May Haikus

May is a strange month, It is hot, but also Spring, We had snow last week.   Summer vacation, All the kids are out of school, I still have to work.   College Graduate, Going out to find a job, Hope you find one soon.   Avengers is out, Then Deadpool and Han Solo, I... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Taxi Cab Ride

Prompt: "There's an urban legend that's been circulating for years about a taxi cab that doesn't take you where you want to go, but where you need to go. One night you step into this cab."   Sometimes things have a funny way of working out. Not how you planned it, but working out another... Continue Reading →

Sitting Around A Campfire

Sitting underneath a starry sky. Surrounded by the sound of crickets and the lonely owl. The smell of smoke and the crackling of the fire. Your eyes locked with the dancing flames. The fire consumes the wood in beautiful combustion. The plant fibers grow black and fall as ash. The smoke rises up above you.... Continue Reading →

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