Watching From The Field

Out in the field there is a man made of straw.
He is a silent protector of the crops.

The man watches over the field both day and night.
Just standing there with his arms outstretched.

His job is to stand there scaring away the birds.
For if he doesn’t, they will swarm the crops and eat the seeds.

His job is important because it keeps the plants alive.
He allows the crops to grow and become the food we eat.

He doesn’t ask for much or anything at all.
He just stands there with the same, unwavering expression.

He does not want praise or compliments.
The job is its own reward.

He stands in the field just watching it all.
Season after season he just stands and watches.

Many people may overlook him, but that’s ok.
Deep down he knows that what he is doing is important.

He resembles the humans around him.
But he is not one of them.

He is a guardian.
He is a silent watcher.

He is a scarecrow.


Header Photo Credit to (I don’t know…but I think it is Vietnamese if I had to guess…sorry if I’m wrong.)

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