Bulletin Board: New Milestones and Accomplishments

Hello Internet!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! I noticed that we got an uptick in new followers and viewers this week, so if you’re new here, let me quickly explain what these Bulletin Board posts are all about. Basically, Bulletin Board posts act as mini-Blogs where I can talk about the behind the scenes things (like changes to the website) as well as a space for conversation among you, the reader. This is a community space where I get to talk to you as well as a place for me to dump information about the website. In the past I’ve used Bulletin Board posts to talk about changes and additions to the website, talk about accomplishments and achievements, as well as tell you if pieces are delayed or if I’m not posting stuff for the week. Hopefully that all makes sense, but if you have any questions, comments, complaints, anything, leave that down in the comments and I will get to them!

Now I want to use this Bulletin Board post to talk about recent milestones and accomplishments here on the website (hence the title of the post). First I want to thank everyone, new and old, for the love this week! This week’s Weekly Blog was really personal and a little bit more “real” and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. I hope it helped someone or gave you a new perspective on things. I realize that I’m not some massive celebrity with tons of influence, but hopefully the positive atmosphere of the website helps you every time you come back to it.

Secondly I want to say Thank You for pushing the website over the 200 follower mark.
(See thing below)


The recent surge in views, likes, and followers helped boost us to over 200 Followers. At the time this is written, we have 205 followers! Thank you again for following this website and reading my stuff. Everyday it blows me away that people across the United States and across the world read my stuff and like it. I’ll see notifications from Romania, China, India, and Germany and it will just blow my mind. I guess the internet is a magical place. Anyway, no matter if you’ve been reading my stuff since day one (shout out to my Mom) or if you’ve just started reading this week, I appreciate your support.

Speaking of support, your views, likes, follows and everything else has lead the website to reach another milestone. This isn’t an official milestone set by WordPress, but I still believe it’s an important one. This week we surpassed last year’s numbers in terms of  views, visitors, and likes. To put it another way, we reached last year’s numbers in only six month. If we continue on this path of growth, 2018 will have twice the number of views, visitors, and likes than 2017. That’s insane! Plus as we all know growth creates growth. So who knows, maybe 2018 will be three times as big as 2017 or maybe 2019 will be four times as big as 2017. Who knows? Obviously it’s not all about numbers, but the fact that this website is growing this fast, makes me excited. I mean we reached 100 followers after 12 months of being online and then reached 200 only six months later. It’s possible 300 followers could happen this year as well, making a third huge milestone to happen within one year. All of that is possible because of you and all the other readers on this website.

So thank you. Thank you. Thank you! I seriously can’t thank you enough. Thank you for getting me this far and I look forward to see what new milestones we can accomplish together! See you tomorrow for another wonderful Weekly Blog and hopefully the start to another great week.


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