Pokémon HGSS#21: Rocket Takeover of Goldenrod Radio Tower Part 3

Pokémon HGSS#20: Rocket Takeover of Goldenrod Radio Tower Part 2


Jonathan stood on the rooftop of The Goldenrod City Radio Tower staring down the Team Rocket Executive Archer as the wind whipped around him. The air was cool, but the flames around Typhlosion’s neck kept him warm. Adrenaline flowed through his veins as he prepared to go toe to toe with the current leader of Team Rocket.

218px-heartgold_soulsilver_archer“Whenever you’re ready,” Archer said with a sly smile.

“I’m ready,” Jonathan shouted. “And Typhlosion is too.”

“Ah, yes. You’re Typhlosion. The fully evolved form of the Fire-Type Pokémon Cyndaquil. Well lucky for you I also have a Fire-Type Pokémon at my disposal. I guess we both get a chance to see which is the better Fire-Type Pokémon,” Archer said.

He held out the Pokéball and gently tossed it into the air. The Pokéball opened with a flash of red light and out leaped a large, canine Pokémon. It had black fur with a red snout and bone like protrusions all over its body. It had two horns coming out of its head and bones along its back as well as a pointed tail.

“Time to show this boy a real Fire-Type Pokémon, Houndoom!”

“Houndoom!” It howled its name and then it began to growl at Typhlosion and Jonathan.

“We’re not afraid of your Pokémon,” Jonathan shouted.

Archer shrugged.

229Houndoom.png“Maybe you aren’t yet. But you haven’t seen what Houndoom can do in battle. Houndoom, use Fire Fang!”

“Typhlosion, use Flame Wheel!”

Houndoom took off bounding towards Typhlosion with its teeth barred. Flames escaped its mouth sounding its fangs. Typhlosion unleashed a blast of fire which swirled around its body. It took off, charging at Houndoom. The two Fire-Type Pokémon slammed into each other in the middle of the rooftop and were knocked back in a large flash of fire.

“Houndoom, use Feint Attack!” Archer demanded.

Houndoom vanished in a blur of dark purple energy and then emerged right beside Typhlosion. Houndoom slammed its body into Typhlosion with a burst of the energy before vanishing again.

“What was that?” Jonathan asked.

“Oh didn’t I tell you? Houndoom is also a Dark-Type Pokémon which allows it to use moves like Feint Attack. It’s a move so quick, that it’s impossible to dodge,” Archer laughed. “Try keeping up with that.”

Houndoom appeared in front of Archer with another flash of dark purple energy.

“It’s almost like it teleports,” Jonathan noted. “It’s hard to keep up with that.”

“Now Houndoom, use Smog!”

Houndoom mouth lit up with fire again before black smoke began to bellow out of its mouth. The wind was strong, but this heavy smoke seemed to cling to the building and it started to obscure Houndoom from Jonathan’s sight.

“Typhlosion, use Flamethrower!”

600px-157TyphlosionTyphlosion’s mane of flames lit up again and then Tyhplosion let out a stream of fire. The fire cut through the black smoke, dissipating it, but as the fire reached the spot where Houndoom stood, the Pokémon was no longer there.

“Houndoom, Feint Attack!”

Houndoom appeared behind Typhlosion and slammed its body into it, knocking it to the ground.

“Now Bite!”

Houndoom clenched down with its mouth and clamped down on the arm of Typhlosion, its teeth digging into Typhlosion.

“Typhlosion!” It roared in pain.

“Typhlosion, use Flamethrower!” Jonathan shouted.

Typhlosion unleashed a stream of fire which struck Houndoom directly. It didn’t do a ton of damage to the fellow Fire-Type Pokémon, but it was enough for Houndoom to release its grip on Typhlosion.

“Now Quick Attack!”

Typhlosion moved with incredibly speed and slammed into Houndoom before it had time to react. Houndoom was knocked back as it skidded across the roof to the feet of Archer.

Houndoom slowly got to its feet.

“You are quite fast, but let’s see how it does after my Houndoom powers up. It’s time to Mega Evolve.”

Archer reached for the bracelet around his wrist and a small marble began to glow on it. The glowing energy spread to Houndoom who then began to glow.

“Houndoom! Mega Evolve!” Archer yelled

229Houndoom-Mega.pngThe energy swirled around the two of them and then erupted with a power Jonathan had only seen a couple times before.

“Houndoom!” The new Mega Evolved Houndoom howled.

It looked very similar to a regular Houndoom, but the bone protrusions were way more pronounced and its horns were much larger. It now looked like it had tusk like bone structures around its neck.

“No more messing around, Houndoom! Time to finish this. Show this boy the power of your final form,” Archer yelled. “Use Fire Fang!”

Once again Houndoom began charging towards Typhlosion. As it ran, flames came from its mouth, but this time the fire was much larger and seemed like a shield in front of its body as it snapped its flaming jaws.

“Typhlosion. Give it all you got. Use Flame Wheel!” Jonathan shouted.

Typhlosion nodded before getting down on all fours. It charged forward and again it surrounded itself with a swirl of red hot fire. It took off towards Houndoom and the two clashed together once again.

There was an eruption of fire as they collided and both Jonathan and Archer had to take a step back from the heat. The whole rooftop lit up like a beacon was just set off. Both Pokémon were knocked back leaving a large, black scorch mark in the center of the rooftop.

Houndoom stood in front of Archer and Typhlosion stood in front of Jonathan, both looking rough and badly injured. Both Pokémon took deep breaths as they tried to keep going.

“Typhlosion! It’s ok, come back,” Jonathan said raising its Pokéball.

There was a flash of red light and Typhlosion disappeared inside.

Archer smiled.

“See? I told you Houndoom was the stronger Pokémon,” Archer said.

However Houndoom took a step forward and fell to its side, exhausted from the battle. Its form shifted to regular Houndoom as the Mega Energy exited its body. It laid there, unable to battle.

“Looks pretty even to me,” Jonathan said.

Archer raised his Pokéball and Houndoom disappeared inside.

“It does not matter. You have not stopped Team Rocket!” Archer announced.

068Machamp.pngSuddenly people rushed from the stairwell onto the roof. They were covered in body armor and had Pokémon by their side. One had a Machamp with it four arms covered in protective armor. Another person had a Growlithe that stood by his side.

“Do not move, you are under arrest!” They said as they held up their protective shields.

Jonathan realized that these were members of the Goldenrod City Police Force.

“Get down,” One officer said as he put his hands on Jonathan.

“No I’m a good guy. I’m not part of Team Rocket,” Jonathan said as the officer shoved him to the ground.

600px-058Growlithe.pngArcher tried his best to turn and run towards the helicopter. However the police were too fast.

“Growlithe! Get him!”

Growlithe ran forward and tackled Archer to the ground before he could reach the helicopter.

Both Archer and Jonathan were whisked off the hotel and were dragged down the floors of the radio tower. Archer got loaded into a large armored truck while Jonathan was escorted to a police car.

“Please you don’t understand. I’m a good guy. I was helping to stop Team Rocket,” Jonathan continue to say as they put him in the car.

“Be quiet,” The female officer said. “For now you are under arrest. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court. We’re taking you to the police station. There we will sort everything out.

Jonathan looked out the backseat window of the police car. He could see civilians being treated by paramedics and nurses as well as Team Rocket Members in handcuffs, being loaded into armored trucks.

Eventually the female officer got into the driver seat of the car and they left the commotion of The Goldenrod City Radio Tower towards the police station. Once they were there, Jonathan was lead to an interrogation room which looked similar to the ones he had seen in movies. It was a basic room with a metal table in the center and a metal chair one each side.

“Take a seat,” The female officer said pointing to one of the chairs. “We’ll have someone in here shortly.”

“What about Beatrice? Professor Oak? Silver? Where is everyone? Is everyone safe?” Jonathan asked.

“We are currently sorting through everyone who was in the radio tower. We are determining who is a part of Team Rocket and who was an innocent civilian in all of this. We are checking ID’s and it will take a while. Now take a seat,” She said.

Jonathan nodded and sat down in the seat.

The officer removed the handcuffs and left Jonathan alone in the room for awhile.

227px-Platinum_Looker.pngA couple of hours went by before the door opened and Jonathan looked up to see a man step into the room. He had black hair and dark brown eyes. He wore a long brown coat over a suit. He did not look like a police officer. He held a platter of sandwiches in his hands.

“Jonathan? Correct?” The man asked.

“Yes, my name is Jonathan,” Jonathan said.

The man nodded and took the seat across from Jonathan. He set down the platter.

“Please eat something,” He said.

Jonathan nodded and started to chow down on the sandwiches. He didn’t realize it but it had been almost a whole day since he had eaten anything and he was starving.

“Who are you? Are you a police officer?” Jonathan asked with a mouthful of sandwich.

The man reached into his coat pocket and flashed a badge at Jonathan.

“My name is Looker and I am a member of the International Police,” Looker said. “It’s my understanding that you were a part of a team that helped take down Team Rocket tonight. Is that correct?”

“Yes…yes that’s correct,” Jonathan said.

“You battled with several Team Rocket Executives and eventually made your way to the rooftop where you battled with a fourth.”


“Now tell me Jonathan. Were you alone?”

“Uh…no…no.. Beatrice and I made our way through the basement with the help of Whitney, the Goldenrod City Gym Leader, and then we ran into Pryce who is the Mahogany Town Gym Leader and Silver. We then fought our way up the tower taking out Team Rocket Grunts until we got to the fourth floor. Then I told Beatrice to lead Professor Oak and the other people out of the building. Wait, why was Professor Oak there? Also is Beatrice alright? Am I in trouble?”

Looker held up a hand and Jonathan went quiet.

“No, Jonathan. You are not in trouble. I have spoken to Professor Oak, Gym Leader Whitney, Gym Leader Pryce, and Beatrice. All of your stories seem to line up. However I do have a few more questions.”

“What about?”

“Silver. You said that there was someone named Silver with you. Who is this Silver?” Looker asked.

“Oh. Well he’s a red-haired boy about my age. I wouldn’t really call him a friend or anything. Kind of a make-shift acquaintance. He seemed to really hate Team Rocket so we teamed up to take them down. He is also a Pokémon thief who stole his Feraligatr from Professor Elm when it was just a Totodile.”

Looker took a small notebook and a pen from his coat and began to take note.

“Did Silver tell you why he hated Team Rocket so much?”

“Well no. He made comments about how weak they are, but they said that about a lot of people. He was trying to become strong and push his Pokémon to become stronger. Is Silver alright? Did something happen to him? Last time I saw him, he was in the middle of a battle with the purple haired Team Rocket Executive.”

“That was Petrel. We found him frozen in the middle of the Director’s Office. However there was no sign of the boy you are speaking about. We searched the entire building, but we believed he might have slipped out the same place you entered. Whitney mentioned a red-haired boy rushing past her and with what you and Beatrice have said, it seems to point towards this boy being Silver,” Looker said.

“So he got away?”

“It looks that way,” Looker said standing up from the table.

“Excuse me. Mr. Looker. I still have a few questions.”


“What about Team Rocket? Did you capture all of them?”

“We believe so. We have police scanning the entirety of Johto and Kanto with the help from The Elite Four and Champion Lance, but we believe that all major Team Rocket actors were captured tonight. The Radio Tower and Gift Shop in Mahogany town are still being searched, but that should be everyone.”

“What about Giovanni?”

Looker paused for a moment.

“Did Giovanni show?” Jonathan asked.

“No he didn’t show. It seemed like Team Rocket’s efforts to resurrect their charismatic leader was all for naught. Either Giovanni did not hear their plea or he heard the call and chose to ignore it. Either way, Giovanni did not show his face and Team Rocket is no more.”

“So it’s over then?”

“Perhaps. Giovanni is still out there somewhere and its possible he’ll want to get Team Rocket up and running again, but that’s why I am here. I will continue to track down any clues that might lead to the location of Giovanni.”

“What about Silver? Are you chasing after him too?”

Looker let out a sigh.

“Normally Pokémon thieves are left to the local Police Force, but if he has a possible connection to a crime syndicate like Team Rocket, then I have no choice but to pursue him. Plus he might be the final clue I need to track down Giovanni.”

“You think Silver is connected to Giovanni?” Jonathan asked.

“There are rumors that Giovanni had a son that he was raising to be the next leader of Team Rocket,” Looker said. “Silver may be Giovanni’s son.”

Jonathan’s mouth hung open and Looker shook his head realizing he said too much.

“Anyway. Thank you for answering my questions, Jonathan. You are free to go. I believe I saw Beatrice and Professor Elm in the lobby.

“Wait!” Jonathan called out, but Looker had already turned and left the room.

The female officer returned and lead Jonathan out of the room and towards the lobby. Over his shoulder, Jonathan could see Looker step into another interrogation room.

When Jonathan stepped into the lobby, there was a whole crowd of people waiting for him.

“Jonathan!” Beatrice ran up to him and threw her arms around him.

“I’m glad to see you are safe, Bea,” Jonathan said giving her a hug.

“I saw that explosion on the rooftop and I was worried,” Beatrice said as she continued to hug him.

“I’m alright. I’m alright,” He said.

Beatrice pulled back and had tears in her eyes. She let go and began to wipe the tears away.

“Good,” She said in a soft tone.

Then two more people ran up and threw their arms around Jonathan.

“Oh Jonathan, we were so worried,” They said.

“Mom! Dad!” Jonathan said as they both squeezed him. “I’m happy to see you, but you are squishing me.”

“What were you thinking?” Jonathan’s Mother asked. “Taking on Team Rocket! That’s just…just…how could you?”

“Lighten up on him, honey,” Jonathan’s Father stepped in. “He’s not hurt and he helped take down a criminal syndicate.”

“Don’t you start with me,” She glared at him.

“Just saying that there’s no need to worry. What’s done is done,” Jonathan’s Father said.

“It was quite dangerous,” Professor Elm took a step forward. “We are all glad to see that both you and Beatrice are safe.”

“Thank you Professor Elm,” Jonathan said.

“Yeah thanks,” Beatrice said.

“It is late and we’ve all had quite an exciting day,” Professor Elm said. “Let’s make our way to someplace nice and we can get a good night’s rest. I have arranged a few rooms in the hotel. One for myself, one for Professor Oak, one for Beatrice and her family, and one for Jonathan and your family. Tomorrow we can talk more about what took place.”

“Sounds like a good plan, Professor,” Professor Oak said. “We could all use some rest.”

Everyone agreed and made their way towards the Goldenrod City Hotel.

Now the streets of Goldenrod City were a little bit calmer. The crowd had dispersed from The Goldenrod City Radio Tower, but there was still a heavy police force at the scene. Everyone else had gone to bed since it was now early in the morning.

190px-HeartGold_SoulSilver_LyraThe Professors took lead with Jonathan and Beatrice’s parents as both Jonathan and Beatrice walked behind.

“Hey, Jonathan?”

“Yeah, Bea?”

“I am really glad you are safe,” Beatrice said.

“I’m glad you’re safe as well,” Jonathan said. “I’m sorry I made you leave with those people instead of having you stay and fight. But I wanted to make sure they got out of there safe and I…I wanted you to be safe as well.”

“I appreciate it,” Beatrice said. “And about…ummm….about that kiss…”

“Oh right. The kiss. Well it just took me by surprise. That’s all.”

“Right. It was just such a sudden thing,” Beatrice said. “Things were crazy and I wasn’t really thinking about anything. It was silly.”

Jonathan turned towards her.

“It wasn’t silly,” Jonathan said. “It was…it was sweet.”

Beatrice met his glance before turning away.

“Right, sweet,” She said.

Jonathan reached out and held her hand. She looked over at him. Then she looked over at their connected hands. Finally she looked away, trying her best to hide her blushing face.


Header Photo Credit to The Official Pokémon YouTube Channel and their video Pokémon Generations Episode 2: The Chase. I got the image from Serebii.net

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

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