Pokemon Adventures #12: Return to Melemele Meadow

All three of us made our way towards the Pokémon Center with the injured Oricorio in my arms. Hau and Lillie were right behind me. We rushed through the doorway and up towards the nurse stationed at the Pokémon Center.

“Miss, please help,” I said laying the Oricorio on the nurse’s desk. “It is an emergency! This Oricorio is hurt.”

The nurse nodded her head, “Don’t worry. We can help.”

The nurse picked up the Oricorio and coddled it and ran through the doors behind her. Another nurse took her place at the front of the desk.

She tried her best to calm me, “It’s going to be ok. This is what we do.”

I was still upset but my exhaustion seemed to take over. My knees buckled and I fell over. I almost hit the floor before Lillie and Hau caught me.

“Woah woah woah,” Hau said. “You are not alright.”

“I’m fine,” I said my head spinning.

“No you’re not. You’re exhausted and you need to sleep,” Lillie said. “I’m a bit tired too. We should sleep.”

“Alright,” I said and they both helped me to my feet.

The nurse had ran over to see if I was ok.

“She just needs some sleep, she’s exhausted,” Lillie said.

“Well there is a hotel next door where people can stay while their Pokémon heal up,” The nurse explained to us, “Why don’t you go there and rest up.”

“Yeah,” I mumbled.


After that I don’t remember much but I assume we went next door and got a room, because the next thing I remember was that I woke up in a strange bed in a strange room. This room was similar to the rooms we had stayed in before as we traveled around Melemele Island. It was a small bedroom with two beds.

200px-789cosmogI look over and Lillie was sitting on her bed. Nebbie was bouncing around on the bed. Lillie was eating a sandwich tearing off little bites and then popping them into her mouth. Every few times she would rip off a bit and toss it to Nebbie who gladly ate it.

“Good morning!” Lillie said with a laugh.

I slowly sat up still feeling a little bit groggy, “Good morning. What time is it?”

“About 2 pm,” she said. “I thought I’d just let you sleep and eventually we’d go back to the Pokémon Center. Then we can go back to Melemele Meadow.”

“Yeah that’s a good idea,” I rub my eyes. “I think there’s a next step to this whole island challenge thing.”

“Yeah, maybe you need to talk to Ilima about that.”

“Right. Right. Ok your plan sounds good.”

I pulled off the blankets and noticed I was still wearing the dirty and sandy clothes that I was wearing before.

“Maybe I should shower and change clothes,” I said with a small laugh.

“Yeah sounds good,” she smiled.

I took a quick shower washing out all the dirt, pollen, and sand out of my hair and off my body. I then dried off and then through on some of the clothes I bought. I wore the green and yellow tank top and green shorts. Lillie and I got our stuff together and headed next door to check on the Oricorio.

“Hello,” the same nurse greeted us. “I’m glad you guys are back. You look a lot better. The rest did you well.”

“Thanks,” I said not sure if that was a compliment or an insult.

“The Oricorio you brought in is doing just fine. At first it seemed distraught we were handling it, but now it is sleeping.”

“Wonderful,” I said. “Can we see it?”

“Of course,” She said with a smile. “I’ll bring it out to you.”

Very quickly she went through the double doors behind her and then she emerged oricorio-pom-pomholding a small, yellow avian Pokémon.

“Ori?” The Oricorio stretched and yawned. Its eyes blinking awake.

I pulled out my Pokéball and with a red flash, Storm was by my side.

“Pika?” Storm yawned and stretched. She shook her head.

The nurse set down the Oricorio next to Storm.

“Ori. Oricorio.”

“Pika. Pikachu!”

The two seemed to reconnect with one another and little sparks of electricity jumped from Storm’s cheeks to the Oricorio.

“How adorable,” The nurse said kneeling down to observe Oricorio and Pikachu.

“Yeah they became good friends before fighting together in battle,” I explained.


“Are you going to take it with us?” Lillie asked me.

I looked down at the Oricorio. “Well I already have an electric type, plus I think that Oricorio likes Melemele Meadow.”

I kneel down to the Oricorio.

“Do you want to go back to Melemele Meadow or do you want to go with me and Storm?” I asked it.


“Do you speak Pokémon?” Lillie asked.

“No I don’t,” I said. Then I turned back to Oricorio. “Do you want to go back to Melemele Meadow?”

“Ori! Ori!”

The Oricorio jumped up and down.

“Ok that’s settled,” I said. “Let’s go back to Melemele Meadow.”

“Should we find, Hau?” Lillie asked.

“Right!” I turned to the nurse as she started to walk away. “Excuse me, did you see a boy with greenish hair, probably wearing a black shirt and yellow shorts?”

230px-oak_letter“Actually yes, he left a note here, I almost forgot,” The nurse said handing me a small envelope.

I opened it and read out loud:

I went on ahead to Melemele Meadow. I’ll meet you there.


“He’s already got a head’s start on us,” Lillie said.

“Yeah we better hurry then,” I said.

I picked up Storm and put her back on my shoulder. Then I reached down to pick up the Oricorio. It seemed unsure at first, but eventually it let me pick it up and put it on my other shoulder.

“That looks confortable,” Lillie giggled.

“Yeah it’s not as bad as it looks,” I said with a smile.


“Ori! Ori!”

Lillie and I made our way towards Melemele Meadow going up Route 3. I had walked this before, but it was the dead of night. Now I could see the rocky terrain in more details. There were a few people walking along Route 3 as well. There was a small grassy terrain to the west of the rocky path and there were two Pokémon trainers having a battle. One trainer was using a Rowlet and the other used Spearow.

I walked slightly ahead of Lillie climbing the increasing incline making sure to hold on to both Storm and the Oricorio. I also reached back from time to time to help Lillie transverse this terrain.

“How did we manage to climb this before?” Lillie asked breathing heavy.

“I think the adrenaline was pumping before,” I said with a laugh.

“Yeah that’s true.”

Eventually we made it the top of the island, just outside of the Melemele Meadow. Standing outside the cavern was Hau, Professor Kukui, Captain Ilima, and a few police officers. They waved us over and we walked up to them.

“You look a lot better,” Hau said.

“Thanks Hau,” I said. “I’ll take that as a compliment.”

“It was definitely meant as a compliment,” He said.

“How are you feeling?” Ilima asked me.

“I’m feeling a lot better. The sleep definitely helped.”

“Very good to hear,” Professor Kukui said.

“Ori! Ori!”

The Oricorio jumped up and down on my shoulder.

“Right,” I said remembering there was an avian Pokémon on my shoulder. “We need to get you back home.”

I looked up at everyone and met their gazes.

“Is it alright if I go in there?” I asked.

The Police Officer standing nearby looked at me and gave a slight nod, “Yeah we’re wrapping up in there. Just don’t cross any yellow tape.”

“Ok.” I nodded and entered the cavern.

The Oricorio jumped off my shoulder and landed on the rocky surface of the cavern. Storm then did the same landing next to the Oricorio.

“Ori! Oricorio.”

“Pika! Pikachu.”

I knelt down to the Pokémon, “Well I’m glad you’re alright and I am grateful that you helped us in battle. We owe you a lot.”


I looked over to Storm who also had a bit of a puzzled face.

I patted the Oricorio on the top of its head, “Thank you.”

The Oricorio flinched a little bit but let it happen. It then turned to Storm and did a little dance.

“Ori. Ori.”


Storm gave it a little nod and then the Oricorio turned around and wandered into the flowers with a small wave.

spr_6o_025_cI picked up Storm and gave her a big hug.

Storm was a little startled and surprised but fully supported the embrace.


“You’ve been great, Storm. I’m so glad you’re adventuring with me,” I said.

“Pika. Pika.”

Storm nuzzled up to me and little sparks of electricity jumped off her cheeks and my hair began to stand up a little bit.

“Ok we better head back and make sure everyone is doing fine,” I said and Storm gave a nod.

We walked out of the Melemele Meadow leaving the flowers behind and emerged to see that the police officers had left but everyone else was still standing around conversing.

“Alexis!” Professor Kukui said. “I’m glad you’re back.”

“Well thanks,” I said with a little laugh.

“Professor, tell Alexis what you were telling me,” Hau said.

“Right, I’m sure you want to hear this too,” Professor Kukui said. “Since you and Hau were both able to defeat the Totem Pokémon and complete Ilima’s trial –”

Ilima gave a little nod.

“- the next step is that you must take on the Island Kahuna,” Professor Kukui continued.

“I think Ilima said something about that already,” I said.

“Yes I did,” Ilima stepped forward a bit. “Now that you have defeated the island Captains AKA Me, you must now take on the Island Kahuna.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing what moves you and your Pokémon will pour your soul into, now that you’ve gone and cleared your first trial,” Professor Kukui said.

Lillie chimed in, “It’s true. I’m not a trainer, but I have seen how much you and Hau have grown since we first met. I don’t know exactly how hard it’s been for you two, but you two seem to be able to do anything to set your mind to.”

Hau grinned widely, “Thanks Lillie.”

“Yeah thanks, Lillie,” I chimed in.

“You guys deserve it, it’s a great accomplishment to complete even the first trial,” Ilima said. “A lot of trainers don’t even get that far.”

Hau and I both nodded.

“So we are heading towards Iki Town, right?” I asked.

“Correct!” Professor Kukui said. “I thought that we’d all go there together and then you two can challenge Kahuna Hala.”

I glanced over towards Hau who looked nervous. As soon as he saw me and our eyes met, his expression changed to happiness.

I turned towards Professor Kukui,”Ok let’s head towards Iki Town.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Ilima said. “If we follow along Route 3, we will eventually emerge on the other side of Iki Town.”

We all nodded and we started our way towards Iki Town.

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