Trying to Write Some MORE Haikus

Hello Internet!

I’m back and I’m bringing what the viewers want. There was such a big outpouring of support on my last attempt at Poetry, that I thought I’d bring it back this week. So I decided I’d write some more Haikus. If you haven’t read my first attempt at Haikus, check it out here. It will also give you a good idea of what a Haiku is, if you don’t already to know. To summarize, a Haiku is a form of Japanese Poetry that is broken down into three lines consisting of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and then 5 syllables. Down below will be some examples that are consistent with the form and give you some idea of how they should flow. If you like my Poetry or my attempt at Poetry, feel free to give this piece a like or leave a comment down below. Maybe leave some of your own Haikus and I’ll give them a read. Ok it’s Haiku time!


Tapping my fingers
Boredom overcomes me
Need some adventure.


Putting on a coat
Wrapping a scarf around my neck
Ready for Autumn.


Scary ghosts and ghouls
Creatures looking for sweet treats
Halloween is here!


My heart skips a beat
You bring a smile to my face
I really like you


Sounding out each line
Counting all the syllables
Writing a Haiku.


Header Photo Credit to My Word Wizard

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