Weekly Blog October 3rd, 2021: October Update (2021)

Hello Internet!

I feel like I always start these Weekly Blogs by apologizing that it has been so long since I’ve published a Weekly Blog. Blogs went from weekly to monthly and then I didn’t put out a single Blog in September. But I’m here. This is a Weekly Blog and I want to use it to tell you all about what I’m planning for the month of October and the rest of 2021. This year has been a mess, but honestly I don’t feel too bad. There is still an ongoing pandemic and honestly I’ve just been so busy this past month. All of that said, I want to end the year strong and I want to make sure October is full of spooks and scares. October is always a fun month and I want to use it to make up for a shallow September. 

So what do I have planned for October? Well in general I have Weekly Blog topics lined up for October, so hopefully there will be WEEKLY Blogs again. There will continue to be new Poems released on Wednesdays. Now those really didn’t slow down much just because they are usually shorter and don’t take as much time to write. Honestly I’ve had a great time writing Poetry and I’m glad all of you have been reacting so positively to it. I’m also hoping to find some spooky Writing Prompts for the month and there will be more chapters of my Dungeons and Dragons inspired series. Additionally I’m also hoping to complete my Pokemon Fanfiction series in October. It was supposed to be a summer series but it has bled into a fall series. Either way I’m hoping to have it completed by the end of the month. Knowing my luck it will take me all the way to December. But I’m trying to look on the good side of things! If I do manage to complete my Pokemon series in October, I’m planning on bringing back Character Creation for November and December. Last thing I’ll say about October is that I have a tradition of making Two Word Horror Stories for Halloween and I’m planning on doing that again this year. I already have some ideas for stories.

Last thing I want to say is that I am very thankful for all of you, readers new and old. LIke I said this year has been a bit of a mess and September was double messy. No matter how little or much I publish, I have a great community of people who continue to read my stuff and support me. During this really chaotic year I’ve actually managed to expand the community and gain followers. We are actually close to reaching 800 Followers and within the next few months I should reach 700 Published Pieces. Both are big milestones and I share them with all of you. No matter if you’ve been a reader from the very beginning or you are a brand new reader, I appreciate you being here and all the support you give me. 

If you are new here or if you aren’t Following me here on WordPress, I highly recommend you do. That way you can be a part of this creative and positive community I’m trying to grow and expand. You will also see my stuff show up in your reader’s feed. You’ll know as soon as a new piece is published. You can also Follow me on Twitter. I don’t advertise my Twitter a lot but I do Tweet whenever a new piece is related. I also retweet a lot of awesome Critical Role and Pokemon art. 

I hope you all are excited for the month of October and I hope you enjoy the pieces I will publish in the upcoming months. 

Thank you again and I hope you all have a wonderful week!


Header Photo Credit to Pexels

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