Bulletin Board: Follow Me on Twitter, Maybe? (5/19/19)

Hello Everyone!

No proper Weekly Blog today because as I write this, it’s currently 10 PM on Saturday and 1) I have to be up early tomorrow for work and 2) I’m way too tired to write out a proper Weekly Blog. I know I said that I was going to reduce the number of the “No new piece today” posts, but I figured it had been awhile since I published a Bulletin Board Post, so here it is! A new one all for you…and everyone else. Speaking of which, thank you all for all the new Followers here on WordPress! I appreciate all my readers, new and old, and love to see the community grow a little each day.

Speaking of which, there’s another place you can Follow Me. It’s Twitter. It’s not real life. Please do not stalk me. That is super, not cool! Anyway, find me @allenwriterblog. My Twitter feed automatically updates when a new piece gets published and I also Tweet stuff about Critical Role and Pokemon as well as share positive memes and really awesome pieces of art from super creative artists. Basically I’m suggesting that Twitter will help fill up the holes between new pieces getting published here on WordPress.

Ok so that’s enough. Follow or don’t. Either way, you’re still good in my book! Just thought I’d bring a little attention to it since I don’t always mention it in my Weekly Blogs.

Thank you again for all the love and support and I hope there will be a new, proper Weekly Blog next week!


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