little opportunity I had in college led me down this path towards something big in the future. I had all these hopes that I was going to get a position in the Governor’s Office or some State Senator and start my journey in the public sector. Unfortunately, it seems like I’ve hit a wall. I’m stuck on the outside looking in as I go to interview after interview with no avail and I’m unable to find a job. On the other hand this website brings me mostly joy. Sometimes I’m exhausted and I’m not really in the mood to write, but I bring myself to do it because your views excite me. Knowing that there is people not only in the US but countries like China, Canada, Romania, Australia, and others who read my stuff makes me so happy. I’m writing stuff and people are reading it. That is just amazing to me. Yeah I’m not making any money from it and I’m not some huge, famous writer but just the fact that people are viewing the stuff I write is enough for me (at least for now.)

I’ve been thinking about this and what I’ve been able to accomplish during this week. It has been a little over a year since I graduated from College and there is a lot of High School and College Graduations happening throughout May and June. All of that made me want to reflect on my past year. I’ve been unable to land that major public sector job, but I do have this website and brings a lot of joy into my life! There’s definitely been ups and downs to my first year after college and although it hasn’t gone exactly as I had planned, there are some great things I didn’t know would happen. This website is definitely one of those things!

Now I want to quickly give a shout out to the class of 2017. Whether you are graduating from High School or College, I want to say congratulations to you! You’re next leg of your life is going to be an exciting one so try to take some deep breaths and take it slow. I know for me, being away from college has been a bit of a whirlwind and it has gone by quite fast. Being away from my college friends is a little bit isolating because they are living their own life while I have to live mine. The one I don’t miss about college is all the homework, papers, and finals. I loved learning and going to classes (I’m a nerd, ok!?), but work is nice because when I’m done, I can come home and I don’t have any additional work I have to get done before the next day. I leave work at work and I get to relax at home. I do miss a bit of the college culture though and I definitely miss the comradery that I experienced while I was at college.

If you graduated High School and planning on going to college, this is some stuff that you have to look forward to. You should definitely try to focus on classes and your education because that is so important. Also get out there and meet some people, attend some sporting events, go to some comedy improv shows or concerts or plays. Spend some time making some friends and deep connections and enjoy the culture of the college. It is truly a time in your life that is so unique that you’re only ever experience it while in college. Some people will say that it will be the best time of your life, but I don’t believe that. It is a unique experience and it is one that I sometimes miss, but it is still a small step towards your future career. Try to spend some time just taking in all the sights, sounds, and even smells of college campus. Am I romanticizing college? Yeah definitely, but it can be a truly awesome experience if you don’t focus on the mountains of debt that is quickly turning into quicksand and sucking you down. Ignore that sinking feeling and chant whatever you chant at your university; it helps a little bit.

If you’re graduating college and trying to find that dream job, good luck to you! I don’t have any pointers, because I’m a year out and not there yet. However, I hope you took those years you were in college to make some connections, take advantage of any opportunities that come your way, and maybe get some summer internships (High School Grads take note). If you didn’t do any of that I’d suggest building a time machine and going back in time, or selling that technology for millions of dollars. It’s your choice. Either way I wish you best of luck going forward and I hope you find a promising career and you are able to pay off all that college debt. For you and me, its time to start our adult lives and hopefully find a successful career in whatever occupation you decided to pursue.

Overall I want to say congratulations to all the graduates out there no matter what you are graduating from. I hope that your future goals are fully met and you enjoy the next start of your journey. You will face some difficulties and setbacks, but I hope in the end it is all worth it!

Thank you for reading this piece and I hope you spend some time checking out my other pieces if you are new the website. I really appreciate your views, likes, and any feedback you provide to me.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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