Weekly Blog February 26th, 2017: Opportunities

This week I wanted to talk about the opportunities I’ve had in my life as well as look at opportunities going forward. This subject entered my mind because CPAC was going on this week. If you don’t know CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference which is an annual conference where a bunch of Republicans and Conservatives get together and have speeches and panel discussion about the country and political issues. Don’t worry this post is not going to be a political one, but this event did spark the idea that I’ve had a lot of opportunities in my life. Now to connect the dots, I have to tell you that I’ve been to Washington DC four times in my life. My first time I was a sophomore in High School (10th Grade) who went on a class trip to tour the capital. Then I went twice during college when I went with my local chapter of College Republicans to CPAC. I went my freshman year of college and my senior year of college. I got to go both to this conference which is held near The National Harbor and also go tour around Washington DC with a bunch of college students. This past summer I got to go to Washington DC one more time with my friends from High School to see the fireworks on the 4th of July in Washington DC. All four of these times were amazing in their own way and I got to experience Washington DC in a different way each time.

One of my lifetime goals is to explore the world and travel and see all kinds of things. Going to Washington DC is definitely a step in the right direction to do that and I often take for granted that I’ve been in the Nation’s Capital several times. Another awesome thing I got to do when I was in college, was travel to Canada as part of a study abroad/internship program where I got to shadow a Parliament member in Ottawa for 5 weeks. I also got to travel to Quebec City, Montreal, and Toronto while I was up there. Super awesome experience and I’m so grateful I was able to do that!

This post is also meant to look towards more things in the future and the possible opportunities I might have going forward. Altogether, there’s still a ton I want to do that includes traveling around the United States and around the world. I’d love to travel to every state in the US. I’d love to travel to Europe and see countries like the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, and Switzerland. I want to travel to Israel. I want to travel to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and so many other countries. If I had the money, I’d travel all around the place. I’ve never even been in an airplane before so that’s crazy. Hopefully my path in life includes lots of travel, meeting cool people, and seeing amazing things. That’s kind of far off though so I’m trying to focus on what the next 10 months might have in store for me. Right now I’m working at my job which is a great job with really awesome coworkers and I’m really enjoying it. Although I’m also looking forward and applying for a Government Internship Program and if I get it I’ll be moving so I can work with my State’s Legislature. I’m super excited about the possibility that I will get that. I’ve also had this nagging feeling inside me that I need to start looking for bigger and better things. So if I don’t get this internship I’m applying for, it might actually open up my mind to looking for other internships/jobs/whatever to get me out of my parent’s house and out into the world.

I recently had someone come up to me at my job and ask me about my life and my plans for the future. This gentleman was super nice so I told him a little about myself and he suggested I look into the Peace Corps. I spent about 20 minutes looking at the website and possible missions and I didn’t see anything that really jumped out to me, but it made me think about future missions. Maybe I can travel the world and help people while learning about them and their culture. Who knows? This is me just wildly predicting the future when I have no concrete ideas for what might happen. Sometimes it is just fun to wonder what your life could be like if you were a little bit more bold, a little bit more courageous, and maybe even a little bit luckier when it came to your life. This process can also be a little bit reflective. I know thinking about this subject before writing it has made me think “Hmmmm. Maybe I’m a little bit better than I first thought.” I’ve actually done quite well for myself so far. I’m not exactly where I thought I’d be five years ago, but that’s ok. I didn’t think I’d travel to Washington DC four times or go to Canada or graduate from a really great school with a double major. Sometimes I actually amaze myself. I also didn’t think I’d start my own website kind of on a whim and write 40 pieces in 6 weeks (including this piece). And maybe this will blow up and my readers will lift me to a spot where I can travel the world and write about it for money. Probably not but I can hope!

Well I hope you enjoyed today’s Weekly Blog and I hope you spend a little time looking at my website and checking out other pieces I’ve written. Feel free to comment below telling me about your travel adventures or what things you have coming up in your life that you’re excited about. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!!

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