Weekly Blog March 28th, 2021: Zack Snyder’s Justice League

***This will include spoilers for Zack Snyder’s Justice League and other DCEU movies***

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I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy! More and more people are getting vaccinated and I just can’t wait until it’s my turn. It really seems like we are getting closer to a more normal world where we don’t have to worry about quarantine. Until then I’ll just continue to quarantine, wear masks, watch movies, and play video games. Speaking of watching movies, I watched a long one for this week’s Weekly Blog. But before we get to breaking down Zack Snyder’s Justice League, I want to quickly talk about the pieces I published in the past week. Last Sunday, I published a Weekly Blog about Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Anniversary. I am a huge fan of Animal Crossing and I’ve been playing Animal Crossing New Horizon for a year and counting. Overall I really enjoyed the game and found its progress slow, but rewarding. If you want to read my more in depth review of the game and its  updates, go ahead and read through my Weekly Blog about New Horizons. Then on Wednesday, I published a Poem titled “Written In The Stars.” This is a poem that is a bit abstract, but it’s sort of a love poem. It’s hard to describe because it’s one of those poems where I had a bit of inspiration and just with it. I really enjoyed writing it and, not to toot my own horn, I think it’s pretty good. Also this week we hit another big milestone. Thanks to all of you and your support, we hit 700 Followers on WordPress! Thank you so much for reading my stuff and supporting my writing. Every new Follower and reader means a lot to me and I just appreciate it so much! If you are new or haven’t read those pieces, I highly recommend them.

Now that we’ve talked about that, let’s dive deep into Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Well actually, before I get into the pros and cons of the movie, I want to quickly talk about my history with the DC Extended Universe. From some of the other Weekly Blogs I’ve written you probably know that I love comic books, superheroes, and The Marvel Cinematic Universe. But I’ve also watched a fair amount of DC Movies. I loved Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies. When Mravel launched its connected movie universe, it was obvious that DC was going to do the same thing. They started with Man of Steel which came out in 2013. I remember that I saw the movie at a Drive-In Theater with a bunch of friends. I wore a superman shirt and had a large, red blanket wrapped around me like a cape. I was excited! And it was ok. I think I really enjoyed Man of Steel at the time, but when I watched it more recently, I thought it was fine. Then Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice came out in 2016 and I thought it was…eh…bad. I liked Henry Cavil as Superman, Ben Affleck as Batman, and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. But that plot was a huge mess, the Martha twist was laughably bad, and the ending was bad. Overall not great. I thought this would be the bottom of the barrel, but nope. Suicide Squad also came out in 2016 and it was horrible. Jared Leto’s Joker was bad, the plot was bad, the enemies were generic, and the ending of the movie was bad. It was the epitome of shoving a whole bunch of characters shoved together in a movie with no backstory and hoping it would work out. Guardians of the Galaxy did it with great dialogue and amazing music so the DCEU had to try to rip it off. Literally Ben Affleck’s Batman was the best thing about Suicide Squad. 

At this point the DCEU had one decent movie and two bad ones. I was losing hope. But fear not. There was hope on the horizon. 2017’s Wonder Woman came out and I really liked it. Gal Gadot totally nails the role and I loved the World War I setting was really interesting. The third act was not great, but overall it was a good movie. So now it was time for Justice League to come out. There is a whole lot of history about this movie and its production which I don’t want to get too deeply into, but I will mention some stuff because it connects this Justice League to the reason we got Zack Snyder’s Justice League in 2021. Zack Snyder was originally the director of the film, but when he had a family tragedy, he stepped away from the project near the end of its production. Joss Wheadon (from Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron fame) was brought in to finish the movie. Apparently he ended up cutting a whole bunch of stuff and the end result was fine. I thought it was an ok movie on the same level as Man of Steel, but it was really the last DCEU Movie was planning on watching. These movies had burnt me enough times and the MCU was making great movie after great movie. The DCEU had lost me.  However the story behind Justice League wasn’t done. There were all these rumors that Wheadon had ruined Zack Snyder’s vision and that there was this perfect movie deep within Warner Brothers’ vault. DC Fanboys started demanding that WB release the Snyder Cut which was even echoed by cast members. Eventually WB announced they would be releasing the Snyder Cut of Justice League on HBO Max and gave Zack Sndyer some more money for reshoots to finish this movie. Now the four hour cut of the movie was coming to HBO Max and I watched it. With all that history established, let’s actually talk about the movie. 

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is interesting. I won’t say Good or Bad right now because I feel like that’s too simple of a review. In some ways I liked it more than the Cinematic Justice League we got, but in other ways it is bad and confusing. This won’t be a hot take, but to me the DCEU has always had a problem with trying to play catch up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They saw Marvel succeed on the big screen and DC wanted to quickly jump into it. This led to a lot of problems where characters were introduced in an ensemble movie before getting their own movie with their own background. While Marvel takes time to set up things in advance, the DCEU just tries to introduce a whole bunch of stuff in one movie, barely explains it, and then just moves on. This four hour movie is exactly that. It has to do so much heavy lifting not only catching us up with Batman and Wonder Woman, but also with introducing the characters of Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. This was a problem in the original Justice League and Zack Snyder’s version also had to tackle it. To me the biggest difference is that The Snyder Cut uses the extra time to give us moments which should have been their own movies. Don’t get me wrong. I love the additional background we get for these characters, but it’s a lot. These tidbits of information are fine (to varying degrees), but I really would have appreciated standalone movies that established these characters. This movie really emphasises Cyborg as the heart of the team and knowledgeable about The Mother Boxes. I enjoyed learning more about Cyborg, but again, this should have been in a Cyborg movie which I’m guessing is never coming. If we would have gotten those movies, this movie wouldn’t have been 4 Hours long. 

This movie is a long movie and you definitely feel it. On HBO Max it is broken up into 6 Parts and An Epilogue and each part really drags. I’m used to sitting through Critical Role Episodes which are oftentimes 3-4 hours long and it flies by to me. This movie makes you feel that 4 hours, especially when there is slow motion which happens a lot. The amount of slow motion is definitely a negative on the movie. It works for me when someone like Flash or Superman is moving quickly, but there are so many normal moments slowed down for basically no reason. Another thing that really did not work for me is the music choices for the movies. The scenes that really stick out is the scene where Batman tries to convince Aquaman to join the team and a group of icelanic villagers start singing in the background for no reason. Or the scene where Flash saves Iris West and there is another horrible song playing. So much music was very odd and generally, pretty bad. 

A lot of this movie is really Zack Snyder’s vision to the nth degree for both the best and the worst. If you like Snyder’s way of directing movies, you’ll probably like this, but if you don’t, there will be a lot of creative choices which will come off as either odd or bad. The whole DCEU is plagued with this darker, “more grounded” version which you either love or hate. There are definitely some good parts which do get highlighted by The Snyder Cut like Steppenwolf being a more rounded character with actual motivations and some cool fight scenes. His armor looked kind of dumb in stills, but I think it actually works in the movie. Plus the R-rating allows for fights with Steppenwolf to be more violent and hard-hitting. That stuff I loved, but for every good moment this movie has, there is another slow motion scene following it which drags the movie down. Not to mention everything in the Epilogue with the nightmare world and Jared Leto’s Joker is back and Superman is evil. It’s just a lot. And we’ll probably never get a direct sequel to this movie so really it’s a huge cliffhanger for no reason. 

Comparing this movie directly with its theatrical counterpart, it’s hard to say which one is better. I think the Snyder Cut definitely has higher highs and lower lows than the Cinematic Justice League, but obviously there was no way a 4 hour movie would have hit theaters. I don’t think a two hour version of this movie would have been that much better than the movie we got. Was the Snyder Cut a good movie overall? Eh….kind of…maybe…in ways… Was it worth all the hype and the army of DC Fanboys assembling on Twitter? Eh….maybe. I guess it depends on how much you enjoyed this movie. I guess the story around The Snyder Cut and the drama involved makes it all worth it. Plus now people will buy HBO Max for a month and then forget to cancel it for a couple more months and then cancel their subscription when movie theaters open back up. At the end of the day, The Snyder Cut is now out and people will now continue to argue about it for all time. 

Thank you so much for reading through that Weekly Blog! Hopefully you really liked reading through my thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Cut of The Justice League. I know that there will be some strong feelings about this movie and everything surrounding it and I had more to say, but I decided to cut it a little short so I wasn’t here recapping the entire thing. If you have strong feelings on Snyder Cut, either good or bad, I’d love to hear them in the comments down below. If you really liked this Weekly Blog you can give it a Like. You can also Follow Me here on WordPress. I mentioned earlier that I had reached 700 Followers thanks to the support of all my wonderful readers. I’m trying to build a positive and creative space here on the internet and I’d love it if you joined the community. I really appreciate all the love and support my readers send my way and it makes my day knowing there are people all over the world reading the stuff I write.

Thank you again and I hope you have a fantastic week!


Header Photo Credit to IMDb’s page on Zack Snyder’s Justice League

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