First Snow Of The Year

A simple dusting of snow falling from the sky.
People look up as the flakes fall down to the earth.

Then it comes quickly changing from light frost to heavy layers of snow.
It blankets the area clinging to the people walking and the ground underneath their feet.

Children jump and cheer hoping for school to close.
The adults mumble swears underneath their breath as they are forced to drive to work.

The world gets quieter as people head inside.
They watch the snowfall from the windows of a warm house.

The snow gets thicker and thicker, as it shuts down society around it.
The snow does not care for roads, sidewalks, or schedules.

The world gets quieter and quieter as everyone focuses on the snow.
Its on everyone’s minds and on the televisions and radios.

Snow. Snow. Snow.
Chanted in unison as it continues to fall from the sky like manna.

Give praise to the silent oppressor and cold liberator.
Watch it come down with a cup of hot chocolate.


Header Photo Credit to Conan Chee Photography on Facebook

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