Weekly Blog November 12th, 2017: Christmas Creep

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Welcome back to another eventful week. Halloween is now far behind us and we’re now into November. The warm weather we experienced in July or even early October is gone. Now we’re experiencing cold, cold weather. I don’t know what the weather is like where you live, but where I live, it’s really cold. Not even the fun cold where there’s at least snow on the ground. Not the freezing cold where the wind whips up and you’re pretty sure your nose is going to fall off your face. That kind of cold. Anyway, I hope you had a wonderful week. I’m so glad you’re here reading my blog. Whether you are a new viewer or a long time viewer, I appreciate your support. If you like this Blog, feel free to check out my other Blogs. Last week’s Blog was all about Stranger Things, so check that one out (but only if you have watched the entirety of Season 1 and Season 2). If Blogs aren’t your thing, I still hope you read of the rest of this blog before checking out some other stuff I’ve written. There are plenty of creative writing pieces and stuff based off of Writing Prompts. I’m slowly building a fantasy-based/Dungeons and Dragons based universe. Here is a story about A Group of Adventurers, This One is about a Tiny Dragon, and this one is about an Half-Elven Prince. If Fantasy and adventure is your thing, give those pieces a try! If those aren’t your thing either (…you’re really hard to please…), there’s plenty of other things to read on the website. I know you can find something you’ll like.

Last quick thing before I kick off this week’s Weekly Blog. I want to mention up front that 2017 is winding down quick. I’m sure you already know that. More importantly, I’m using these last couple months to “hone my craft” as they say and make improvements to the website. What that means for you, is that if you really like something that I’m doing, make sure to show your support. Give the posts you like a like or leave a comment or even share it. The more attention and support a post gets, the more importance I’m going to give it going forward. Basically I want to make stuff you guys love and figure out what stuff I need to improve on. So again, go give your favorite piece another view, like, or comment and when 2018 starts, I’ll know what kinds of stuff you’re going to be looking forward to. I’ll make sure to keep reminding you week after week. Ok that’s all for now. Let’s get on with the blog!

So like I said, it’s been really cold out. Like so cold that I feel like we’ve skipped from Summer to Winter with very little Autumn in between. What sucks is that it’s not even winter time. I mean it’s early November. There’s no snow on the ground. Just cold. Now I don’t mind winter in general. There’s like a two week period that encompasses Christmas where I love freezing weather and the snow. Unfortunately, early November is NOT Christmas. People quickly forget that. It seems that October 1st hits and the whole month is Spooky and Halloween. Then November 1st hits and suddenly its Christmas. There are Christmas decorations on store shelves and Christmas music on the radio. I’ve already seen car commercials with Santa and Christmas Trees in malls. This infuriates me. To me Christmas is supposed to stay in December so every holiday gets its time. I’m not the biggest fan of Thanksgiving (sound off in the comments if your favorite holiday is Thanksgiving…I’ve never met someone who thinks Thanksgiving is the number one holiday) and I LOVE Christmas, but I still think that Thanksgiving deserves its time to shine.

This whole concept of Christmas getting more and more time is called “Christmas Creep.” It starts in December and then creeps earlier and earlier in the year. First it overcomes Thanksgiving and November. Then it moves on to it’s next victim. It overcomes Halloween and October. Then Christmas moves through the weak buffer zones of September and August. Before we know it, “Christmas in July” is just Christmas for six months. I don’t want that. I love Christmas where it is. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, and it becomes Black Friday, I turn on Christmas music in my car and it doesn’t stop until December 31st. I enjoy Christmas for the entire month, but not before that. Honestly, one month of Christmas is all I can really take. Hearing the same songs and seeing the same commercials for two months straight drives me insane. I want to celebrate Thanksgiving in November and Christmas in December. Is that so hard to do!?

Now some stores have began to take notice with the negative feedback associated with Christmas Creep. Target recently made news when they public acknowledge the Christmas Creep that’s occurring in their stores (and pretty much all apartment stores). They announced “The retail giant, in response to feedback from customers, will ease up on Christmas signs and displays at the front entrances of their stores until after Thanksgiving […]” (NBC News). So what does this all entail? Well it isn’t really that much. Target said, “[…] for the record, is not completely giving up on Christmas pageantry in November. Christmas-themed wares — ornaments, trinkets, the works — will still be positioned throughout stores starting in early November. ‘The change for this year is only to the signing we place at the front entrances of our stores […]'” (NBC News). So is Target holding back with their Christmas merchandise? No. They are changing signage out front, which I guess is a little better, but Christmas Creep is still running rampant. Thanksgiving is never safe from Christmas and the tidal wave of the Yuletide Season. Maybe all is lost. Maybe not. Hopefully more and more stores will learn to keep seasons in their place, but if people continue to buy Christmas stuff earlier and earlier, the stores will be incentivised to sell earlier and earlier. All we can do is that the consumers rise up and make their voices heard. Keep Christmas in December and let Thanksgiving have November!

Well that’s all I have to say about Christmas Creep. I’ll let my rant end there. If you feel the same about Christmas and want to show your support, leave a comment down below. Or maybe you have a different stance on Christmas Creep. You can leave that down below as well. If you liked this Weekly Blog, give it a like. I really appreciate all the support in the form of views, likes, comments, and shares. Also if you really like what I do, please spend some time on the website checking out the other stuff I’ve written. All the support would really make my day.

Thank you again and I hope you have a fantastic week!



Header Photo Credit to Dave Granlund who is a Editorial Cartoonist

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