Haunted Life

Haunted by a restless spirit.
One that drains the happiness and corrupts the thoughts.
It keeps the curtains drawn and the world dark.

It’s a shadow that clings to it host, holding it down.
It makes joy taste empty and sadness filling.
It poisons the mind and keeps it weak.

The spirit keeps the host isolated and alone.
Too weak to fight back and seek help.
It guides the host to feed the shadow, not the person.

It whispers in the host’s ear reminding it of failure.
“You have no one else. It’s just me.”
“Cling to me. I’m your only friend.”

Monster movies speak of untold things hiding in the dark.
But they do not talk about the darkness that grows from within.
This mental monster that feeds on our souls and our minds.


These shadow creatures that dampen the happiness and keep out the sunshine.
Creatures that thrive when we are alone and isolated.
Beings that haunt our minds and feed on our joy.

Do not give up on fighting against the darkness.
For we battle every day against the shadow that haunts our brains.
And one day these spirits will be put to rest.



Header Photo Credit to We Know Your Dreams

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