Weekly Synopsis: February 26 – March 4

Hello internet! Things are not slowing down in the world of US politics and there is a ton of stuff going on. We have literal scavenger hunts for the Affordable Care Act replacement bill or what some are calling "Obamacare Lite," we had a "surprisingly Presidential" speech from our President in front of Congress, there... Continue Reading →

Meet with your constituents!

As I have stated before in previous political posts I identify myself as a Republican on good days and as a Conservative when the Republican Party does something foolish. I even have some tinges of Libertarian or Centrist but that's neither here or there. What I'm trying to segue to is that there are certain... Continue Reading →

Pokemon Adventures #7: Team Skull Attacks

Hau, Lillie, and I all walked towards the front gate near the front of the school. There standing at the front of the school grounds was Professor Kukui and a stranger we had never seen before. “Looks like the Professor didn’t get very far,” Lillie said. “Who is he talking to?” I asked. “I’m not... Continue Reading →

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