Summer Love

We were told that summer love never lasts.
That it burns like a bonfire and cools in the fall.
We were just kids jumping into love.
Just kids jumping into a swimming pool hand in hand.

The summer heat fried our brains.
We couldn’t focus on anything else.
It was like heat stroke attacking our thoughts.
Melting our hearts.

It was strong and passionate.
But it was just summer love.
It wasn’t real love.
It wouldn’t last.

But the fire burning in our eyes and our hearts.
It kept burning even after the sun went down.
The leaves browned.
Our love didn’t dull.

I still feel that summer heat when I’m with you.
I remember back to the kisses on the beach.
To the camping trips with all the mosquitoes.
And to the fireworks lighting up our lives.

Summer love doesn’t last they say.
Well our love still burns like those beautiful summer days.
Even years later we still have that fire.
It’s trapped within our souls.


Header Photo Credit to Karcher-Photography on DeviantArt

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