Weekly Blog May 7th, 2017: Creativity

Hello Internet!

This week has been another busy one for me and I’m sure it was the same for you. We had two Weekly Blogs, a new Chapter of Pokémon Adventures, and a Writing Prompt piece which I, personally, thought it was great. I don’t like tooting my own horn or anything, but sometimes it is good as a creator and say, “Yeah, I did a good job with that.” Anyway, feel free to check out any of those pieces on the website, they should all be at the top. Or you can use the nifty search bar to find the exact piece you want. WordPress is cool like that.

Anyway, I wanted to talk to you guys about how creative people are and it is kind of sobering when I compare myself to other people. Like I said, it’s important for artists, writers, whoever to look at the stuff they make and take time to compliment it. If you always critique your work and point out how it could be made better, then it will never be done. You’ll spend your time trying to make it perfect over and over again until you’re frustrated with yourself or with the art or both. That’s not very healthy. But that attitude does seep into my mindset when I’m writing. Sometimes I really like how things turned out and I’m more than willing to share it with you guys. However, sometimes I don’t like the ending or I think it drags in the middle or it has some kind of problem with it. This results in me not being totally happy with it but I upload it anyway hoping it’s “good enough” for you guys or being totally unhappy with it and scrapping it. I try to keep my standards high, but I know that this one man army often lets grammatical errors, continuity errors, changes in tense, and even spelling errors fall through the cracks. I just hope that this doesn’t ruin the emerson or your reading experience and you continue to come back to the website.

Sorry jumped off on a bit of a tangent there, but I do want to segway to something more positive. That would be everyone else out there doing awesome stuff! Since I’ve had an influx of viewership from strangers on the internet, I’ve returned the favor by going to the different websites that people have on WordPress or other hosting sites. As a whole, I’ve been blown away by the creativity some people have. I’ve seen awesome poetry, short stories, photography, paintings, drawings, and so much more and it just blows my mind. Some of the stuff people produce is crazy to me. People are so creative and so artistic and make such fantastic stuff. I’m not going to give a shout out to anyone specifically, but I just want to say if you are new to WordPress, you should spend some time looking around and reading what people have put on here. There is some fantastic writing, fantastic worldbuilding, and a whole ocean filled with creativity on here.

I’ve also seen really amazing stuff while browsing Reddit. A lot of Reddit is dedicated to news, memes, communities talking about specific topics, and inside jokes, but there is also a lot of creative people on there making really awesome things. If you are new to Reddit or might not browse it often, I’d definitely recommend checking out both r/WritingPrompts and r/WorldBuilding. As you may know, I get sometimes get ideas for my Writing Prompt pieces from r/WritingPrompts and post them here on the website. For every piece I write, there are hundreds on the subreddit that are better written and dripping with creative juices. There are both really great writing prompts as well as responses to that prompt. I don’t upload there because I’m usually way behind timing wise and I’m not in it for the fake internet points, but great stuff does get upload there daily.

The other fantastic subreddit I’ve stumbled upon more recently is r/WorldBuilding which is another subreddit full of great people with original ideas. It is kind of self explanatory, but it is all about authors, writings, and other artists discussing the world they are building, the characters in that world, the history of the world, and the story that takes place in that universe. It ranges from science fiction worlds with distant bases on far away planets with a variety of alien races to Tolkienesque fantasy worlds full of magical beings and medieval quests and fantasy races and classes. This is another subreddit full of creativity and it is amazing to see what people come up with. There are pages and pages full of in depth description of fake history, character backgrounds, secret organizations, political drama, and everything else under the sun (or Nebula 98X). People also create all kinds of drawings, paintings, and digital sketches of their characters, landscapes, and so much more. I’m almost overwhelmed by all the creativity and insightfulness and imagination that some of these creators have. It honestly blows me away. I know that it probably seems like I’m rehashing the same point over and over, but I just want to get across about how gifted people are. There are some truly awesome artists out there creating stuff for the internet, and if you know where to look, you get the chance to take in some truly amazing pieces of art.

Now you might be thinking that I wrote up this piece as a way to fish for comments and compliments, but that is not the case. I did not write this to highlight my own stuff and honestly I don’t think the compliments I gave out even apply to me. If you think my stuff is that great, then I appreciate the compliment and I encourage you to check out the rest of the stuff on my website. I’ll never turn down some free views and an opportunity to expand my community here. I just took a notice to the great things other people were doing and I wanted to encourage all my readers to go check out some creative things on the internet.

Well I hope you enjoyed this piece and will take my advice to go find some creative people and wonderful art on the internet. I promise you won’t have to search for long. If you liked this feel free to like it, share it, or leave a comment. Also feel free to check out my Facebook page and Twitter page.

I hope you have a wonderful week!!


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