It Felt Like Love

It felt like love when I smelt breakfast in the morning.
When I heard you singing to yourself in the kitchen.
When I opened my eyes knowing my dreams would never be better than this.

It felt like love when you held my hand.
My stomach doing backflips as my heart failed to keep up.
Couldn’t believe I got to be with you every day of my life.

It felt like love when we sat on the floor and drank.
Talking about the future and our goals and plans.
I knew that together there was nothing we couldn’t accomplish.

It felt like love when you shut the door and cried.
Standing on the other side begging you to stay.
Talking until I fell silent, unable to believe that I messed it up.

It felt like love after you left and all I had was memories.
Old picture frames filled with happy people I no longer recognized.
Missing you every day since you walked out that door.

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