Wishing For Christmas Past

Christmas blows in with snow and song,
Presents and lights all around.

Joy fills the streets as shoppers run to and fro,
The spirit fills their souls but leave you feeling empty.

Christmas was their favorite time of the year.
They loved the songs, the snow, the family.

The family.

That’s what hits you the hardest this season.
No matter how much peace and love there is, it’s not the same.

It’s not the same without them.

Every mug of hot chocolate reminds you of them.
Every ornament you hang on a tree reminds you of them.

Every carol sung.
Every snowball thrown.
Every mall filled with a Santa.
Every Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

It leaves you feeling empty as you reject Christmas Present.
You want Christmas Past.



Header Photo Credit to The Ornament Girl

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