Weekly Blog July 18th, 2021: Luca


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I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. I don’t really have a lot to say to all of you other than I appreciate all of you reading my stuff. It really means a lot to me. Let me quickly talk about the pieces I published the past couple of weeks. On July 4th I published a Weekly Blog about the Japanese Reality Show Terrace House: Boy & Girls In The City. This is a show about three Japanese Men and Women in their twenties living in a house together. There’s romance and beautiful Japanese locations and lots of delicious looking food. If any of that sounds good, read my review of the show and check it out if you have Netflix. On July 7th, I published a Poem titled “It Felt Like Love.” It’s a love Poem but it’s also a breakup Poem. It’s a lot of feelings, both good and bad, all wrapped up into one. Last Wednesday I published a Poem titled “Misplaced Nostalgia.” You ever think about the choices you didn’t make and what those choices would have led to? I have. And that’s what this Poem is all about. It’s all about the envy you feel for the other yous that are living their parallel lives to yours. Or about the regret of your own choices. Or both. That’s the magic of Poetry. Lots of different interpretations. Finally on Friday, I published the latest chapter of my Dungeons and Dragons inspired series “Lines are Drawn (D&D).” The group has reached the Soulon Army Camp and rushed to action when an explosion happened at one of Xylon’s gates. However during this time Captain Lillian Evergreen, Captain for the Frost Haven Guard and close friend of Riffen, has made her way to the army camp in order to check on Riffen. A fight then broke out between Captain Evergreen and Captain Springbloom, commander of the Soulon Army stationed outside of Xylon. Pria Selorn, Soulon Ambassador to Xylon broke up the fight and now potential alliances have been fractured. How will the group react? Check out this piece to find out. If you missed any of those pieces or are new to my Blog, I highly recommend you check them out. 

Moving quickly on from what I published since the last Weekly Blog, I want to discuss the movie “Luca.” This is a Disney-Pixar movie that because of the pandemic was moved from a Theatrical Release to a Disney+ release. Honestly I’m glad that it was put on Disney+ for free and didn’t have to go through the hassle of paying extra for premiere access, but I also find it a bit sad that this movie didn’t get to see the big screen. I’ll obviously dive into it a bit more but I really like Luca and would have loved to see it in theaters. For me it’s a Top 10 Pixar movie and maybe Top 5. I obviously recommend that you check it out yourself if you have Disney+ (not sponsored). Just be aware that this is going to be full of spoilers as I break down the plot and tell you all what I think about the movie as a whole.

Luca is a movie about a Sea Monster named Luca who lives beneath the water with his family off the coast of an Italian Village. He is told to avoid the surface but after he encounters another Sea Monster named Alberto, he discovers all the cool things about the surface. Out of the water he looks like a normal human boy, but water reveals the hidden scales. Luca continues to spend more and more time above water with Alberto where he learns about the fish that swim in the night sky (AKA Stars) and Vespas which are Italian scooters that represent freedom to the boys. Luca’s family eventually learns of his time on the surface and threatens to send Luca to the deep part of the ocean. This causes Luca to run away with Alberto to the nearby Italian village named Portorosso. The boys do their best to fit in as they try to figure out a way to get a Vespa. In the village they meet the movie’s villain who is a sixteen year old boy named Ercole who is a rich jerk who always wins the town’s yearly triathlon of swimming, eating Italian noodles, and cycling. They also meet a red-headed girl named Giulia and they end up teaming up to compete in the race together. After spending some time in the town, Luca learns that Alberto isn’t as knowledgeable about the world as Luca first believed and he eventually wants to go to school with Giulia. However this causes a fracture between Luca and Alberto which eventually leads to both boys being revealed as Sea Monsters to Giulia. In a last ditch effort to heal things with Alberto and earn them both a Vespa, Luca enters the race by himself. He does pretty well in both swimming, where he wears a diving suit, and eating. He takes the lead during the cycling race but he has to take cover when it begins to rain. Alberto shows up with an umbrella, but it gets knocked out of his hands by Ericole and both boys are revealed as Sea Monsters to the entire town. Thanks to the help from Giulia, the boys win the race and the town accepts them for who they are. At the end of the movie, Giulia and Luca leave on a train to go to Giulia’s school while Alberto stays behind to help Giulia’s Dad with his fishing business.

That is the overall movie’s plot but that doesn’t highlight all the amazing parts of this movie. The visuals of the water and the personality of the village really adds to the movie. There are so many tiny details that really make the town feel lived in and it acts as a great backdrop to the movie. I feel like the ocean stuff is less important since it really only matters towards the beginning of the movie. I also felt like all the stuff with Luca’s family seemed just fine. You can definitely tell that it’s the B story and doesn’t really add much to the story. Honestly everything involving the three main kids, Luca, Alberto, and Giulia, shines the brightest in this movie. Which, yeah, that makes sense. They are the main characters. But I do feel like the town stuff is so good that it makes that B story seem very weak. Just like in any good coming-of-age movie the main characters are the best part of this movie. All three of the kids have a great chemistry and share adventures together. I think the voice actors did a great job and they deserve all the praise. The overall story of Luca is pretty simple compared to other Pixar movies like Inside Out or Soul, but I think the simple story is all that is needed. Luca isn’t a Pixar movie that makes me cry or think about life, but it’s still a great story that speaks to the need for kids to feel included in an unknown world. Luca tries to hide his identity of a Sea Monster because he believes he will be hunted down by the villagers, but in the end (with some convincing) he finds a place among the village and gains a new family in Alberto and Giulia. 

While some people just read this as a coming of age story, some others have drawn parallels to being a part of the LGBTQ+ community. The comparisons have gone so far as to call Luca a prequel to Call Me By Your Name. The Director of Luca has said that these are not fair comparisons and that the relationship between Luca and Alberto is strictly a platonic friendship, I don’t think us as the viewer should be so quick to dismiss the idea that some members of the LGBTQ+ community see themselves in the story of Lucaj. Obviously being a Sea Monster and being LGBTQ+ is not identical, but the idea of “coming out” applies to both Luca and someone coming out as LGBTQ+. I’m just a straight, white dude so I don’t know anything about anything and I especially don’t know anything about coming out as LGBTQ+, but if members of that community can connect deeper to Luca then I say we should encourage it. Art is subjective after all and people can read into things as much as they like. Of course I also believe that it’s important that we show strong, platonic friendships in television shows and movies. It doesn’t always have to be about romance. Friendship is obviously very important as well. I just hope one day we do get some confirmed LGBTQ+ characters in a Disney/Pixar movie that isn’t hidden in the background or is only confirmed LGBTQ+ in a throwaway line Disney edits out of the movie for international release. Don’t be cowards, Disney!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie Luca and I thought it’s simple story, great characters, and quaint setting all helped launch this movie into my top 5 Pixar Movies. Wall-E is still my number one Pixar movie, but this is definitely a movie I’m going to watch over and over again. Also this movie makes me want to watch Studio Ghibli’s Porco Roso which is also about an Italian Race and might have been the inspiration for the name of the town in Luca. If you haven’t seen Luca, you should definitely watch it. It’s a great movie for kids and families and single dudes in their twenties. Overall, it’s just great. Obviously it’s not a perfect movie but this movie’s highs are really high.

Thank you so much for reading this Weekly Blog all about the DIsney/Pixar movie Luca. Hopefully you enjoyed hearing my thoughts about this movie and how much I enjoyed it. If you liked this Weekly Blog and/or really enjoyed the movie, I hope you will give this a Like. You can also leave a comment down below telling me all about your thoughts on Luca. Did you like it, love it, hate it? Let me know. I haven’t talked a lot about my Pixar movie rankings but I’d be interested in seeing where you would rank this movie compared to the other movies Pixar has made. You should also Follow me here on WordPress if you don’t already. I’m on a mission to create a positive and creative space on the internet and every Like, Comment, and Follow helps me expand my audience. I get so much love and support from my readers, both new and old, who engage with my published pieces and the lurkers hiding out in the shadows. Following me will help me grow my audience and will put the stuff I publish into your reader’s feed so you’ll know when I publish new things. I just recently passed 750 Followers thanks to all of you nice people and now I’m setting my sights on 1,000 Followers. Thank you for getting me here and I hope to see you at 1,000 Followers. 

Thank you so much for supporting me and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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