Weekly Blog May 3rd, 2020: Class of 2020

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I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during this ongoing pandemic. I know that we’re in a time where some places are opening up, but people are still advised to stay inside and social distance. I think it’s likely we are going to be social distancing for awhile and I don’t see large events happening in 2020. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see to know for sure. My plans haven’t really changed at all. I’m still going to stay inside as much as possible and only go out when I have to. It seems like the US is still dealing with new cases and I don’t want to stay healthy and safe.

Anyway, let’s quickly talk about all the pieces that I published this past couple of weeks. Two Sundays ago, I published a Weekly Blog that talked about What I’m Watching During Quarantine. Basically I just highlighted all the stuff on Netflix I have been watching during this Quarantine. Other than YouTube, Netflix has been my main source of media during quarantine and it has some amazing shows and movies. Then on Wednesday, I published a Poem titled “Six Word Memoirs Part 8.” It had been awhile since I had published any Six Word Memoirs, but I wanted to write some that highlight the time we are living in and show some support for everyone who is currently working through the pandemic. I used to put out a lot of Six Word Memoirs, but cut back as I expanded into more free-form poetry, but maybe I’ll bring it back if people really enjoy the Six Word Memoirs. That Friday, I published a Writing Prompt Piece titled “Invisible Friend.” A man has always had the powers of telekinesis that allowed him to move stuff with his mind. One day his powers seem to lag, and a voice calls out to him apologizing. This leads to an awkward interaction between the man and this invisible being.  Last Wednesday, I published a Poem titled “What World Will We Return To?” This Poem is a bit sad and a bit inquisitive. We all know that the pandemic is going to affect our daily lives for some time, but I wonder what the world will look like once we get the all clear and we are no longer quarantine. What will the world look like when we return and how are we going to change it? Are we going to change the world and move it forward or try to return to a world before the pandemic? Finally, on Friday, I published the latest chapter in my Dungeons and Dragons inspired series, Searching For Riffen (D&D). Riffen is still missing and the group tries to search for him in the city. After a quick stop at the burnt remains of The Pilgrim’s Rest, they seek out any new information on their friend at the courthouse. Sorry that took so long, but I just wanted to highlight all the pieces I published in the past couple of weeks just in case any readers missed them or are new to my website. Now, let’s talk about The High School Class of 2020.

As we all know, 2020 is a crazy year and, for people going through school it’s even stranger. I’m not personally going through school right now, and I’m glad I didn’t have to go through a pandemic during my senior year.  I can’t imagine trying to go through High School or College by taking online classes at home. I know that my lack of motivation and bad internet would be a terrible combination if I had to be taught at home. That’s why I wanted to use this Weekly Blog to talk about the Class of 2020, because this is a very unique senior year. Seniors are missing out on huge events like Spring Sports, Prom, and Graduation. Their senior year isn’t going to be filled with spending time with their friends during classes or things like senior pranks and senior-itus. Sure some of that sentiment continued as school was online, but it’s not the same. These kids are dealing with this crazy world as well as their schoolwork and they are missing out on these huge milestones. I just feel sorry for them. It’s not their fault that a world-wide pandemic has ruined these potential high school memories.

I say all of this also knowing that many people don’t care about High School. I don’t really look back fondly on High School. Like it was ok and I didn’t hate it, but I’m also not someone who would beg to go back to High School. On the other hand, I also got to live out a normal senior year. These Seniors are going to be missing out on all of these things that they can’t get back. Some Seniors are trying their best to establish a normal way of life by hanging out with people online and even throwing virtual events, but it’s not exactly the same. I guess some people might prefer the virtual thing, but others are missing being their physically. I think it might be hardest for people who wanted to use their senior year to strengthen their resumes or get scholarships based off of sports. There are no spring sports so Seniors looking to beat their own personal records and get noticed by recruiters now have to rely on their Junior Year for recruitment. Seniors who would normally take part in things like Student Government, National Honor Society, and other clubs won’t be able to participate. Plus things like senior trips and more are not happening which is putting a damper on Senior Year. Again, I’m sorry that Seniors are missing out on these events and because these events are cancelled, I think they will hold a greater weight on these seniors compared to if it would have happened.

I don’t really want to use this Weekly Blog to talk about how sad it is that Seniors are missing out on things, and instead I want to turn this around to talk about how proud I am of Seniors. They are going through a lot right now and it can’t be easy to go through this. Again, I’m so glad that I’m no longer in school having to deal with all of this as well as try to learn from home. These Seniors are going to have a very unique year to look back on and hopefully they can still find a silver lining in all these dark clouds. This is something that unites all High School Seniors and this shared memories could be something special.

I want to congratulate the High School Class of 2020 and I hope they go on to do amazing things. This is going to be a small speed bump in life and there are so many bigger things on the horizon. Many of these Seniors will be going off to college and will be able to celebrate their educational achievements in a few years when they graduate from college. Others are going on to start their first post-school job and starting their careers. No matter their path, I hope they celebrate their graduation with pride. Graduating High School is a big deal and they should be proud to graduate, especially during a pandemic. So congratulations to the Class of 2020 and good luck in your future endeavors. If you can conquer a pandemic, you can conquer anything.

Thank you so much for reading my Weekly Blog. I know this was a bit all over the place, but I hope that the Seniors out there celebrate their graduation and are proud of their accomplishments. If you liked this Weekly Blog, feel free to give it a Like or leave a comment down below. Go ahead and share some memories of your Senior year down below or leave some support down in the comments. Also if you don’t already, you should Follow Me here on WordPress. I’d really appreciate it if you want to join my positive and creative space on WordPress. There are already so many amazing people here and I’d love to for you to be one of them. I also appreciate all the lurkers who just read my stuff from the shadows. Lurkers are important too! No matter how you support me, I appreciate it and it really makes my day, so thank you!

Thank you again for all the support and I hope you have a wonderful week!



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