Pokémon HGSS #29: Deep Below The Whirl Islands

Pokémon HGSS #28: Ascending The Bell Tower Part 2

Ho-oh had graced us with its presence but did not stay for long. It has come here to raise it’s concerns and once we had our orders, it flew off leaving a trail of rainbow light behind it. 

“Ho-Oh asked about Entei and Raiko, but not the third legendary beast. I wonder why,” Morty said.

“Suicune is not trapped like the others,” Jonathan said.

“How do you know that?” Morty asked.

“Because Jonathan and I found it in the forest,” Beatrice explained. “It actually helped us get here to help Ho-Oh.”

“Wow, that’s impressive. I have a hard time believing it but I can tell you aren’t lying. Well you’ve already encountered two legendary Pokémon. What’s two more, right?”

“We just need to be able to interpret Ho-Oh’s clues,” Jonathan said.

“See I have an idea about the first. Remember how Raiko seemed to be underwater? Well to me it looked like some sort of whirlpool,” Morty said.

“A whirlpool? Where are there whirlpools in Johto?” Beatrice asked.

“Cianwood,” Jonathan replied.

“Exactly!” Morty said. “Between Olivine City and Cianwood City, there is a small grouping of islands called The Whirl Islands. Most people don’t go there because of all the whirlpools make it pretty dangerous.”

“Do you think Raiko got trapped in one of these?” Beatrice asked.

“It’s technically possible but I think there’s possibly another explanation. The Whirl Islands are rumored to hold another legendary Pokémon named Lugia,” Morty explained. “Lugia is said to be the Guardian of the Sea. The myths also say that Lugia uses its Psychic powers to create storms and underwater currents.”

“Wish, that seems really powerful,” Jonathan said.

Morty nodded.

“Powerful enough to control the whirlpools of Whirl Islands and trap Raikou,” Morty said.

“Whirl Islands it is. That’s where we need to go, Beatrice said.

Jonathan looked over at her and nodded.

“Right. If Raikou is there then we need to head there as soon as possible. Lugia or no Lugia,” Jonathan said.

“That’s very brave of you two to say. Just be careful. Lugia and the Whirl Islands are no joke. If you need help, you should reach out to Jasmine or Chuck. Either one should help you,” Morty said.

“What about you?” Beatrice asked. “What are you going to do?”

“My place is here in Ecruteak City and at the Gym. I will keep a closer eye on things here and work alongside the Kimono Girls of they need my help. Jonathan, I know that you said that Team Rocket is no more but it’s obvious to me that they are not going quietly. I will keep an eye out for any more that may try to return here.”

Jonathan nodded.

“We’ll do the same,” Jonathan said.

“Well good luck,” Beatice said.

“You are the ones who will need good luck,” Morty said. “Gengar and I can take care of anything that comes up around here.”

“Gengar!” Gengar smiled and laughed.

“Thank you for all your help, Morty. Hopefully we will return with some good news,” Jonathan said.

“Of course. I will also do my best to discover the meaning behind Ho-Oh’s other clue. For now focus on Raiko and, I can’t stress this enough, be careful,” Morty said.

Jonathan and Beatrice said their goodbyes to Morty, Zuki, and the rest of the Kimono Girls before leaving Ecruteak City. They traveled the next few days on a route that had walked many times before. Eventually the scent of salt water filled and the sound of crashing waves got closer and closer. It didn’t take long before they were the coastal town of Olivine City.

“Looks like Amphy is still busy,” Jonathan said as he pointed out toward the lighthouse. 

The sun was just beginning to set and the lighthouse was shining brightly. However the last time they were in Olivine City, that was not the case. The Ampharos at the lighthouse was very sick and Jonathan had to go get medicine for it. After that he was able to take on the Steel-Type Gym Leader, Jasmine.

“Do you think Jasmine is at the lighthouse?” Beatrice asked.

“Either that or her Gym,” Jonathan replied. “Let’s check there first.”

Beatrice nodded and the two began their journey toward the Olivine City Gym. As they approached, the Gym looked empty. The lights were off and there wasn’t any sign of another person or Pokémon.

“Guess she’s not here,” Jonathan said.

Just as they arrived at the Gym door, it opened and a girl with light brown hair.

“Who’s not here?” Jasmine asked, a smile across her face.

“Jasmine!” Beatrice exclaimed.

“We’re so happy to see you,” Jonathan said.

“I’m honestly very surprised to see you two. Heard on the radio that you two are big heroes,” Jasmine said. “You didn’t come back for a rematch, did you Jonathan?”

“Uh thanks. No we’re actually here because we’re on a mission,” Jonathan said.

“Ho-Oh, the legendary Pokémon arrived in Ecruteak City and told us that the Legendary Beasts, Raikou and Entei are missing,” Beatrice explained.

“Woah. That’s a lot,” Jasmine said with a slight chuckle. “I wouldn’t believe you if you didn’t sound so convincing.”

“We know it’s a bit out there, but what Bea said is true. We actually think that Raikou is somehow connected to The Whirl Islands,” Jonathan said.

“So that’s your plan? You’re going out to find Raikou?” Jasmine asked.

“Yeah that’s the plan,” Jonathan said.

“You know that the Whirl Islands are very dangerous, right?” Jasmine asked.

“Yeah Morty told us all about the whirlpools and Lugia,” Beatrice said.

“Well you are well informed,” Jasmine laughed again. “Sounds like you have everything you need.”

“Well actually we were hoping you’d have more information about the Whirl Islands and how to navigate them safely,” Jonathan said.

“That is a tall order,” Jasmine said. “To be honest I spend all my time here at the Gym or at the lighthouse. I don’t do a lot of surfing the waves. My best guess is that you are going to need a strong Water-Type Pokémon. They should be able to lead you through the whirlpools.”

“I have Marill,” Beatrice said.

“The only thing that’s close to an aquatic Pokémon is Dratini,” Jonathan said. “I don’t know if that will be enough.”

“A Dratini, huh? That’s a pretty powerful, Dragon-Type Pokémon. That might be enough,” Jasmine said. 

“It sounds kind of risky,” Beatrice said.

“I don’t know if we have a choice. We have to get there to find Raikou,” Jonathan said.

“I know. I know,” Beatrice said. “If you think we can do it, then I trust you.”

“You two are very sweet,’ Jasmine said. “I can tell that you are both full of such determination. A team so strong that it can weather any storm. Almost ironclad.”

“Thanks,” Beatrice and Jonathan blushed.

As they stood there in front of the gym, they heard a distant rumble of thunder and all three of them turned to look over the ocean. On the horizon dark clouds were illuminated by flashes of lightning.

“You sure you want to go out in the storm?” Jasmine asked.

“Don’t think we really have a choice,” Jonathan said. “We need to get out there.”

Jasmine nodded.

“If that’s the case, then I can get you out there. Come with me,” Jasmine said.

She moved quickly toward the docks and both Jonathan and Beatrice followed suit. Down by the docks there were a few fishermen unloading empty fishing nets and unloading supplies after a day out on the ocean.

“Excuse me,” Jasmine said, stopping a burly, looking sailor. “I need your boat.”

“My boat, why?” The man asked.

“It’s official Gym Leader business. We need to take your boat out now.”

The man turned to look at the storm.

“Miss, there’s a storm coming. It’s too dangerous to go out there.”

“Sir, please,” Beatrice stepped up. “That storm is the act of some Pokémon out at the Whirl Islands and we need to get out there.”

“Whirl islands? You really are crazy. Whirl islands are dangerous even when the water is still. Let alone when there’s a storm,” The sailor said.

Jonathan stepped up this time.

“Sir, do you recognize me? I’m a Pokémon trainer. I helped get rid of Team Rocket at the Goldenrod Radio Tower,” Jonathan said. “We need your boat so we can go save some Pokémon.”

The sailor put a hand on his chin.

“You know, I have a niece who worked at the radio tower in Goldenrod. She did tell me some Pokémon trainer got her out of there safely. You know, what? If you really want to take my boat, you can have it. But if it gets smashed up or damaged in any way, you all owe me a new one.”

“Deal,” Jasmine said as she shook his hand.

“Now let’s go!” Jasmine said as she quickly climbed into this guys boat.

In a matter of moments, Jasmine had the boat untied from the dock and its motor roaring. They sped off from the docks toward the large, ominous storm on the horizon.

“Have you ever driven something like this before?” Beatrice asked Jasmine.

“I’m just kind of winging it,” Jasmine said with a laugh. “This sure is fun!”

Jonathan and Beatrice exchanged a look and shrugged.

Behind them they could still see the light from the lighthouse guiding them to shore and before them they could see the rumbling storm which began to grow and move toward them. Down below the choppy water Jonathan could make out the vague shape of Pokémon swimming around the small bits of light from Chinchou. They all seemed to be swimming with them, toward the islands.

“What do you think they are doing?” Jonathan said, pointing toward the water.

“Maybe it’s similar to what was happening with Ho-Oh. Legendary Pokémon showing up and clashing is disturbing a lot of things. Pokémon can feel that,” Beatrice said.

Jonathan gave a nod of understanding.

Then Jonathan reached down into his bag and pulled out a Pokéball. He opened it and a red flash touched down into the water. For a moment there was nothing, until a small, serpentine Pokémon leaped out of the water.

“Dratini!” It shouted as it splashed into the water.

“Dratini!” It leaped again, over and over, launching itself out of the water as it swam alongside the boat.

“Dratini, we’re going to need your help, ok?” Jonathan shouted, over the rushing wind and sounds of thunder. 

“Dratini!” Dratinit said with another leap into the air.

“I think that’s a yes,” Jonathan said with a laugh.

“Just in time too, because I see a massive whirlpool up ahead,” Jasmine announced.

All three of them looked out from the front of the boat and they saw it. Just on the edge of the colossal thunderstorm was this massive amount of swirling water. Beyond that Jonathan made out the edge of rock and shore.

“Those must be the whirl islands,” Jonathan said.

“That they are,” Jasmine said. “And we’re going to need help getting through there. Do you think Dratini is up for it?”

“I do,” Jonathan said. “Together we can do anything.”

“Alright, well just prepare yourselves. Things are going to get bumpy.”

“I think you mean bumpier,” Beatrice said as she held on to the edge of the boat. “Things are already bumpy.”

She was right. The storm was really churning up the ocean water now and it was only getting worse as they reached the edge of the Whirl Islands. Even though Jasmine was not experienced with driving a boat, she was doing all that she could to keep the boat steady.

“Whenever you and Dratini are ready,” Jasmine said.

Jonathan nodded and ran over to the side of the boat.

“Ok, Dratini! I need you to use Twister. Stir up the water in the opposite direction. Break up the whirlpool!” Jonathan shouted.

Dratini once again sprang into the air before dipping down, deep into the water. The small Dragon Pokémon spinning around in a circle, faster and faster until it was almost a solid ring of movement. In the center of the circle the water began to spin as well, becoming an underwater twister.

Around the boat they could see other Water swimming around, adding to the twister that Dratini was making. The swirling water collided with the whirlpool and ocean water was sprayed into the sky. The two swirling masses of water fighting against one another.

At the same time large raindrops began hitting the boat and suddenly they were in the middle of a downpour. Visibility was low as the ocean water splashed up and the rainwater crashed down. Flashes of lighting lit up the sky and even struck the ocean’s surface. 

“We’re in the thick of it now,” Jasmine yelled over the storm, but Jonathan could barely hear it.

Down below Dratini kept swimming and kept spinning, adding more and more force to the underwater twister. Then it began to glow a bright white light, which Jonathan could barely make out. It’s body grew and became more slender. The fins on its head grew into what looked like wings. The new Pokémon let out a cry.

“Dragonair!” It cried out as it unleashed the full might of the twister.

The twister and the whirlpool collided completely and there was a massive eruption of water. The ship lurched and Beatrice barely hung on.

“Now what’s happening?” Jonathan shouted.

“Now we just have to hope we’ll be ok,” Jasmine said. “Hold on to something.”

The swirling wall of water struck the boat and it was lifted up into the air. They were no longer going forward, but now they were flying horizontally across the surface of the water. Jasmine held on to the helm of the boat, but there was no controlling it. The three of them were at the complete mercy of the ocean and the storm.

The boat seemed to skip across the ocean’s surface, barely missing a large, jagged rock and eventually it crashed into a rocky beach. Splinters of wood went flying in all directions and the boat slid to a halt.

“Everyone ok?” Jasmine asked as she pulled herself to her feet.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Jonathan groaned.

“Me too,” Beatrice said as she wobbled on her feet. “Remind me never to get into a boat with you, again.”

“Totally fair,” Jasmine said.

The heavy rain was still coming down hard which made it hard to see much in front of them. However it seemed like they had hit land.

Jonathan turned back to see Dragonair was resting there in the water, worn down by fighting through the whirlpool.

“Dragonair!” It cried out.

“You did good, Dragonair,” Jonathan said, as he held out his Pokéball. “Now it’s time for you to rest.”

There was a flash of red light and Dragonair went back into the Pokéball.

“Is this it? Did we make it to the Whirl Islands?” Beatrice asked.

“Based on the storm and the whirlpool we just crashed through, I think so,” Jonathan said.

“Now what do we do?” Beatrice asked.

“There!” Jasmine pointed out toward what looked like a small cave. “That must be the entrance.”

“Then that’s where we need to go. We need to figure out what is going on and how to stop it,” Jonathan said.

All three of them agreed as they raced across the rocky beach to the cave entrance.

Header Photo Credit to ka0susama on DeviantArt

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

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