Pokemon Adventures #6: Trainer School

It was a short walk from Route 1 to the Pokémon Center. This Pokémon Center looked very similar to the Pokémon Centers in the Kanto region that I was used to. It had a bright red roof that was a staple to all Pokémon Centers as far as I was aware. We walked through the sliding glass doors to see the smiling face of the Nurse at the center of the room.

35f76d2788142df63cdc33a8f2dbbcd28594b0ea_hq“I’m sure you know this but I feel obligated to tell you that this is a Pokémon Center. In the center here is where the medical staff will take care of your Pokémon and heal them. Over there,” Lillie pointed towards the right, “There is the Pok Mart. Unless in Kanto, the Mart is located inside the Pokémon Center for your convenience. You can buy items like potions and Pokéballs there.”

Lillie then pointed to the left, “Over there is a little café area. You can get drinks there and relax between Pokémon battles. Each Pokémon Center has a café which are all slightly different. You can also get Pokébeans there which is a type of Pokémon food. They can’t just live off of Malasada.”

I laughed a little and Lillie smiled.

“I’m going to go get something to drink from the café, do you want something?” Lillie asked.

“Yeah, sure! Surprise me,” I said. “I’m going to go get my Pokémon healed and then buy some supplies.”

“Ok sounds good,” Lille took off towards the café.

I walked up to the front desk.

“Hello, how can I help you?” The nurse at the front desk asked.

“Hello, my name is Alexis and I’m a new Pokémon trainer starting on my island challenge. I was in a recent Pokémon battle and my Pokémon got hurt. I was wondering if you could help me,” I said.

“Of course,” She said with a smile. “Give me your Pokémon for a second and I will let you know when they are healed.”

“Ok thanks,” I handed over the two Pokéballs holding Smokey and Storm.

I went over to the Pokemart desk where a salesman stood at the front desk.

“Alola, miss. What can I do for you today?”

“Well I need additional Potions and Pokéballs for my journey,” I said.

“You’re in luck, we have plenty of those.”

“Ok, can I take 10 Potions and 10 Pokéballs.”

The man punched my order into the cash register. “Can I get you anything else? If you’re starting a journey I’d suggest you buy Antidotes, Paralyze Heals, and Awakenings. All of which we carry.”

“What do those do?” I asked.

“Well during battles sometimes Pokémon can be afflicted with status conditions such as being poisoned, paralyzed, or falling asleep. These products would heal those status conditions,” he explained.

“I see. Well if you recommend them, I’ll take three of each,” I said.

“Sounds good,” he punched that into the cash register. “Ok that brings your total to 5,800”

I handed over my bank card that my mother gave me and he swiped it.

“There you go.” He handed over the supplies and I put them in my bag. “I hope you have a wonderful day.”

“Thank you,” I said. I walked across the Pokémon Center to meet Lillie. She was sitting at one of the café tables. She sat with a glass filled with white liquid while I had a cup of warm, light brown liquid in front of me.

“I thought you might like some warm tea,” Lillie said. “On the other hand, I went with a glass of Moomoo milk. It’s by Miltank farmers in the Johto region and shipped in. We do have some local farms across Alola but not as many as they have in the Johto region.”

“That’s really cool,” I picked up the glass and took a sip of tea. It was still really warm so I was unable to drink it quickly.

“Yeah sounds like a good plan to me,” I said. Honestly the thought of being away made me nervous. I had never been away from my mother for more than 48 hours. I slept over at friends’ houses when I was little but I’d never spent several days away from her. The thought made me homesick. However, Lillie looked so excited I couldn’t turn her down.

“The guy was super helpful. He gave me some Pokébeans I thought I’d share with Storm and Smokey as well as told me that there is a hotel next door that is free for trainers participating in the Island Challenge. I know that you’re home and the Professor’s lab isn’t too far from here, but I thought we could spend the first night away in a hotel instead of heading home and then meeting up here tomorrow.”

“Alexis,” the nurse at the front called out. “You’re Pokémon are ready.”

I walked up to the desk and the nurse handed me my Pokéballs back.

“Thank you,” I said.

Lillie and I made our way to the hotel next door and got a room for the night. All I had to do was show my Island Challenge Amulet and we got the room for free. It was a small room with two twin beds in it, a small desk, and a single window that looked out into the city. We were out on the outskirts of the large town so around us was mostly people’s houses, small shops, and some grassy areas where Pokémon and people played. Pikipek flew by the window and you could see the waves of the ocean off in the distance.

“It’s a nice little place,” Lillie said sitting down on the bed closest to the interior of the building. She left the bed closest to the window for me.

“Yeah it is,” I said smiling. “I can’t wait to go out and see the rest of it.”

“Yeah it’s a pretty big place. Plus there’s three other island’s to explore.”

I nodded. Lillie and I ended up ordering room service and ate dinner in the room. We let Nebbie, Storm, and Smokey run around and play while we ate. All three Pokemon looked chipper and were full of energy.

“Pew pew!”

“Pi Pichu!”

“Lit Lit!”

“So what was Kanto like?” Lillie asked me as we prepared to head to bed.

“Well I didn’t get to explore much of it,” I admitted. “I lived in Viridian City. It is a small, landlocked town that got a lot of foot traffic. Kanto’s smartest Pokémon Professor, Professor Oak, lived in Pallet Town to our South. To the north was the Viridian forest. Lots of bug Pokémon like Butterfree and Beedrill. To the East sat Indigo Plateau which houses the Pokémon League. Trainers from around the world would fly into Viridian City and make their way down Victory Road to take on the Elite Four and become champion of the Kanto region.”

“Wow that’s really cool,” Lillie said with a yawn.

“Yeah there were a lot of cool people, but I never really got to meet anyone. There were just small gatherings of fans as they wished the potential champions on their way. I did get to meet the Pokémon Champion, Blue one time. He became the Gym Leader of Viridian City after it was reopened and they had a big opening ceremony. He shook hands with all the young children like me who lived in Viridian City. I thought one day I was going to grow up, get my Pokémon from Professor Oak and start my journey in Kanto. I thought I was going to come home and battle Blue to gain my 8th Gym Badge and then head out towards The Pokémon League. Crowds of people cheering behind me as I went.”

I trailed off as I noticed I was rambling. I turned my head to see Lillie was asleep. I’m not sure how much of that she heard but I was hoping she fell asleep before I said too much. Smokey was nestled up against my head, asleep, and Stormy was at the foot of my bed laying on its back with its little paws in the air, also asleep. I looked up at the ceiling and it didn’t take much until I was also asleep.

The next day I woke up to Lillie shaking me awake gently. “Good morning, Alexis. You’ll never guess who I found in the lobby.”

I sat up and Lillie and I both got ready for the day. I got dressed after a quick shower and placed my hat upon my head. I returned both my Pokémon to my Pokéballs before heading down to the hotel lobby. People young and old were busy getting breakfast and watching the TV. Apparently a Tauros had gotten loose from a nearby farm and was wandering the streets of Hau’oli City until Kahuna Hala stepped in and calmed down the Pokémon. The story concluded with the Pokémon being returned to the farm.

I walked over and Lillie was sitting at a table with a glass of berry juice. Across the table from her was Hau who had a huge smile on his face.

“Alexis! Come sit with us!” He yelled.

People turned and I just laughed. I got a glass of berry juice from the breakfast bar and I sat down with Lillie and Hau.

“Well when I found out the school was closed, I headed to the Pokémon Center,” Hau said. He was in the middle of a story when I sat down. “Then I heard about this hotel from the guy at the café and figured I could spend the night here and hit up the school the next day.”

“Yeah I think that was me and Alexis’ idea as well,” Lillie said.

“So let’s finish up here and head over to the school,” I said.

“Yeah,” Hau agreed.

We finished our breakfast and turned our keys into the front desk of our hotel. It was just a small walk through the suburbs until we made it to the Pokémon Trainer’s School. Professor Kukui was there talking to a woman about the same age as my Mom.

trainer emily.jpg“Alola Alexis, Hau, and Lillie!” He said with gusto. “This is Ms. Emily. She’s the teacher at the school.”

“Nice to meet you,” She said.

“Nice to meet you too,” I said to Ms. Emily.

Ms. Emily turned to Professor Kukui, “Was this the child you told me about?”

“Yeah. Put her through the ringer, teach!”

I blushed a little. I didn’t like being talked about and I didn’t like the term child. I know I wasn’t an adult but I prefer the term young adult or teenager at least.

Ms. Emily turned to me, “Well from what Professor Kukui told me, you sound like you have a ton of potential to becoming a wonderful Pokémon trainer. We have a student named Joseph who is a bit older than the other students. He is a strong trainer but he gets too cocky at times. I believe a battle between you and him will do both of you a lot of good.”

“Oh ok. Yeah sure.”

“Let’s go find Joseph. I believe I saw him heading towards the courtyard. He usually likes to train out there,” Ms. Emily said.

She led us to the courtyard and out towards the sports fields. It was a large area of short grass where the kids would run around and play. Some had Pokémon and were playing with them.

250px-011metapod“MS EMILY, MS EMILY!” A little girl about the age of five or six came running up to us. In her hands she held a Metapod which was almost as big as her.

“What is it, Charlotte?” Ms. Emily asked kneeling down to her level.

The little girl, Charlotte, sat her Metapod down on the ground. “Joseph and Mia are battling again. They’re over there!”

Charlotte pointed towards a large tree on the edge of the property.

“Well we better stop them,” Ms. Emily said. “They battle all the time. Almost like they’re rivals.”

As we made our way out to where the battle was taking place I could see a young man, Joseph I presume, standing with a slimy Pokémon on one end and a girl, probably Mia, standing on the other end with a tree like Pokémon.

We got close enough that we could overhear the commotion of the battle. The slimy Pokémon looked like it was in good condition but the tree Pokémon looked hurt.

I pulled out my Pokédex to check what Pokémon they were and it sprang to life.

“Bzzzt. Hello Alexis. What can I do for you?” Rotomdex asked me.

“Woah that’s so cool!” Charlotte was impressed by the floating, talking Pokédex.

“Yeah it is,” I said. “Say hi to Charlotte, Rotomdex.”

“Bzzzt. Hello Charlotte.” Rotomdex said as it bounced in the air.



“Metapod says Hi too,” Charlotte said.

“Rotomdex,” I said. “Can you identify those two Pokemon out there in the midst of the battle.

“Bzzzt. Sure I can!”

Rotomdex scanned the area.

250px-438bonsly“Bzzzt. The one on the left there closest to the girl is Bonsly the Bonsai Pokémon. Bonlsy resembles a plant Pokémon but it is actually a rock type. One its head it has three green rocks which resemble leaves. Bonsly and its evolution Sudowoodo is known for using the attack Mimic which copies the opponent’s move.  The other is Grimer which is a Poison type Pokémon which is made up of poisonous sludge. It is a slimy, amorphous blob-like Pokémon that leaves behind poisonous compounds in the soil or the ground as it moves across the ground. Alolan Grimers eats the solid garbage in the region and creates crystals made from concentrated toxins.

“I’ve never seen a Grimer like that,” I said.alolan-grimer

“That’s because that’s the Alola form of Grimer,” Professor Kukui said. “That type of Grimer is completely different from Grimers in other parts of the world. Its unusual color comes from the fact that Grimes eat solid garbage in Alola while they feed on liquid sludge in other regions. These Grimers also don’t create a stench like normal Grimers because they store the toxins instead which eventually form into crystals.”

“That’s really cool!” Hau said.

“Come on Bonsly, we can’t let Joseph beat us!”

“Give up, Mia. My Grimer can’t be stopped.”

“Grime Grimer!”

“Grimer, use Poison Gas!”


Grimer opened its mouth and purple gas spread across the field enveloping Bonsly. I could smell it from where we stood on the side of the battlefield.

“Bonsly!” Bonsly cried out and began to cough.

“The Bonsly has been poisoned by the attack. It’s a status effect that does additional damage as the battle goes on leading to the Pokémon being knocked out faster,” Professor Kukui said.

“Grimer, use Pound!”

Grimer approached the Bonsly through the thick purple smoke and hit it using it fist made of colorful slime. The Bonsly was knocked backwards rolling towards Mia. It was in really bad shape.

“Bonsly! Use Copycat!” Mia yelled.

Bonsly stood up and tried to shake off Grimer’s attack. It seemed to glow of a second and then jumped into action. It mimicked Grimer’s attack by using the “branches on its head” and it hit Grimer with its own Pound attack. Unfortunately the physical attack did not do much damage and the Bonsly became stuck in the Grimer’s sludge.

“Grimer, use Poison Gas and finish it off!”

Grimer opened its mouth once again and spewed purple gas coating Bonsly and blocking Grimer and Bonsly from view. For a moment they were completely covered in the gas and then Bonsly emerged from the gas cloud stumbling backwards and eventually fell backwards. It laid on its back with its eyes dizzy.

The gas cleared and Joseph cheered. “Yay Grimer! We win again.”

Mia picked up Bonsly and started running towards the school with Bonsly in her arms. Tears were streaming down her face.

“That wasn’t very nice!” I yelled out.

“Yeah well what are you going to do about it?” Joseph sneered.

“I’m going to defeat you in a Pokémon battle.”

Joseph laughed. “Did you not just see me beat Mia with Grimer here? Nothing can beat us!”


“Then you won’t mind if I try,” I smiled.

“Fine! Give me a second to heal Grimer,” Joseph said, “So it’s fair.”

“Sounds good to me!” I said.

I walked over to stand where Mia was standing just a second ago.

Lillie ran over to me, “Alexis, are you sure you know what you’re doing? That Grimer is tough.”

“Lillie, I can’t just let this kid bully people like Mia and her Bonsly.”

“I…I just don’t like seeing Pokémon get hurt.”

“I know. I don’t either. But sometimes we have to stand up for what is right. I have to beat him,” I said.

“Ok,” Lillie said. She rejoined the group on the sidelines.

“Ok are you ready?” Joseph asked.

“Born ready,” I said.

I pulled out my Pokéball and tossed it in the air, “Go Storm!”

Pichu appeared in a flash of red light.

“Pi Pichu!”

“Look at that weak, little Pichu! This will be easy,” Joseph laughed.


“Come on, Storm. We have this. I know this is our first real battle for us, but I know you can do it,” I said. Storm nodded at me.

“Grimer start with your Poison Gas attack!”

Grimer opened its mouth and released a cloud of purple gas that spewed towards Pichu.

“Pichu dodge it and use Thundershock”

Pichu ran to my right and around the cloud of smog. He stood up on its back paws and closed its eyes. Its cheeks began to glow and it unleashed a bolt of lightning. Grimer turned and was too slow to dodge the attack. It took the Thundershock and it seemed dazed but mostly unharmed.

“That tiny little lightning bolt barely did any damage,” Joseph laughed.

I scowled. He was right.

“Pi Pi?”

“Grimer use pound!”

gotta_draw_em_all__alolan_grimer_by_rbhmem-dayiasjGrimer began moving towards Pichu and raised its fist. Pichu got down an all four and ran to its left dodging the fist as it slammed down missing Pichu.

“Pichu use Thundershock again.”

Pichu unleashed a lightning bolt up close and it struck Grimer again causing minimal damage.

“Grimer, Poison Gas!”

Grimer unleashed another cloud of purple gas which engulfed Grimer and Pichu. Pichu was too close to run way and escape the poison cloud.

“No, Pichu!” I yelled.

“Grimer, use Pound!”

As the cloud started to dissipate, Pichu was sent flying out of the cloud and landed near my feet. Pichu tried to shake it off but it did not look well. I assumed the Grimer’s attacks had poisoned Pichu.

“Pichu, are you ok?” I asked kneeling down to it.

“Pi Pi.” It stood up but looked weak. We needed a plan.

“Your Pichu doesn’t look too good!” Joseph yelled.

“Storm,” I whispered. “I need you to stall. The Grimer is slow and can’t catch you if you keep moving. Stay away from its gas clouds and its fists, understand?”

“Pi Pichu.” Pichu nodded. It didn’t look well but I needed some time.

“Grimer let’s finish it off, use pound!”

Grimer moved forward slowly and tried to bring down its fist on Pichu but Pichu was already on all four running away from me. Grimer’s attack missed and tried to chase Pichu.

I pulled out Rotomdex. “Rotom, I need your help.”

It shook itself awake and hovered there, “Bzzzt. What can I do for you.”

“I need you to look up information on Pichu. Is there a way to raise its attack power?”

“Bzzzt. Let me check.” It seemed to buffer for a second and then its face reappeared. “Pichu can use the move Nasty Plot. It’s a move that allows Pichu to create a plan of attack and raises its special attack.”

“So a stronger Thundershock?” I asked.

“Bzzzt. Exactly!”

“Thanks Rotomdex,” I said. I put it back into my bag and looked back up at the battle.

“Grimer use Poison Gas!” Joseph yelled.

Pichu continued to dodge Grimer’s attacks but the poison was starting to wear it down. It could not last much longer.

“Pichu use Thundershock!” I said.

Pichu unleashed another lightning bolt at Grimer. It was beginning to deal damage, but Grimer was in better shape.

Grimer seemed to be taken back by the lightning bolt to the face and it allows Pichu to run back near me.

“Ok Pichu, I have a plan!” I said. “Pichu use Nasty Plot.”

Pichu jumped forward and it looked at Grimer with an inquisitive look. Its eyes seemed to sparkle. Its cheek pouches glowed a little.

“Pichu we need to dodge attacks until Grimer prepares to use a Poison Gas attack.”

Pichu nodded at me.

“Enough stalling, this is boring me,” Joseph said with a scowl. “Grimer use pound!”

Grimer moved in close and raised its fist, Pichu ran to the right and missed its fist.

“Grimer use pound again!”

Grimer tried swinging at Pichu again and this time Pichu jumped back and dodged its slimy fist.

“Grimer use Poison Gas!”

Grimer opened its mouth and began to produce purple gas.

“Now Pichu! Use Thundershock!”

Pichu jumped into the air and its cheeks lit up. This time it produced more electricity than normal and unleashed a blast of electrical energy towards Grimer. The lightning hit the cloud of gas surrounding Grimer and it the gas cloud burst into flame consuming Grimer.


The explosion knocked back Pichu and it landed hard rolling back towards me. It laid there for a while but it began to slowly rise. After the smoke cloud cleared, I could see that Grimer laid there not moving. It slumped down and its eyes were swirly.

“NO GRIMER!” Joseph yelled out and ran out towards Grimer. I ran up and picked up Storm. It wasn’t doing too well, but we survived this battle.

“Yay Alexis!” Lillie ran up towards me and hugged me and Storm.

“Thanks Lillie,” I said. I reached into my bag and produced one of the antidotes I bought earlier. I gave it to Storm and she drank it. Instantly Pichu looked a little better. Still needed to rest up but it was no longer poisoned.

“Well you won,” Joseph walked up. Grimer had returned to its Pokéball.

“Yeah I did,” I said. I wasn’t sure if I should be cocky or be nice to Joseph. Ultimately I decided I didn’t want to seek to Joseph’s level. I wanted to show him I could be a nice winner. “It was a really challenging battle and I think we both did a good job.”

“Yeah I guess we both did pretty well.” He looked down at his feet.

“Why don’t you head in and apologize to Mia,” Ms. Emily suggested.

“Yeah sounds good.” Joseph sounded like there was no wind in his sails. He was completely deflated. He took off towards the school.

“Well thank you, Alexis. That battle was very entertaining. Plus I think Joseph is going to be nicer from now on,” Ms. Emily said. She pulled out 5 Blue Pokéballs and handed them to me. “These are Great Balls. They are better at catching Pokémon than regular Pokéballs.”

“Thank you Ms. Emily. For the compliments and the Great Balls.”

“I don’t think there’s anything I can teach you. You’re battle strategy seems much more advanced compared to trainer’s like Joseph,” Ms. Emily said.

The use of Nasty Plot to raise your Special Attack mixed with a Thundershock that made contact with Grimer’s poison gas cloud. That’s like championship level strategy!” Hau exclaimed.

I just laughed. “Thanks Hau. It was mostly improvisation. Plus Rotomdex helped a lot.”

“Well I need to head back to the classroom,” Ms. Emily said. “If you need anything, just let me know.”

“Thanks Ms. Emily!” We waved as she headed back towards the school.

“I also need to get back to the Lab, but I’m sure I’ll see you guys soon!” Professor Kukui said and started to head back towards Route 1.

“I think we need to head towards Hau’oli City!” Hau said.

“First I need to head towards the Pokémon Center so I can heal my Pokemon,” I said.

“Ok that sounds like a good plan!” Hau said. “Let’s head there first and then on to Hau’oli City!”

Lillie and I nodded in agreement.

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