Weekly Blog February 16th, 2020: Valentine’s Day Self-Care

Hello Internet!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and enjoyed their Valentine’s Day. I’ll be talking about mine in this Weekly Blog, but in general I had a great day even though I didn’t have a Valentine to celebrate with. But more on that in a little bit. First, I have a lot of ground to make up for because I didn’t publish a Weekly Blog last week. I want to tell all of you wonderful people about the pieces I published in the past couple of weeks just in case you missed them and want to read them. The last Weekly Blog I published was about Advertisements. More specifically it touched on Super Bowl Advertisements and if the large amount of money spent on the advertisements are really worth it. Speaking of Super Bowl Advertisements. Can we all agree that Baby Nut is horrible and should be mashed up into Peanut Butter. Anyway, that Wednesday, I published a Poem titled “Opposites Attract” which shows the parallels between falling in love and breaking up. Sometimes love stories rhyme and not in a good way. Then on Friday, I published a Creative Writing Piece titled “Hard Decisions.” This Piece is actually special because it was partially written by me and partially written by The “Talk to Transformer” Neural Network. I highly recommend reading it, even though it is a bit of a mess just, because it is such an unique thing. Also there is more information about the process if you are interested in how an AI helped me write a Creative Writing Piece. This past Wednesday, I published a bunch of “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue” Poems. It was almost Valentine’s Day and I was feeling very poetic. Finally, this past Friday was Valentine’s Day and I continued the tradition of publishing Valentine’s Day Haikus. Enjoy all the Poems that I wrote this week because there was a lot of them!

As you probably know this past Friday was Valentine’s Day! If you didn’t know, it may be the reason why your significant other hasn’t talked to you for the past 48 hours. Maybe go see if there is any discount Valentine’s Day candy left on the shelf! In all seriousness, I hope all of you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day no matter if it was with a significant other or if it was by yourself. Honestly any holiday can be enjoyed with others or by yourself, but I know Valentine’s Day is literally a day which is marketed as a day for couples in love so yeah Valentine’s Day can seem more like Singles Awareness Day which is SAD…literally. But it doesn’t have to be that way. For me, this Valentine’s Day was actually a great one and I didn’t have a significant other to celebrate with. I’m a single, Pringle and I still had a good day. So what did I do for Valentine’s Day? Well I’m glad you asked. I went out and bought myself a heart shaped pizza from Pizza Hut (not sponsored) and then bought myself a heart shaped box of Red Lobster cheese biscuits from Red Lobster (also not sponsored), both of which was delicious. Like I know I’m not sponsored by either of these restaurants but I was able to get a six-pack of delicious cheese biscuits for less than $4! That’s a steal! I should get that once a week at least! These delicious dinner plans also allowed me to skip the reservations and stay away from crowded restaurants. It was a win-win. On top of that, I also got to spend some time with myself which I enjoyed.

I think that’s one thing that sometimes gets lost in the world of dating and love. Spending time with yourself. And I don’t mean just having some alone time. I mean actively pursuing stuff by yourself. There is such an overwhelming push for couples to adopt each others interests and hobbies and yeah you should care about the other person and what they like, but it’s also okay to have your own stuff you enjoy by yourself. You know those couples that seem to become one single entity after dating? Like they do everything together and only exist as a couple? They’ve somehow lost their own personal identities and they seem too obsessed with each other? Yeah, that’s not healthy. There needs to be time together and some time apart. It’s ok if your significant other doesn’t love everything you love and you don’t love everything they love. Common interests are great but not everything has to be a couple activity. When you are in a relationship you should be developing as a part of a couple and as an individual. Of course all of this comes from someone who is single so I guess take my advice with a grain of salt. This advice is good in practice but probably needs to be modified once actually applied. I’m just running simulations over here so I’m sure it needs to be tested in the field.

Anyway, yeah I spent Valentine’s Day alone but I wasn’t lonely. I just took care of myself this Valentine’s Day because I’m a single person and I deserve love too! And you deserve love! No matter if you are single (and ready to mingle) or in a relationship, you deserve love and respect. It’s ok if those things come from within instead of from another person. You should like yourself and you should love yourself which is sometimes overlooked because we are looking for others to share our love with. Self-care is just as important as caring for the people around us. What exactly is self-care? Well if you couldn’t guess from the two hyphenated words, Self-Care is “[…] any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health” (Psych Central). Self-care is basically what I described. Taking some time for yourself that lets you recharge on a mental, emotional, or physical level. Eating heart-shaped pizza and cheese biscuits is a way I showed some self-care and I really appreciated it. It helped boost my mental health although I’m sure my physical body would have liked it if I ate a vegetable instead of greasy pizza. I guess it’s really all about balance. So if you didn’t have a very good Valentine’s Day, that’s alright. I’m sure the next one will be great! Just take some time this week for yourself and practice some self-care! Maybe see if Red Lobster has any more of those delicious biscuits!

Thank you so much for reading that Weekly Blog. I really appreciate all the love and support you wonderful people send me with your views, likes, and comments. I continue to get blown away by all the support from readers like you. Actually Valentine’s Day was my biggest days in terms of views ever! So thank you again for making that happen with your views and your support. If you are new here and this is your first time reading my stuff, welcome. I hope you enjoyed it. You can check out my website and read the other stuff I’ve written. I suggest starting with the posts mentioned at the beginning of the Weekly Blog. You can also Follow me here on WordPress so that way my published pieces how up in your Reader Feed and you’ll know when new stuff gets published. Also I have a Twitter I’m pretty active on. I don’t mention a lot but go ahead and Follow me on there too if you really want. No matter if you are a new reader or have been around since the beginning, just know that I really do appreciate all of the support and it really makes my day that people all over the world are reading and liking the stuff I publish.

Thank you again and I hope you fave a fantastic week!



Header Photo Credit to Flatiron Mental Health Counselling

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