Weekly Blog June 2nd, 2019: Outgrowing The High School Mentality

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I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I know this week starts Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ Community, so Happy Pride Month for all of those who are participating in it. I want to send well wishes to everyone who is a part of that community. I try to make this space inclusive to everyone, but if there is more I can do, please let me know. Either shoot me an email at allen.the.writer@gmail.com or comment down below. Now let’s talk quickly about the pieces that got published this past week so we can move onto the Weekly Blog’s main subject matter. Last Sunday, I published a Weekly Blog talking about Disappointing/Controversial TV Show Endings which including talking about Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother as well as shows with good endings like Avatar The Last Airbender and Breaking Bad. On Monday, I published a Special Weekly Blog discussing The Five Songs At The Top Of My Playlist. It had been almost a year since I last published a Weekly Blog discussing my favorite things and it just seemed right to talk about what songs are at the top of my playlist right now. On Wednesday, I published a Poem titled “Storm Giant” which is about powerful forces of nature like Tornado reimagined as a fearsome Storm Giant. There’s been a lot of severe weather across the US and it inspired me to write the Poem. Finally, on Friday, I published a Writing Prompt Piece titled “The Farmer’s Heir” which is about a child destined to overthrow the evil Emperor and the Emperor’s plan to make sure it actually happens. Go ahead and check out those pieces if you haven’t already!

Now I know a lot of you out there may or may not be graduating from college of high school. I actually have no idea what my demographics are here on WordPress. You all could be 100 years old for all I know, but anyway, with this Weekly Blog I wanted to talk about what happens after you graduate high school and people who get stuck in the high school state of mind or high school mentality. When you think of someone who is stuck in high school, the cliche is the former jock who was really popular in high school and possibly the star athlete who says things like “I wish I could go back to high school” or “high school was the best part of my life.” I feel like this is a cliche for a reason and you might even know someone like this. But I feel like there are another group of people who are stuck in the high school mentality that are thought about or talked about less often. There are people who still hold grudges from high school based on popularity levels while attending school. Maybe this comes in form of people who were popular in high school still looking down on people who were less popular or people who were not popular still hating the people who were popular in high school. This popularity class warfare seems to still linger long after people leave high school and graduate.

To me personally, I don’t really care about any of stuff that happened in high school. I have some good memories and some bad memories, but for the most part, I’ve moved past it. Very rarely do I think about the people I went to high school with minus the people who are still my close friends. I also feel like this attitude might come from the fact that in high school, I was neither the most popular or the least popular. I was somewhere in the middle where I had my main group of friends and was able to talk to people who were either more popular than me or less popular than me. (Even as I say this, it sounds really dumb that their’s a social hierarchy at all in high school and that is so important but oh well… that’s a systematic thing no one person can change.) I didn’t really get bullied or picked on and I didn’t make enemies to hold grudges against. Most stuff I was able to shake off and just keep on going. If you were badly bullied in high school, I can understand why you would hold grudges against your bullies. That makes sense and I don’t want to discount that, but depending on the situation, things like that matter less and less as time goes on.

That’s really the big take away here. High School seems really important while you are in it because it takes up a large part of your day basically everyday. You’re seeing the same people, attending the same classes, and dealing with the same situations. High School is all consuming. But as soon as you cross that stage and receive your diploma, very little of that matters. You have the chance to leave all of that behind you as you either go off to college or start your adult life in the workforce. Things like Prom, High School Football, and Final Exams don’t matter after high school. Sure there are people out there in communities that still trying to relive their high school glory days or try to create cliques of their own in the real world, but the actual events of your high school probably won’t matter. The further and further you get out of high school, the less and less it matters. Who cares who scored the final touchdown of the big game or who took who to Prom or how popular you were in high school. That really doesn’t matter. And that’s why I think more people should drop their high school mentality.

Bury the hatchets if you can and realize that the person you are today is not the same person you were in high school. That applies to you as well as the popular kids and unpopular kids. People change and you don’t have to hold on to all of that high school baggage. You can let it go and try again. Try being nice to that person who was not kind to you in high school. Maybe they worked through their issues and they’re cool now. Stepping away from high school and out into the real world really changes a lot. I know that if I met my high school self, I’d probably want to punch him in the face. But that happens for a lot people. Remember that high school is a period where you have a bunch of teenagers all trying to be cool, hyped up on hormones, who have very little life experience all at each other throats over the dumbest things. Dumb things you don’t have to care about anymore. Now if that person you talk to is s still a jerk, then you don’t have to keep on trying with them. Just realize that it might be worth a second chance. Again if you were majorly bullied by someone in high school or they were overly cruel or harassed you, that’s a completely different story. I don’t think you have to forgive your bullies. But maybe take a moment to think about if it is healthy or not to hold on to that grudge, especially if it’s been several years. You don’t need to forget, but maybe forgive. Just free up that space in your mind for more positive things and let yourself outgrow the high school mentality.

Thank you all for reading that Weekly Blog! I really  hoped you liked it and that it helped you in some way, especially if you are a recent high school graduate. If you liked that Weekly Blog feel free to give it a like or leave a comment down below. I’m not really sure what you should leave in the comments, but feel free to share some of your favorite high school memories or any other life advice that recent graduates (or even not-so-recent graduates) can learn from. If you really liked this Weekly Blog, you can Follow me here on WordPress if you don’t already and you can spend a moment checking out all of the other stuff I’ve published on the website. There are over 400 different published pieces ranging from Weekly Blogs and Poems to Writing Prompt Pieces and Fanfiction all covering a range of topics and genres. If you are a new reader, welcome. I hope you enjoy it here. Go ahead and spend some time on the website or you can start with the pieces I mentioned up above. Those will be my most recent pieces. No matter if you are a new viewer or old, I thank you so much for your viewership and all the love and support. It really means the world to me! So thank you again.

I hope you all have a fantastic week!



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