Writing Prompt: Strange Happenings in the Kingdom of Heibelsnapp

Prompt: He said, “Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?” She whispered, “Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?” (Found here, could not trace it further)

David gave a quick rap on the wooden door, “Bailey!”

There was no response.

David looked around at the rundown farmhouse. No one had lived here for months, but this was always Bailey’s favorite spot to hide. She loved exploring abandoned places like this even though their mom had told them to stay away from this place. Bailey never listened to Mom and Dad was always away on business trips. He was barely in Bailey’s life and David wished he was never in his.

“Come on Bailey, open up!” David pounded on the door. He tried the doorknob again but it was locked.

David heard a whisper on the other side of the door, “You may not enter the realm of Heibelsnapp. It is closed to outsiders.”

“Bailey, this isn’t some game. You need to come out of there,” David said trying to open the door.

“This isn’t a game. This is real!” Bailey said through the door.

“Bailey I don’t have time for this, I’m leaving in a few hours and I need to make sure we’re ok before I go. Plus Mom is going to freak if she knows that you are in here by yourself, “David said.

“I’m not alone,” Bailey said. “I’m here with Cookie. Plus all the members of the royal court.”

David sighed.

Bailey loved playing in the world of fantasy and magic. She had a large imagination. Their parents didn’t understand it, but David had always loved the imaginative side of Bailey. David thought that Bailey should become a screenwriter or novelist even though Bailey was never very good with spelling or grammar.

Cookie was Bailey’s recent fascination ever since discovering this abandoned house. Apparently Cookie was some kind of fairy creature that lived in the house or the kingdom. Their Mom thought it was just some kind of imaginary friend that Bailey would grow out of, but Bailey insisted that Cookie was real. David tried to encourage Bailey and her imagination, but sometimes it was frustrating for him.

“Come on Bailey,” David said. “Don’t you ever feel lonely living living in your own little world?”

There was a brief moment of silence before Bailey answered in a whisper, “Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?”

David was taken back a little and was unsure what to say next. Bailey always talked with such conviction about this house. Like she actually believed the things she was saying. Like they weren’t imaginary.

David sighed heavily and slumped his back against the door.

“Bailey, you have to come out of there eventually. Don’t you want to spend this time with your brother before I leave for college instead of playing by yourself in a large, abandoned house?”

There was another moment of silence like Bailey was weighing her options.

“You can come in, Sir David,” Bailey said. “But only if you promise to uphold the laws of the Kingdom of Heibelsnapp.”

“Fine whatever, just open the door,” David said.

“You promise?” Bailey asked.

“Yes. Yes. I promise to uphold the laws of your kingdom of Heebee-jeebies and snapple.”

“Close enough,” Bailey said. “Ok, Cookie. Open the door.”

There was a few sounds of locks opening up and the door opened just a crack. David turned around and saw the face of his sister, Bailey, in the space.

“You may enter, Sir David,” Bailey said.

David opened the door the rest of the way and stepped into the old, dusty house. He shut the door behind him. He looked puzzled as the only lock on the door seemed to be a deadbolt which seemed to be out of the reach of Bailey. He gave the door a quick look up and down and then turned towards Bailey. She sat at a small table in the middle of the large dining room. There was one chair in a tact that that she climbing up into and the other looked more like a stool without any back. David took that chair.

“Welcome Sir David,” Bailey said with a little nod of her head.

“Thank you…miss Bailey,” David said with a small bow.

“That is Queen Bailey,” Bailey announced.

She turned towards the empty space to her left, David’s right, “Isn’t that right, Cookie.”

There was no response but Bailey giggled.

“What did Cookie say?” David asked.

Bailey turned towards David, “He said that you’re not a very proper knight and you need to learn some manners.”

“Oh, he said that, did he?” David said.

“Yup! But don’t worry. Cookie will warm up to you. It will just take a little time. Isn’t that right, Cookie?”

Again no response.

“Hmmmm… maybe I’d be a better wizard than a night,” David suggested.

Bailey put her finger on her chin, “A wizard? I don’t know if we need any wizards. Cookie has all the magic we need.”

“Oh Cookie is a wizard?” David asked.

“No! Cookie is a fairy,” Bailey explained.

“Can Cookie fly?”

“No, Cookie can turn invisible though. And he’s really good at cleaning.”

David turned and looked at the rundown house, “Yeah I bet he’s really good.”

Suddenly David felt something hit his leg.


David looked down and there wasn’t anything there. He just saw Bailey’s feet at the other end of the table. Way too much distance for her to kick him.

“Cookie, that wasn’t very nice!” Bailey said standing up on her chair.

There was a small moment of silence as David looked at his sister in confusion.

“I know what he said wasn’t very nice, but we don’t hurt people. I told you that,” Bailey scolded the air.

She then gave a nod and turned back towards David, “Cookie says he is sorry.”

David still sat there puzzled. “How did you do that?”

Bailey returned his gaze of confusion.

“Do what?”

“How did you kick me from that far away?” David asked.

“I didn’t kick you, that was Cookie,” Bailey said.

David stood up and began walking towards Bailey. He took one step and toppled forward onto the wooden floor. He looked back at his shoes and the shoelaces had been tied together.

“Cookie! I told you to be nice!” Bailey yelled.

David sat up and began untying his shoes. He swore he could see little wisps of dust run from his feet back towards the table.

“Bailey, what is going on?” David asked.

“I’m sorry David, I swear Cookie is usually better behaved than that. He just doesn’t like strangers,” Bailey said. “When I brought Hannah up here a few weeks ago, Cookie put gum in her hair.”

“Bailey, you put gum in Hannah’s hair,” David said.

“No I didn’t! It was Cookie!” Bailey said.

“That’s enough,” David said.

He walked over to Bailey and picked her up. He lifter her and held her over his shoulder.

“Put me down!’ Bailey yelled hitting David’s back with her fists.

“You’re coming home this instant. No more hanging out in this house,” David said as he walked towards the door.

There was a sudden rush of wind and the door slammed hard before David could get to the house’s entrance.

“Put down Queen Bailey,” A small voice said.

David turned and saw a small human-like creature no bigger than foot and a half tall. He wore a mismatch of rags sewed together and wore a thimble on his head like a hat. The small man was more of a creature with large ears resembling a mix between the pointed ears that Spock had on Star Treck and a mouse.

“Cookie!” Bailey yelled.

“Cookie?” David stammered still holding Bailey over his shoulder.

“I said, put her down,” The little creature said crossing his arms and looking at David.

David put Bailey down but held on to her hand.

“Bailey, what is that?” David said pointing at the creature.

“That’s Cookie,” Bailey said. “I told you that already.”

“My name Sir David is Korin, but you may call me Cookie like the Queen persists,” The small creature spoke. “I am what you may call a Brownie. A fey creature and this is my home. Queen Bailey there has taken upon herself to befriend me and friends stick up for one another. I will not let you take her from here against her will. Now don’t push me further.”

Bailey wiggled herself out of David’s grasp and ran over to the table where Cookie was standing.

David stood there and rubbed his eyes. This wasn’t possible. He must be dreaming or hallucinating.

“Now are we going to have a civil discussion in the midst of the Queen of Kingdom of Heibelsnapp or are you going to leave without a fuss?” Cookie asked.

He snapped his fingers and the front door of the house opened slightly with a loud creaking noise.

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