The Great Beyond

The edge of the town is the barrier between life and death.
For many people, it is just an invisible border,
But for people who live here,
That line is life and death.

People leave here driving down the road as fast as they can
And they never return.
They leave nothing but memories and dust clouds,
And the town in their rear view mirror.

They gather up their things and leave for other things.
Fame in California, government job in DC, or fortune in New York.
“Anywhere but here” they would say as they looked off towards the horizon.
“This place is filled with nothing but dirt and dead end dreams.”

Once they left and crossed that barrier, they were dead.
Gone to the great beyond.
Fallen off the edge of the world.
Nothing but a legend.

Did they wayward adventurers reach their goals?
Did they make it big and leave their past behind?
If they could escape the black hole of this small town, they could do anything.


Header Photo Credit to Odyssey Online

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