Weekly Blog June 18th, 2017: Summer As An Adult

Hello Internet!

First of all let me catch you up on what happened this week on the website. I was able to fix our problem with the website being in Spanish thanks to the good people at WordPress so hopefully that fixes any confusion. It didn’t make a lot of sense to have the website in Spanish when everything is written in English. Thanks for the people that brought it to my attention. Next thing I want to tell you is that I put out two chapters of Pokemon this week to make up for the fact that I did not put out one last week. Also Friday I put out the third part for the Writing Prompt piece that got started three Friday’s ago. It is a little Dungeons and Dragons inspired, so if you love D&D or just Fantasy stuff, I’d definitely recommend it. Part 1 can be found here. Lastly I want to give a big shoutout to all the new followers I’ve gotten this week on top of the increase in likes, comments, and views the website has received over this past week. I really appreciate all the love this website gets and all the feedback on the website and the pieces I receive. Keep all those views coming and if you’re an artist, feel free to send me the web address where I can see your stuff. I love seeing what creative people can create and spreading some views around to deserving artists. Also a quick shout out to all the Dad’s out there that might be reading this. Happy Father’s Day!! I hope your children get you a nice tie or maybe just an afternoon of quiet for your special day!

Enough of that gratitude and stalling. On to our main event! Think back to your childhood during the summer time. Of if you’re younger than 18, think about what you did yesterday. Summer was this magical time when school was out and you could just spend the whole day with friends. You could spend all day outside adventuring in the woods or riding your bikes, or you could go over to a friend’s house to spend the night where you stayed up all night drinking pop, playing video games, and talking about all the high-school gossip. You didn’t have to worry about waking up early or homework or anything boring, It was a constant fun time full of adventures, summer camps, and hanging out with friends. Summer as a child was an euphoric time.

Now you might be thinking, “Man Allen_The_Writer, you must of had amazing summer’s. Mine were pretty good but nothing like you just described. There were lots of boring parts too,” and you are absolutely right. I am definitely hyperbolizing how great summer vacation was. Maybe looking back summer just seemed that awesome because I have my nostalgia glasses plastered to my face or maybe because I’m an adult now and there’s no such thing as summer vacation for me. Even when I was in college, I got some kind of summer off where I came back home and spent time with people I went to Highschool with. I always had a summer job which would take up lots of time, but I still had some kind of time away from school and the responsibilities of college. Now here I am in the middle of June at a job with no end in sight. Summer as an adult kind of sucks.

I say that because I’m one of those poor adults working to survive and keep my head above the ocean of student loan debt. There’s plenty of adults out there planning summer vacations to beaches and foreign countries or cabins in the woods. I am not one of those adults. I can’t complain too much because last summer me and some friends went to Virginia Beach and Washington DC over the 4th of July weekend and got to see Washington DC’s Fourth of July Fireworks display which was a super cool experience. I absolutely love visiting Washington DC and being there on 4th of July was extra special. But that was last year, and this year I have a full time job and I get to see summer go by from behind a desk. Being an adult during summer just means the same thing as every other season but now it’s hot and humid and you get to hear about everyone else’s big summer trip.

So yeah that’s summer as an adult. If you’re an adult out there, I’m sure you’re in a very similar situation and you feel my pain. If you’re a kid, don’t let this time just slip by. You have a lot of summer left and there’s plenty of time to have fun and make great memories. Remember that one day you’re going to be a young adult at a entry level job with mounds of student loan debt. So yeah, you have that to look forward to. But adulthood isn’t all bad! Or at least that’s what I keep hearing, but I think it’s just a nasty internet rumor.

Either way, I hope you are out there enjoying your summers as much as you can and making some awesome memories that you can look back on. I would love to know what your summer plans are or what adventures you’ve already gone on. Feel free to leave a comment below detailing the fun, summer things going on in your life. I want to thank you for spending some of your precious summer reading this blog and I hope you find some other stuff on the website. There’s plenty of Weekly Blogs and creative writing pieces, so please feel free to spend some time on the website.

Again thank you for all your views, likes, and general support. I hope you have a wonderful week and a wonderful summer!


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