Weekly Synopsis: 3/12 – 3/18

Well here we are. Another week of US Politics and of course this week continued the trend of Presidential Tweets, fighting over Healthcare, and embarrassing moments. But you know we should be used to all of that by now. So let's catch up on some of the major news stories this week that dealt with... Continue Reading →

Weekly Synopsis: February 26 – March 4

Hello internet! Things are not slowing down in the world of US politics and there is a ton of stuff going on. We have literal scavenger hunts for the Affordable Care Act replacement bill or what some are calling "Obamacare Lite," we had a "surprisingly Presidential" speech from our President in front of Congress, there... Continue Reading →

Meet with your constituents!

As I have stated before in previous political posts I identify myself as a Republican on good days and as a Conservative when the Republican Party does something foolish. I even have some tinges of Libertarian or Centrist but that's neither here or there. What I'm trying to segue to is that there are certain... Continue Reading →

Weekly Synopsis Feb 5 – Feb 11

Another productive week in American politics. Very controversial cabinet positions were confirmedĀ and international relations started out pretty rock with many Middle Eastern countries. Check out this weeks major stories in US politics in no particular order: An Appeals Court Judge rejected a request to restore the ban from Middle Eastern Countries in its entirety. The... Continue Reading →

Weekly synopsis Jan 29 – Feb4

Well here we are in the middle of another newsworthy week. The controversies surrounding our 45th President hasn't slowed down. Here are some noteworthy events from this week in no particular order: Protests erupt around the country over the 45th's President pertaining to the travel banĀ against seven Middle Eastern Countries. One of the biggest protest... Continue Reading →

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