Weekly Blog October 22nd, 2017: Autumn Weather

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I’m so glad it is Sunday once again. I don’t know about you, but I had a really busy week. Unfortunately this led to the new Pokemon Chapter being pushed back a week and this Weekly Blog post being published a little later than I wanted, but sometimes we have to roll with the punches. I don’t know if you as a viewer care so much about schedules and when things get published, but sometimes it really stresses me out. When I’m trying to get something published and it falls through or I just run out of time on the piece, I feel like I let the audience down. I mean I said I was going to publish a new chapter of Pokemon this week and it didn’t happen. I didn’t get a whole bunch of angry emails or anything, but I still felt bad because I didn’t meet that deadline. Going forward I’m going to try to be better about deadlines and publishing the stuff I said I’m going to publish. I believe a constant schedule and a steady flow of pieces being publish will help grow the community and better the experience for everyone. This is going to be my focus for the next few months going into 2018. It’s kind of crazy to think that October is coming to an end and then November will be here and then December. 2018 is not that far away. Anyway I’m glad you’re spending some time reading this week’s Weekly Blog. I really appreciate all the support through your views, likes, comments, and shares.

Now like I said, October is beginning to come to an end and we are fully into the Autumn season. For that reason I feel like I need to focus my Weekly Blog on a subject that I’ve wanted to do for a while now: Fall Weather. Now one reason I wanted to talk about the Fall or Autumn is because it is one of my favorite seasons (Spring being the other one). I love when the weather begins to grow colder, the leaves fall from the trees, and people break out their hoodies and jackets for the first time since March. Fall is the season of hayrides, pumpkin carving, campfires with friends, and dressing in comfy sweatshirts. There’s a nice cold and crisp feeling in the air without it being so cold that you have to deal with a foot of snow and negative degree windchill factors. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter and the winter weather for about a week. I love Fall weather all the time. Honestly, if there was a climate which was always Fall, I’d consider moving to it and forgetting about the other seasons. I even love when it rains during the Autumn months. I love the mix of leaves on the ground and rainfall. There’s just so much I love about the season.

Even though I love the season and love talking about it, there was one reason why I held off so long talking about it in a Weekly Blog. Around where I live, we haven’t really seen a lot of “Fall weather.” We’ve had mornings where it’s 50 degrees and cool, but then the sun comes out and it warms up to 60, 70, or even 80 degrees. That’s not Fall. That’s Summer weather. I want to pull out some blue jeans and a hoodie and wear them all day. I don’t want to wear shorts and a T shirt in October. There’s a time and place to wear that type of clothing and it’s called July. Finally the weather is beginning to cool off and we’re experiencing real Autumn weather. I’m getting to enjoy some Fall traditions and dress like it’s October and not June. Halloween is coming up in less than two weeks and I’m really hoping that we get some cool weather for it. I’ve experienced Halloweens where it’s almost freezing out there, and that’s too cold, but Halloween isn’t Halloween if it’s 70 degrees. Costumes can get really hot depending on what it is when it is that warm outside.

I know it seems like I’m complaining a lot about the weather and temperature and other things I can’t control, but it’s because I love seasons to be in their place so I can enjoy them fully. I want to enjoy Summer and then I want Summer to end so I can properly enjoy Fall. Sure I’d love if Fall lasted forever or if Spring lasted forever, but that’s my only exceptions. Summer needs to end so everyone can transition into Autumn and enjoy holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. There are just so many fun Fall activities I don’t really get to enjoy at any other time of the year and the weather being just right really helps me get into that Autumn mood. I just want to curl up with a good book and a cup of Hot Chocolate. I want to plan my Halloween costume while drinking some Apple Cider. I want to carve the pumpkin I picked myself from a pumpkin patch after getting off a hayride. All of those things sound amazing to me and I can’t wait to enjoy them all. Autumn is truly such a beautiful and special season to me and I just want to soak it all in as much as possible.

Well I hope you enjoyed that Weekly Blog all about Autumn and its wonderful weather. If you did like that Blog post, feel free to give it a like or leave a comment down below. Maybe you can tell me what season you like the best. If you are a big fan of Autumn, feel free to leave a comment about your favorite Fall memory or what Fall activity you look forward to most. As always, I really do appreciate all the support that comes from viewers new and old. It still blows me away that I’m writing something that people around the world are reading. Every time I get a notification that a person from Canada or China or Australia liked a post I wrote, it just blows me away. If you didn’t like today’s Blog or blogs aren’t really for you, feel free to check out the rest of the website. I also post Pokemon Fanfiction chapters, Creative Writing pieces based off of Writing Prompts, and other small pieces of Creative Writing like Haikus and Six-Word Memoirs. I’m sure you can find something you will enjoy, so just spend a little time on the website looking around. There are over 100 total pieces on the website, so hopefully you can find something to read.

Again thank you for all your support and I hope you have a fantastic week!



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  1. We have lost all hope for seasons in South California. It is an eternal summer over here with the occasional rain in mid July (wait what?!). Fall over here is like a slow cooker on low heat.

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