Streetlight Escapades

They were safe for the time being. But it was not time to let their guard down. Slowly, Samuel opened the car door, trying his best to not make a sound. He looked both ways down the street. All he could see was…


…the flickering of the streetlights and the small shadows of moths crossing through the light.

“I think we lost them,” Samuel said letting out a deep sigh.

Andrea started snickering in the passenger seat.

“Wow, Samuel. I didn’t know you could drive over the speed limit,” She said.

Samuel glanced over at her with a stern expression.

“This isn’t funny, Andrea. This is very serious. We just broke into the school. We committed a crime!”

“I’m pretty sure the first rule of committing crimes is not admitting you committed the crime.”

“And you would know -”

“Why? Because I commit crimes? Is that what you think?” Andrea asked as she brought her face close to his.

“Uh…no,” Samuel said.

“That’s what I thought,” Andrea said returning to the her seat.

They sat their quiet for a moment. Samuel’s heart was still racing and his was still breathing hard. Andrea seemed a lot more relaxed as she laid her head against the passenger window.

Samuel glanced over at the clock radio on the dashboard.

“It’s 1 AM,” He said. “We need to get home.”

“Home? Really? The night is still young,” Andrea said.

“You have more plans for tonight? I thought the school was the target of your plan or whatever.”

“The school was just step one. I have three other places to hit tonight and we better hurry because ‘it’s 1 AM,” Andrea said switching to a mocking tone.

“The attitude isn’t helpful.”

“Whatever, Dad,” Andrea said.

Samuel put his head against the steering wheel.

“Why did I let you convince me to leave my bed? I was content just sleeping in my bed. Tomorrow is the college placement test and I should be getting a good’s night rest, but yet I’m here,” Samuel said.

“Oh my god. Do you ever stop complaining? I was in my bed. I have a big test. Sounds so boring.”

“My life isn’t boring.”

“Oh really? Well let me paint you a picture. You went to bed and you got up super early for your big test. You study hard and then go off and get the highest marks. You get a free ride to some east coast college where you meet Mrs. Boring and you fall in love. You join some uppity frat while she’s totally a sorority sis. You major in law and she majors in business. You both graduate with full honors and end up moving to some Midwestern suburb where you have two kids, a boy and a girl, and a golden retriever. White picket fence and everything. BOR-RING!”

“Some of that stuff sounds nice,” Samuel muttered underneath his breath.

“What are you saying?” Andrea asked as she looked over at him.

“Nothing. And what about you? Your life of crime. Where is that going to get you?”

“Well it won’t be boring,” Andrea said. “No picket fence or golden retriever for me.”

“I don’t think they let you have dogs in prison,” Samuel said.

“The only reason I would be in jail is because I’m running an empire of crime behind steel bars. The state would swear I was locked in jail, but really I would own the entire place from the other prisoners to the lunch ladies.”

“That’s what you want?”

Andrea shrugged her shoulders.

“Nah. That actually sounds pretty cliche. Plus I cannot do cafeteria style food. That stuff can used as cement.”

Samuel laughed with a snort and Andrea smiled.

They both began to laugh together.

“That’s the first time you smiled tonight,” Andrea noted.

“Well that was the first time where I wasn’t sneaking around and running for my life,” Samuel said.

“Yeah tonight has been pretty great,” Andrea said as she laid her head back against the seat.

“Yeah I guess it hasn’t been too bad all things considered.”

There was another brief moment of silence before Andrea spoke up.

“So, Mr. Boring, are you going to take me home or what? I wouldn’t want you sleepy for your test tomorrow.”

“Actually I think the night is pretty young. We probably have time for another adventure,” Samuel said.

Andrea’s face lit up.

“Woah, Mr. Boring. Are you sure? How are you going to get into law school if you don’t get up early to study?”

Samuel shrugged his shoulders.

“I hear it’s way more fun to run a crime empire. Plus I don’t really like golden retrievers.”

“Woah. Now you brought it too far. Golden retrievers transcend everything. They are universally loved!”

“Yeah you’re right about that,” Samuel said with a laugh. “So where are we going next?”

“Well we broke into a school. Guess we better up the ante and go visit the graveyard,” Andrea said.

“Are you serious? Visiting a graveyard. Isn’t that also a cliche?”

Andrea shrugged again.

“Some cliches I like, especially if they are spooky cliches! Now drive, Mr. Boring. We have a long night ahead of us,” Andrea said.

Samuel let out a sigh and put the car back into drive.

Samuel knew he should have been in bed a long time ago, but it’s not everyday that a strange girl shows up at your window and takes you on an adventure. He might regret all of this in the morning, but right now he was just trying to live in the moment and ride the coattails of Andrea. She was reckless and insane, but she definitely wasn’t boring.


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Writing Prompt comes from Piccadilly’s “Complete The Story”

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