Pokémon HGSS#23: Freezing Cold Gym Battle

Pokémon HGSS#22: The Adventure Begins Again


After their long journey Jonathan and Beatrice finally stood outside the Mahogany Town Gym hand in hand. Jonathan was nervous about taking on the Gym Leader and getting his seventh Gym Badge, but Beatrice was supportive.

“You can do this, Jonathan. No need to be nervous,” She said with a smile.

“Right,” Jonathan said doing his best to return the smile.

Jonathan opened the door and walked right into the gym and Beatrice followed.

Immediately, they both noticed a drop in the temperature. Mahogany Town was a mountain town and the weather was cooler than a lot of the Johto region, but this Gym was freezing cold.

The Pokémon Gym looked similar to the many Pokémon Gyms Jonathan and Beatrice had been in before, but this looked older and less modern when compared to a Gym like the high-tech Steel-Type Gym led by Jasmine in Olivine City. This Gym was fairly plain with simple decorations lining the walls. However, one big difference between this and other Gyms is that this one had a solid layer of ice covering the floor with a few large ice-covered boulders laying around the arena.

“Brrrrr….it’s freezing in here,” Beatrice said.

“It’s so cold, you can see your breath,” Jonathan said as his breath became mist in the air.

“There you are. Took long enough,” A new voice said.

180px-heartgold_soulsilver_pryceBoth Jonathan and Beatrice looked across the Pokémon Gym and there stood a face that they had seen once before.

Pryce, the Mahogany Town Gym Leader stepped forward and greeted the two of them.

“After the events at The Goldenrod City Radio Tower, I thought for sure I’d see you two again. But then after a few weeks, I began to lose hope and I thought you might not come face me after all,” Pryce said.

“We took some time to readjust after taking down Team Rocket,” Jonathan said. “We spent some time in New Bark Town with our families, but now we are here. I’m ready to complete my set of Gym Badges.”

“Time with family is important. I’m glad you took that time. And I’m glad you finally made it here to my Gym,” Pryce said.

“Does it have to be so cold?” Beatrice asked.

“I’m afraid so,” Pryce said with a laugh. “You see these extreme cold conditions help me train. I have been a trainer for fifty years, you see, and I believe training in the cold has actually helped me stay fit for as long as I have. Plus my Ice-Type Pokémon seem to love it.”

“Fifty years. Woah!” Jonathan said.

“Yes, I know. I’m old,” Pryce laughed again. “The oldest Gym Leader in the Johto region, in fact. People my age usually retire, but I can’t give it up. I love battling with my Pokémon.”

“Speaking of which, thank you again, Jonathan and Beatrice, for rescuing me and my Pokémon from Team Rocket. I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t of showed up when you did,” Pryce said.

“I’m glad you got your Pokémon back,” Beatrice said.

“Me too. But don’t think just because you saved my life that I’m going to take it easy on you,” Pryce said looking at Jonathan.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way,” Jonathan said with nervous laughter.

“Good. Now Beatrice, I suggest you head up in the stands so you can see the battle and cheer on Jonathan. Jonathan, you get ready for a battle you soon won’t forget.”

Jonathan nodded.

“Yes, sir,” He said.

Both Jonathan and Pryce split apart in order to take their places on the icy battlefield, while Beatrice headed up into the stands in order to watch the upcoming Pokémon battle.

“Obviously Pryce’s Pokémon are going to use the ice to their advantage,” Jonathan mumbled to himself. “I need to figure out someway to level the playing field.”

“What’s that, my boy? You’re going to have to speak up,” Pryce shouted from across the icy.

“Just thinking up a vaiable strategy,” Jonathan yelled back.

“Be quick! I’m freezing!” Beatrice shouted from the stands.

600px-362Glalie.png“She’s right. Let’s start this battle,” Pryce said. “Go Glalie!”

Pryce lifted up his Pokéball and a flash of red light emerged that quickly turned to a Pokémon that resembled a floating ball of ice with two icicle horns sticking out of the top of its head.

“Glalie!” It shouted showing off its teeth.

“My Glalie might not look like much, but the outside of its body is made from solid ice. It acts like an armor that protects Glalie as it battles,” Pryce explained.

“Well let’s see how well it does against, Scizor!” Jonathan said reaching out his Pokéball.

212ScizorWith a flash of red light, the metallic bug sprang from its Pokéball and stood beside Jonathan. Its metal claws clanged together.


“Intersting. A Scizor. This is an interesting mash-up,” Pryce said.

“Well it’s about to get a little bit more interesting, because I have this,” Jonathan held up his Scizorite which Gym Leader Bugsy had given him as a gift.

“With this I can Mega-Evolve my Scizor into Mega-Scizor,” Jonathan boasted proudly.

“Quite intereting,” Pryce said.

He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a very similar, marble like stone.

“I carry with me something very similar. This is a Glalite. It allows me to use a similar power to Mega-Evolve my Glalie into Mega Glalie,” Pryce said. “Now, Glalie, Mega Evolve!”

600px-362Glalie-Mega.pngPryce lifted the Glalite and it began to glow. Energy poured from the stone and began to swirl around Glalie as it began to change form. There was a flash of light and now Mega Glalie hovered in the air.

“Mega on Mega. I like the sound of that,” Jonathan said. “We’ll just see which one is better.”

Jonathan raised the Scizorite into the air.

“Scizor, Mega Evolve!”

Again there was a flash of light as the stone began to glow brighlty. Energy poured from the stone and surrounded Scizor, making its body glow and change forms. Its claws became larger and spikier. Its entire body was more heavily armored, but it looked sleeker and quicker.

212Scizor-Mega.pngNow both Pokémon had the power of Mega Evolution on their side.

“I think its finally time for this battle to begin,” Pryce said with a laugh. “Glalie, use Hail!”

Glalie opened its large mouth and produced a large chunk of ice energy which it shot up into the air. The ball of energy swirled into large black clouds which hung above the battlefield. Then small shards of ice began falling from the sky. Small bits of ice pelted Mega Scizor.

“A little bit of snow won’t hurt us. Scizor, get up close and use Bullet Punch!” Jonathan shouted.

Scizors wings began to flap with a buzzing sound and it took off across the ice with incredible speed. Within a blink of an eye, it was up in Glalie’s face. Then it unleashed a series of hits on Glalie, using its claws like metal boxing gloves. The claws slammed into Glalie over and over again.

“Glalie, use Ice Fang!” Pryce shouted.

Glalie shook off the hits and clamped down its large jaws on Mega Scizor. Its breath was freezing cold and ice began to build up around the bite marks on Scizor’s armor.

“Scizor, use X-Scissor!”

Scizor’s claws began to glow with a pale green light before breaking from the grasp of Glalie. It crossed its arms and then swung with both claws, colliding with its target in a flash of green energy. Both Pokémon were knocked back temporarily from the impact.

“Now Scizor, use Bullet Punch again!”

Again Scizor sprang into action with its incredible speed and was on top of Glalie.

“Glalie, use Protect!” Pryce shouted.

Before Scizor could make contact with its metal claws, a shiny barrier of light surrounded Glalie. Scizor again attacked with a series of punches, but these hit the barrier, doing no damage to Glalie.

“Glalie, use Blizzard!”

Glalie opened its large jaws once again and a torrent of wind and snow came from its mouth. The already cold Pokémon Gym grew colder as snow and ice made contact with Scizor. Scizor was knocked back on the ice, covered in snow and ice. It looked weary but still stood on its feet.

“Glalie, finish it off with Ice Fang!”

Glalie floated through the air and opened its large jaws once again. Ice was already beginning to form on its fangs as it neared Scizor.

“Scizor, dodge and use Bullet Punch!”

Scizor retaliated quickly by flying towards Glalie and meeting it halfway. As Glalie tried to clamp its jaws on it, it swiftly moved out of the way and then used the opportunity to attack. It slammed its metal claws into the back of Glalie over and over again. Glalie fell into the ice with a large crash, creating a frozen crater of cracked and broken glass. It laid there motionless. Then the Mega-energy drained from Glalie’s body as it laid there unable to battle anymore.

“Go Scizor!” Beatrice yelled from the stands.

Mega Scizor stood there looking very tired as the ice and snow continued to fall from the sky. It flew towards Jonathan and landed next to him.

“Very good Jonathan. It seems that Mega Scizor got the best of Mega Glalie this day, but it looks like it is about to feint itself,” Pryce said. “The combination of Mega Evolving and the constant barrage of hail is weakening it over time.”

Pryce was right. Mega Scizor looked worse off with every passing second it stood in the winter conditions.

“He’s right. You did enough for today Scizor, return to your Pokéball to rest,” Jonathan held out the Pokéball.

The Mega energy drained from Scizor’s body as its form returned to normal. Then it disappeared inside the Pokéball.

“That round goes to you, but I still have one more Pokémon for you to take on,” Pryce said. “Are you ready for the final round?”

“Absolutely,” Jonathan said.

“That’s the fighting spirit I love to see,” Pryce said with a smile. “Now, let’s go, Piloswine!”

600px-221Piloswine.pngThere was another flash of red light and a large, furry Pokémon emerged from Pryce’s Pokéball. It was a large mountain of brown fur with stubby legs and tusks protruding from its face. Jonathan couldn’t’ see any eyes, but he guessed it had them concealed by the fur.

“This is my most treasured Pokémon. Me and Piloswine go way back. Almost my entire life,” Pryce said.

“Piloswine!” It said as it rubbed up against Pryce.

“I also have a Pokémon I’m very close with,” Jonathan said. “I love all my Pokémon but this one was there since the very begging of my journey as a Pokémon trainer. Go Typhlosion!”

600px-157TyphlosionJonathan held up a Pokéball and there was a flash of red light. Typhlosion emerged from its Pokéball with a roar and the mane of fire around its neck grew in size.

“Hmmm….a Fire-Type like your Typhlosion certainly has the Type advantage over an Ice-Type like Piloswine, but this is an Ice-Type Gym after all. I do have some tricks up my sleeves,” Pryce said.

“I guess we better try and make this quick, then,” Jonathan said. “Typhlosion, use Flame Wheel!”

“Typhlosion!” It roared as fire began to swirl around its body.

Typhlosion then took off across the ice, charging at Piloswine, as the flames grew bigger and bigger around it, consuming Typhlsoion in an inforno.

“Piloswine, dodge it!” Pryce commanded.

Piloswine used its legs to kick off of a nearby ice-covered boulder and then slid across the ice. It slid out of the way of the oncoming danger as Typhlosion slammed into the boulder that was behind it. The fire turned to steam as it collided into the ice and melted some of the nearby ice, turning it into water.

Pryce let out a laugh.

“Your Typhlosion might be fast, but in this winter weather, Piloswine becomes harder to hit. Plus it can use the icy terrain to get around quickly. Like I said, this is an Ice-Type Gym.”

“You might have dodge it once, but you can’t keep running forever. Typhlosion, use Flame Wheel!”

Typhlosion located their target and then took off again, becoming consumed in the spiral of fire.

“Piloswine, slide away and escape!”

Piloswine pushed off of another nearby boulder and slid away from the oncoming fireball. Typhlosion slammed its body against the boulder as Piloswine slid away in safety.

“Now, use Fury Attack!” Pryce shouted.

Piloswine slid to a third ice-covered boulder and then rebounded off of it. It slid back towards the spot where Typhlosion now sat and slammed its body against Typhlosion. Piloswine attacked with a multitude of tusk attacks.

“Perfect,” Pryce said with glee.

“Typhlosion, Flamethrower!”

Typhlosion opened its mouth and unleashed a torrent of red hot fire, but Piloswine slid across the ice once again, dodging the fire.

“I just can’t hit it,” Jonathan yelled out in frustration.

“Come on, Jonathan. You can do it! Just switch up your strategy!” Beatrice yelled from the stands.

“Right. Right. I just need a new strategy. A way to throw Pryce off his game,” Jonathan said to himself.

“Let’s give Jonathan something else to think about,” Pryce said. “Piloswine, use Mud Bomb!”

Piloswine turned around and started to dig into the ice. It started to kick up shards of broken ice and snow before reaching a pocket of mud underneath. It started to dig and dig, kicking up more and more mud which coated Typhlosion’s body and face.

“Typhlosion, use Swift!” Jonathan shouted.

Typhlosion opened its mouth and a blast of energy erupted forth. It was a white light which formed star-like projectiles. They soared through the air and locked on to Piloswine before swooping in and striking Piloswine.

“Smart play using Swift. It’s an attack that never misses,” Pryce said. “Good job, Jonathan.”


“But that won’t be enough. Now Piloswine, use Blizzard!”

Piloswine shook off the previous attack and unleashed a blast of wintery weather from its mouth just like Glalie before it. The temperature dropped as Typhlosion was blasted with snow and ice.

“Typhlosion, use Flamethrower!”

Typhlosion’s flames around its necks grew bright as it unleashed a stream of fire towards Piloswine. The flames and the snow mixed together forming a ball of hot and cold in between them.

“Blizzard!” Pryce shouted.

“Flamethrower!” Jonathan shouted back.

Both Pokémon continued to attack, but it seemed like a stale mate. Typhlosion’s flames were being extinguished by the snow and Piloswine’s ice seemed to be melting by the fire.

Then JOnathan thought of an idea.

“Now, Typholosion, use Flame Wheel!”

Typhlosion redirected its flames and ran right through it the fire. The flames began swirling around Typhlosion’s body. It ran as quickly as it could across the ice. The flames seperated the icy wind as it slammed its body into Piloswine. There was a large erruption of fire across the battlefield and steam rose up from the icy surface of the Pokémon Gym.

When the steam cleared, Piloswine lay motionless at Pryce’s feet, unable to battle, while Typhlosion stood told with its flames still raging.

“Typhlosion!” It roared.

“Wooh!” Beatrice jumped up and down in the stands cheering for Typhlosion and Jonathan.

“Great job, Typhlosion!” Jonathan cheered as well.

Pryce raised his Pokéball and Piloswine dissapered inside it. Jonathan did the same and Typhlosion returned to its Pokéball.

“That was a great show,” Pryce said. “I am impressed by your prowess. With a strong will like that, I know you will be able to overcome all of life’s obstacles.”

“Thank you, Pryce,” Jonathan said.

“That was a thrilling battle which really gets the adrenaline pumping through the veins. Battles like that one are why I couldn’t retire. I just love it too much.”

“I agree with you there,” Jonathan said.

glacier badge.pngPryce reached into his coat and pulled out a metallic Gym Badge which resembled a snowflake.

“This here is the Glacier Badge. It symbolizes the icy conditions you overcame to defeat me,” Pryce explained.

“Thanks,” Jonathan said accepting the Glacier Badge.

“Now this is only the seventh Gym Badge you recieved. The last Gym Badge you need is in Blackthorn City, East of here. It will be no easy task to get. Clair is a powerful Dragon-Type Gym Leader that rivals some of the Indigo League Elite Four. To get there you must head East of here through the Ice Path. On the other side is Blackthorn City,” Pryce explained.

“More ice, huh?” Beatrice asked as she walked up to the two of them.

“Yes. And you might want to pick up an Ice-Type Pokémon while you are traveling through there. Dragon-Types are only weak to a few things: Ice-Types, Fairy-Types, and other Dragon-Types,” Pryce said. “No matter how you choose to approach the battle against Clair, I wish you luck.”

“Thank you again, Pryce,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan and Beatrice left the Mahogany Town Gym and immediately felt the difference in air temperature. It wasn’t very warm in town, but anything was warmer than the icy gym.

“I guess we better hurry along through the Ice Path,” Jonathan said.

“I might need some better winter clothes first,” Beatrice said.



Header Photo Credit to OldHat104 on DeviantArt

Glacier Badge Image Credit to Zexion21 on DeviantArt

All photos of Pokemon and related content used were taken from Bulbapedia

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