The Spirit of Freedom

People flooding the streets, flooding airports.
People bonded together to demand freedom for themselves and their siblings in arms.

The spirit of freedom spreads and lifts the people as they stand against oppression.
They will not stop speaking out or marching in the streets.

No matter how much the oppressor try to stomp out freedom, it will always prevail.
Freedom is inevitable.

No matter if it takes months, years, decades, or even centuries.
Freedom will prevail.

The world is watching.
The spirit of freedom is with Hong Kong and the will of Hong Kong’s people.

Keep fighting and keep feeding that spirit of freedom!


If you are unfamiliar with the protests in Hong Kong, I highly recommend you check out this Wikipedia Article on it and stay tuned to the news. This is an ongoing situation and things are changing rapidly day by day. I support the people of Hong Kong and their protests as they try to establish their own sovereign state which has their own free, democratic elections and is completely outside of China’s control. In my opinion, this is history in the making and I hope that Hong Kong prevails. I also hope that this will end peacefully without military escalation on either side.


Header Photo Credit to Wikipedia

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