Spirit of Christmas

Lights hanging on the Christmas Tree.
A pile of wrapped gifts down below.

People stand on street corners and ring a bell.
They ask for donations and spread Christmas cheer.

Stomping through the snow with heavy boots.
Hot chocolate held between two hands to keep them warm.

People wrapped up in front of a fireplace with a good book.
They nibble on Christmas cookies and smile.

Children sledding down snowy hills and building snowmen.
Massive snowball fights break out between giant snow forts.

Carolers visiting the elderly and shut ins.
Sharing joy and happiness in the form of a song.

The Christmas Spirit visits us all in different ways.
Sometimes in song, sometimes in gifts, and sometimes in people being present.

It rings out with every sleigh bell, carol, or Ho Ho Ho.
It binds together as celebrate the Christmas Holiday.

The spirit excites the people finding the perfect gift for their loved ones.
And it lulls children to sleep as they dream of Santa Claus climbing down the chimney.

The Christmas Spirit brings us all together as we celebrate joy and peace.
Celebrate together and bring with you the Christmas Spirit wherever you go.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!



Header Photo Credit to We Hang Christmas Lights

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