Summer’s Descent

Stale heat on my face and stale air in my lungs.
Summer is casting long shadows across my face.
Sidewalks are baking and the sky is clear.
The sun is oppressing and fans are our only salvation.

The pool water is just as hot as the asphalt.
Cookies baking on the sidewalk.
Popsicles are puddles.
Ice cream has evaporated.

Even the nighttime air is full of heat.
The sun is gone, but the heat warms us from below.
The bugs flock to us like we’re their last meal.
Moths dance around us reflecting the light they crave.

Everyone is back from beach vacations.
Skin as red as apples beginning to grow on trees.
Everyone is talking about the adventures had
And now we’re just waiting for the air to get chilly.

Visions of fall dance in our heads.
Pumpkin patches, hay rides, warm apple cider.
It’s almost like an autumn oasis
on the edge of Autumn’s vision.

It’s time to wipe the sweat off your brow.
Put away the flip flops and beach towel.
Pick up your backpacks.
It’s time for Summer’s descent into Fall.


Header Photo Credit to NOAA Photo Library


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