Back Home

I thought things would be normal, but they aren’t.
Normal life isn’t so normal anymore.

Things like hearing a car backfire or the sound of fireworks,
leaves ringing in my ears.

The sound of construction, or a balloon popping, or even popcorn in the microwave.
All of it brings me back.

I’m always on edge.
I glance outside waiting to hear bombs drop.

I always check all my entrances and exits when I walk into a room.
I play the same moments over and over in my head.

One moment I’m in my house, all alone.
The next I’m back on that battlefield.

They tell me that I’m home.
That I’m safe.

I try to believe them, but I can’t help feeling like I left a part of me.
A part that is never returning home.



Hey everyone! Real quick I want to say that I hope you liked that poem. For full disclosure, I have zero experience being in the military. I have never been a military personnel and I am not a veteran. The idea of this poem came from my imagination, my basic understanding of PTSD in Veterans, and this article by Business Insider which highlights some common triggers for Veterans. I know I have some veterans, active service members, and friends of the first two groups that read my stuff, so I thought I’d be very upfront about it. If you are a Veteran or are actively serving in the military, thank you so much for your sacrifice and for your service. I want to quickly list some help for Veterans suffering from PTSD or other mental illness. You are not weak and you are not alone.

This is the website for The Veterans Crisis Line and The number for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is

Press “1” if you are a Veteran.

Thank you and have a wonderful week




Header Photo Credit to’s article about VA Pensions for Veterans

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