Pokémon Adventure #13: Battle with Kahuna Hala

All five of us walked together along Route 3 towards Iki Town. Professor Kukui and Captain Ilima were taking point. Kukui was rambling on and on about his Rockruff and all the new moves he was trying to teach it and Ilima was doing his best to listen. Kukui went on and on and on while Ilima looked like he was dying to get out of the conversation. Lillie was in the middle exchanging a few nervous looks with Ilima but neither of them said a thing. Hau and I were in the back of the group walking a few feet behind everyone else.

VS_Hau_SMI tapped him on the shoulder, “Hey Hau, are you ok?”

He smiled at me, “Me? Yeah I’m great!”

I gave him a look that indicated that I didn’t believe him.

“What’s with the look?”

“I saw that you were nervous. Battling your grandpa. That’s a pretty intimidating,” I said.

Hau dropped his grin, “Yeah a little bit.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked.

Hau shook his head.

“Well don’t worry,” I said. “I’m sure we’ll both be fine.”

“Yeah maybe,” Hau said.

I patted him on the shoulder trying to comfort him a little bit. He tried to give me a smile.

“Do you know what kind of Pokémon Kahuna Hala uses?” I asked.

“Actually the Professor might be able to help with that,” Captain Ilima said interrupting Professor Kukui.

“Huh what?” Professor Kukui looked around.

Hau and I walked up closer to the other three so we are all together.

“I had a question about the type of Pokémon Kahuna Hala uses in battle,” I said.

“Oh yes, I can help you with that!” Professor Kukui smiled. “Kahuna Hala is a trainer who can use Fighting-type Pokémon to the fullest.”

“Fighting-type Pokémon, huh.”

“Yes. Maybe you should think about using a Flying-type of Psychic-type in the battle,” Kukui said.

I look over at Hau, “That means that your Rowlett will be good in the battle.”

Hau nodded being filled with a little more confidence.

Eventually we made our way to the border of Iki Town. Kahuna Hala was standing at the town gate surrounded by a few different kids in all age ranges.

“-And that’s the first time I met Tapu Koko,” Kahuna Hala concluded his story and the children cheered and whispered to one another.

“Is that true?” One kid asked raising his hand.

“Don’t listen to this old man, he tells wise tales,” Professor Kukui approached the crowd.

“Professor Kukui,” Hala said and they hugged each other.

Hala then looked over Kukui’s shoulder and saw all of us approaching.

“Well look at that. We have Captian Ilima, Lillie, Alexis, and Hau,” Kahuna Hala said giving all of us a wave as we approached.

“Hello Hala,” I said.

“Hello Grandpa,” Hau said a little sheepishly.

“So if everyone is here, I’m guess that these two completed your trial,” Hala said directing his comment towards Ilima.

Captain Ilima gave a nod, “Yes, these two completed my trial. They are remarkable.”

Hala looked over to us, “Yes, they are.”

Hau looked down at his feet and I gave a small smile.

“Well, I know you guys are probably here for a battle,” Kahuna Hala. “But first, I’m getting pretty hungry.”

All five of us kind of looked at each other unsure what to say.

“Well it is about dinner time..” Lillie started.

“Exactly!” Kahuna Hala put his hands on his stomach. “Let’s go back to my house and I’ll whip up some dinner for us.”

“Sounds great,” Professor Kukui said.

We all kind of looked at each other. Kahuna Hala was already walking away and Professor Kukui was right beside him.

I look over at Hau and then to Ilima.

“Well I guess we should go,” Hau said and then started walking along.

Lillie, Ilima, and I started to walk towards Kukui and Hala.

We eventually made it to what is both Hala and Hau’s house. The house was about twice as large as my house. There was a large living room area when we first walked in. Hau showed us the rest of the house which included a large dining room area connected to a kitchen.

“Everyone, sit in the dining room! I’ll prepare some food,” Kakuna Hala said. “I make the best malasada.”

“We’re going to go upstairs,” Hau yelled from the living room.

“Ok, food will be ready in about 15 minutes,” Hala yelled back.

“Come on guys, let me show you my room,” Hau said.

Hau led Lillie and I upstairs from the living room. We passed a couple doors which Hau explained was Kahuna Hala’s room, a closet, the bathroom, and finally we arrived to Hau’s room. He opened the door and we walked in.

It was a bedroom similar to mine, but it was actually a lot neater than I expected. In the corner sat a bed, there was a desk with a computer. Several different Pokémon posters hung on the room. One had pictures of Rowlet, LItten, and Popplio. Another was a poster of the Pokémon Champion Red with a Charizard and Pikachu.

“So, this is my room,” Hau said with a smile.

“It’s very nice,” Lillie said.

“Yeah it’s surprisingly neat,” I said.

“Thanks,” Hau said with a laugh. “I spend most of my time outside so my room is mostly for sleeping.”

Hau sat in the computer chair at the desk. He motioned towards his bed and Lillie and I sat down on it bouncing a little. He spun the chair around to face us.

“So are you guys nervous for the battle?” Lillie asked.

Hau and I kind of exchanged nervous looks, but neither of us said anything initially.

“I think Hau might be a little bit more nervous compared to me,” I said.

Hau gave a sigh, “Yeah I’m really nervous. This is my own grandfather, you know? There’s extra pressure when it is your own family.”

Lillie nodded her head, “Yeah, I definitely get that.”

Lillie looked down at her shoes and her hand went to twirling her hair.

I guess I never thought about the fact that my mother was so supportive of me. She knew that the move would be hard on me since I was so excited about going up in Kanto, and she tried to make me comfortable. She attended the festival and saw my Pokémon battle and then continued to support me as I started my Island Challenge.

“Has Kahuna Hala been supportive of you being a Pokémon trainer?” I asked in a small voice.

“Yeah he’s always been really excited about me getting my first Pokémon and starting the Island Challenge. He raised me since I was really young and for as long as I remember, he was the Melemele Kahuna. The pressure not only comes from him putting expectations on me, but I also feel this additional pressure from everyone else. I have to be this great trainer because my Grandpa is the Kahuna. What if I can’t beat him in this battle? What will people say?” Hau said.

“You’re a great trainer, Hau,” I said. “Plus you seem like you care for your Pokémon more than anyone I know.”

Hau gave a small smile, “Thanks, Alexis. You’re an amazing trainer as well. You already evolved your Litten into a Torracat. That’s really impressive.”

“Yeah but you had a Pikachu before I did,” I complimented him back. “We’ll have to see who has the better Pikachu.”

“Yeah we will,” Hau said with a small laugh. His smile looked genuine now.

There was a small knock on the door. Captain Ilima stood in the doorway.

“I don’t mean to break up the party, but food is ready downstairs,” Ilima said.

“Ok thanks,” Hau said standing up.

We all got up and followed Ilima downstairs to the dining room. There both Kahuna Hala and Professor Kukui were sitting at the table. The dining room table was covered in several platters of berries and other fruits as well as a platter of malasada.

“Well, feel free to dig in!” Kahuna Hala said as we all took a seat at the table.

All six of us piled berries, fruit, and malasada on our plates and began chowing down on the food. There was a lot of conversation between all of us talking about the adventure we’ve been on. We talked about Captain Ilima’s trial, the battles with Team Skull, saving the Oricorio, and finally our journey here.

Kahuna Hala’s interest peaked surrounding the conversation about Team Skull. “This Team Skull group has been showing up on my radar a lot recently. I have heard about their crimes in Hau’oli City and your comments confirms that Team Skull is not just a bunch of ruffians. They seem to have some kind of organization.”

“Similar to Team Rocket in the Kanto and Johto regions?” I asked.

“I have heard of the crime organization of Team Rocket and their deep roots. Hopefully Team Skull isn’t as well equipped or evasive. However, I do think that its possible Team Skull has some kind of leadership as well as organization,” Kahuna Hala said.

“I believe that all Captains and Island Kahunas will have to work together to put an end to Team Skull,” Captain Ilima said.

“Yes I do believe that all of Alola will need to be on high alert,” Hala said.

“How bad can they be if these two can take them down,” Professor Kukui said gesturing to Hau and Me.

“We took out low level grunts,” I said. “The woman in the Melemele Meadow was a little bit more difficult. I defeated her but she still might be a low level person. Whoever is in charge will be a much harder challenge.”

“That is good insight, Alexis,” Hala said.

“Speaking of these great trainers,” Captain Ilima said.

“Yes, yes, I guess we should get on with our battle,” Kahuna Hala laughed clutching his stomach.

I looked over at Hau who had a nervous smile on his face and then I turned to Kahuna Hala, “I think we’re ready.”

“Glad to hear it!” He said with a smile.

We took a few moments to clean up the dishes and put away any of the extra food. There was a little bit of conversation between our group, but Hau and I were mostly silent. I’m sure both of us felt the nervousness before the battle.

Eventually the group of us left the house just as the sun was beginning to set. We made our way from the house towards the center of Iki Town near the wooden stage where I first received Litten. This the platform which signifies the beginning of so many people’s start as a Pokémon Trainers, and now it was going to be the location of my first Kahuna battle. The first big hurdle on my path to complete the Island Challenge.

Kahuna Hala walked up on the wooden stage, “So, who wants to go first?”

Hau and I exchanged looks for a second. I guess we hadn’t discussed that. I felt like Hau should go first because this means a lot more to him because of the circumstances, but maybe he wanted me to go first.

“Hau, you should go first,” I said.

“No, Alexis. You go,” Hau replied.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I want you to go first.”

I nodded, “Ok.”

I turned to Kahuna Hala, “I guess I’m up first.”

He smiled, “Excellent! Come forward challenger and we will start our battle.”

I walked around the side and took my place on the other end of the stage.

Hala then began speaking in a loud announcer voice, “Allow me to properly greet the young adventurers embarking on their island challenge. I am Hala, the Kahuna of Melemele Island. The first trial here on Melemele Island will be a Pokémon battle against me. It is known as the Grand Trial.”

As Hala spoke a crowd of people began to gather around and the lights in the village turned on replacing the natural light of the Sun.

“Well Alexis,” He said turning his attention from the crowd, to me, “You have been entrusted with the Sparkling Stone by Tapu Koko. You have started this journey alongside Litten and you have completed the Verdant Cavern trial. Now show me you and your Pokémon’s full power. I figured a one-on-one battle will be sufficient.”

I gave a nod.

“Old Hala here will also be going all out! Let the Grand Trial begin!” He finished.

I reached down and drew my Pokéball.

250px-726torracat“Go, Smokey!”

I tossed the ball into the air and there was a red flash revealing Torracat.
“Torra! Torracat!”

“Your Litten evolved into a Torracat already. That’s quite impressive, Alexis,” Kahuna Hala said.

“Ummm…thanks,” I replied not being used to getting compliments during a Pokémon battle.

“Now it’s my turn! Go Makuhita!”250px-296makuhita

Hala tossed his Pokéball and in a red flash sat the Makuhita. I’ve always heard that there’s a resemblance between the trainer and their Pokémon, but it took seeing Hala with his Makuhita to believe it.

Standing before me on the stage was a small, rotund, yellow and black Pokémon that looked like a miniature sumo wrestler. It had black on its hands that kind of resembled punching gloves and it looked like it had a yellow bandana tied up behind its head.

“Makuhita!” Its arms swayed back and forth as it prepared itself for battle.

“Makuhita, use Fake Out!”

Makuhita jumped forward with speed I was not expecting from him and made contact with Smokey hitting him with both his fists. Smokey looked startled and completely knocked off balance.

“Makuhita, use Sand Attack!”

Makuhita bent down and collected some sand off the stage and threw it with surprising speed. The cloud of sand hit Smokey in the face and it closed its eyes.


“Smokey!” I called out to it.

I was already in big trouble and I was only a couple seconds into the battle. I underestimated Makuhita from the beginning. It had been able to completely screw my strategy up with one Fake Out and then blinded it with a Sand Attack.

“Makuhita, Sand Attack again!”

Makuhita picked up another handful of sand and it hit Smokey again with a cloud of sand.

I shook my head. I had to get back into this or it was going to be embarrassing.

“Smokey! Use Fire Fang!”

Torracat tried to shake the sand off its face and off its fur. It opened its mouth a little revealing a mouth full of fire and leaped towards Makuhita.

“Dodge it!” Kahuna Hala said.

Makuhita seemed to jump forward and roll into a ball as it dodged out of the way and then sprang up onto its feet. Smokey did not have the best accuracy because of the sand and it misjudged its landing. Felines have the tendency to land on their feet, but Smokey was not that lucky. It landed on its front two paws and then fell forward landing first on its face and then on its back.

Smokey rolled over and got to its feet. It looked shaky and confused.

“Makuhita, use Arm Thrust!”

Makuhita moved towards Smokey and then unleashed a barrage of fists striking Smokey all over its body.

Smokey fell in a heap.

“Smokey!” I yelled out.

“Makuhita, give it some space!” Kahuna Hala said.

Makuhita jumped back putting some space between it and Torracat.

“Alexis, is it over?” Hala asked.

I looked over at Smokey who was hurt and then over to Makuhita who was untouched by my attacks.

“I…I…” I was about to give up and then Smokey began to rise to its feet.

“Torra. Torracat.” Smokey had a determined look in its eyes. He wasn’t ready to give up.

“I…I know we’re going to win this!” I said regaining confidence.

Kahuna Hala gave a big belly laugh, “I’m glad to hear it. Makuhita and I love challenges.”


Smokey got back to its feet wobbling a little on its four paws.


“Let’s get back into this!” Hala said. “Makuhita, use Arm Thrust!”

“Dodge it, Smokey!” I yelled.

Makuhita jumped forward and unleashed a flurry of punches. Fortunately, Smokey was able to leap out of the way and Makuhita’s punches connected with the stage instead of Smokey.

“Smokey, use Fire Fang!”

Smokey leapt forward with its teeth bared and a mouth full of fire and it clamped its jaws onto the arm of Makuhita.

“Maku!” Makuhita screamed out as fire encased its arm.

“Makuhita, use Sand Attack!”

Makuhita reached down and grabbed a handful of sand. It threw the sand directly into Smokey’s face. The cloud of sand blinded both Makuhita and Smokey, but Smokey released Makuhita allowing it to retreat.

“Smokey, use Ember!”

Smokey unleashed a ball of fire which streaked towards Makuhita but because of the decreased accuracy, the fireball missed the Makuhita soaring overhead.

“Makuhita, use Arm Thrust!”

Makuhita unleased another flurry of punches but all of them missed Smokey, striking the stage again. That dust cloud really messed up both Pokémon’s accuracy.

“Come on Smokey, use Ember!”

“Makuhita use Arm Thrust!”

Makuhita jumped into the air a few feet overhead of Smokey. It prepared its fist getting ready for the impact. Instead it was met with a large ball of fire emanating from the small bell that hangs around Smokey’s neck. Smokey unleased a blast of fire which struck Makuhita directly. It was knocked back, out the air, and landed on its back with a loud thud.

Makuhita laid there as the cloud of smoke, dust, and sand dissipated and it was revealed that Makuhita laid their motionless. It was unable to battle.

I yelled with glee and jumped up and down. “Smokey! We did it!”

I ran forward and gave Smokey the biggest hug, probably squeezing a little too tightly.

“Torra!” I could hear Smokey purring with delight and it gave me a little lick on the face.

Kahuna Hala opened his Pokéball and Makuhita disappeared in flash of red energy.

“Whoa! Well played, Alexis! That was quite a comeback,” Kahuna Hala said.

“Thank you sir,” I said looking up at him.

“The results come as no surprise to me. You are a fine trainer and you have fine Pokémon as well. You are strong and resourceful and that what being a great trainer is all about,” Hala smiled.

“Thank you,” I said again. “That means a lot to me.”

“Well now that you have completed the Great Trial, I believe we have another challenger,” Hala said.

There were murmurs from the crowd and applause as I stepped off the stage with Smokey. Lillie and Professor Kukui greeted me.

“You did great!” Lillie said.

“Thanks Lillie,” I said with a smile.

“Great job, Alexis. You’re moves were amazing!”

“Thanks Professor,” I said.

Hau stepped up from behind Kukui and Lillie. “You did a great job.”

“Thanks Hau,” I said. “Don’t worry. You’re going to do great as well.”

Hau gave a small nod and then passed me as he walked up on stage.

Kahuna Hala turned to the crowd once again, “Our second challenger for the Grand Trial is a trainer born and raised on Melemele Island. The very grandson of yours truly. A young trainer that is full of heart and always quick to help.”

There was applause from the crowd and I yelled, “Go Hau!”

Hala placed his hands on Hau’s shoulder and whispered something into his ear. Probably something similar to what Hala had told me before the battle. I could see that Hau’s eyes were beginning to tear up as Hala’s little speech continued. It was longer than mine but I couldn’t make out what Hala was saying.

Eventually Hala hugged Hau and then returned to his place on the stage.

“Now the same rules will apply to this battle,” Hala said. “It will be a one-on-one battle with no switching. And don’t think I’ll go easy on you because you’re my grandson. You have to earn it.”

Hau gave a nod wiping tears from his eyes.

“Let’s begin,” Kahuna Hala said pulling out a Pokéball and tossing it in the air.

crabrawlerThere was a flash of red light and standing there was a Pokémon I had a recent encounter with. It was a Crabrawler. It was a purple and blue crustacean Pokémon with large, blue claws resembling punching gloves.


Lillie tugged on my shirt, “You battled one of those?”

“Yeah it was when I was battling alongside the wild Oricorio,” I whispered.

“Go, Rowlet!” Hau said tossing his Pokéball.

250px-722rowletAnother red flash revealed the small, grass owl with a fancy bowtie.

“Rowlet!” It flapped its wings and took to the sky.

Kahuna Hala smiled, “Crabrawler, use Leer.”

Crabrawler’s eyes seemed to glow a little bit and it starred down Rowlet.

“Rowlet! Use Leafage!” Hau yelled.

Rowlet unleashed a barrage of leaves from its wings that struck Crabrawler. It seemed to be able to shake it off without much damage.

“Crabrawler, use Pursuit!”

Crabrawler crouched down and then launched itself upwards towards Rowlet. It struck out with its right fist and the hit sent Rowlet tumbling to the ground.

“Rowlet!” Hau yelled.

Before Rowlet hit the ground, it was able to flap its wings and keep itself in the air. It flew by almost scraping the stage with its body and then took the air again.

“Rowlet, go in close and use Peck!”

Rowlet did a dive back towards Crabrawler with its beak extended.

“Dodge it, Crabrawler!” Kahuna Hala said. “Then use Pursuit!”

Crabrawler jumped out of the way of Rowlet’s dive. As Rowlet passed by it launched out with its left fist smacking into Rowlet and knocking it to the ground. Rowlet hit the ground with a loud thud and rolled a little near the feet of Hau.

Hau looked as frustrated as I did. He wasn’t getting much headway and Hala’s Pokémon packed a lot of punch into their attacks.

Rowlet was able to get itself to its feet. Two Pursuit attacks didn’t seem to be that powerful, but Rowlet was still looking in rough shape.

“Rowlet, take to the sky!” Hau yelled.

Rowlet began flapping its wings and then took off soaring higher and higher as it circled the stage. Crabrawler kept trying to follow it with its eyes.

“Swoop down and use Peck!”

Rowlet dived down and this time managed to make contact with its beak on Crabrawler. Then it took back to the sky out of the reach of the Crabrawler.


It was a pretty good strategy. Rowlet had the type advantage of being a flying type with Peck in its arsenal. The Crabrawler had no long-range moves so as long as Rowlet stayed out of its punching range, there was no way Crabrawler could inflict damage. The only thing that made it full proof is that Rowlet had to get close to use Peck which brought it in range of Crabrawler’s claws.

“Rowlet, Peck again!”

“Crabrawler, use Pursuit!”

Rowlet swooped down for another Peck attack and hit Crabrawler again, but this time it seemed to learn. After it got hit with the Peck, Crabralwer reached out and struck Rowlet as it tried to get away.

Rowlet hit the stage once again and rolled to a stop.

“Now it’s time to show off, Crabralwer’s true potential!” Kahuna Hala yelled. “Use Z-power!”

Hala’s wrist began to glow with energy which I concluded was coming from a Z-Ring on his wrist. Crabrawler then began to glow with orange energy that lit up the stage area.

screen2bshot2b2016-11-302bat2b7-26-422bpm“Crabrawler! Use All-Out Pummeling!!”

Crabrawler launched itself forward towards Rowlet landing beside it. Then it launched out a furry of fists coated in the orange light. The fists moved so fast they were just a blur of orange striking against Rowlet and this release of energy set dirt and sand flying.

Eventually the orange light faded and the dust began to settle. Crabrawler stood there looking triumphant as Rowlet laid there.

“Rowlet!” Hau yelled out.

Lillie and I gasped at the same time. Rowlet was looking real rough but it managed to get to its feet. The only thing that saved it was that it’s a Flying Type and All-Out Pummeling is a Fighting Z-Move.

Ash_Rowlet_Breakneck_Blitz.png“Now it’s our turn!” Hau said with a sense of seriousness. The Z-Ring on Hau’s arm began to glow.

“Rowlet! Use Breakneck Blitz!” Hau yelled.

Rowlet began glowing with a pulsing white light similar to the light that was covering Crabrawler which I knew was Z-Energy. As Rowlet was engulfed in the white light, it launched itself forward slamming into Crabralwer and it launched them back towards Kahuna Hala. There was another explosion of energy and when everything died down, Rowlet was sitting there on Crabrawler’s chest. Crabrawler laid there not moving and its eyes were swirls.

Hau fell to his knees with exhaustion. Rowlet saw that and then flew over to Hau who gave it a big hug. The crowd starting cheering and Lillie and I cheered the loudest.

“Congratulations Hau,” Kahuna Hala said lifting Hau up onto his feet. “That was an amazing battle. I thought I had you there, but it seems like your Pokémon bested mine.”

Lillie, Professor Kukui, and I all ran up on stage and practically tackled Hau. We were so excited for Hau. It was an amazing battle that had two different Z-moves involved and Hau did something he didn’t think he would be able to do. Defeat his grandfather in a Pokémon Battle and complete the first Grand Trial.

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